Needing advice from others who have had an ectopic prengnacy?

I need some help from others who had an ectopic pregnancy; I had one on October 8, 2020. Nine weeks ago. The last week I’ve had so many symptoms of pregnancy, and I’m two days late, so I checked, and all the tests I take are positive. Just curious could this just be my HCG levels from my previous pregnancy, or could I actually really be pregnant right now. I called the doctor, but they seem to be taking their time to call me back. I don’t know, but I’m praying I really am and everything will be ok this time.


Sounds like you’re pregnant to me.


consult your doctor but i think your pregnant

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Your levels would of been back to normal a few weeks after.

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Your levels would have gone back to normal shortly after…sounds like your pregnant to me. Congrats and I hope everything goes well.

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I got pregnant with my third 4 weeks after I had a miscarriage and didn’t even have a cycle. Then I thought the very same thing if my levels could still be high but my Ob said no way and I ended up being pregnant

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I went through the same thing. I was pregnant again two weeks after with my son

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You could definitely be pregnant. They should have made sure your levels went back to zero. I had one and I know you’re supposed to wait at least three months before getting pregnant again because if not your chances of another ectopic pregnancy are very high. I hope that baby is in the right place! It’s very scary but I will tell you I’ve had two kids since I had my ectopic pregnancy so it’s definitely possible to have a healthy pregnancy afterwards! Good luck

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I had an eptoic and within 3 weeks I was testing neg. Then at 6 weeks after I was pregnant and have my wonderful 6 yr old now… so ya your prego mamma. Congratulations

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Did you get your levels checked before, after the eptoic?

I had one February 13th and my levels took until April 16th to drop

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I had an ectopic pregnancy in November 15th 2019 and got pregnant a month and a half later on January 1st

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I had an ectopic December 5th, 2019 and got pregnant with my daughter on February 14th, 2020. I just delivered my daughter on November 23rd. They told me before even leaving the hospital that as soon as I was mentally/physically ready to engage, it was safe to try again.

I was diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy on Monday. They should’ve follow your HCG levels all the way back to 0. You’re more than likely pregnant.


I’m just here to say I hope and pray youre pregnant and that it goes well for you! I just had an ectopic rupture on me that I had no idea i even was having on october 24 2020 my mother in laws whos a nurse thankfully was there when it happened and rushed me to the hospital and the dr told her my fiance anf my mom that if shed gotten me thede even 5 mins later id be gone. I have a 3 year old son that could have been left without a mom because of it. Ectopics are no joke, then can and sadly commonly are deathly. :sob::broken_heart:

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It’s entirely possible, since you ovulate every month. Good luck!

I had this happen and went to the ob for a checkup and I was pregnant with my 13 year old 5 weeks later

It’s possible. Here’s hoping.

I had one in mid July of 2012 and by September 12,2012 I was pregnant again so yes it could be you are pregnant again

Blow up the drs phone until they get you an appointment

You could be I had one had a surgery then 11 months after was pregnant with my youngest daughter!

When I had my ectopic pregnancy they tested my hcg right away and again for a while after until it was basically at zero. It isn’t safe for you to maintain an hcg level at all afterwards because it means something is still there but is just tissue left behind or something. I had to take a pill to make sure it all cleared out and had blood drawn until there were no hcg numbers at all. I would think though by 9 weeks, it could be a legitimate pregnancy because if your hcg levels were still that high to register as positive on a test, you’d probably be sick. I’d say pregnant but you can get your doctor to confirm and you just have to tell them you about your previous situation and ask them to verify via ultrasound that it has at least implanted in a viable location to avoid putting yourself in danger again


More than likely since 9 was have passed, I think it likely that you are pregnant. See a Dr for

Sometimes you just have to be patient. Give it to God and know he will take care of you. And get in for a pregnancy test.


From what I’m finding on Google by 9 weeks levels should be zero or low enough a pee test wouldn’t pick it up. Definitely see a doctor soon. Good luck

Yes, there is a possibility that you could be pregnant again. After your previous pregnancy ended, your HGC levels would have fallen significantly. However, a blood HCG test would be more accurate than the urine pregnancy tests that you can buy over the counter. It should double daily during the every early weeks of pregnancy. The accuracy of ultrasounds have also improved.


I got pregnant back in January and miscarried in march. Then got pregnant in May and I’m 5 weeks from due date… I would schedule an appointment, anything is possible

I had a miscarriage at 13 weeks and within 2 months I was pregnant again. Unfortunately, I miscarried again because of hyperparathyroidism. It took me 9 years to be able to have a baby after all that.

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I have a daughter who lost a baby and then shortly after found out that she was pregnant. According to her doctor it is fairly easy to get pregnant soon after. Please see your doctor as soon as possible.

I feel that it being 2+ months later the hcg should be gone. Usually with miscarriages they test until the levels go back to <1

I was able to tell right away when I was pregnant. Sounds like you might be. Good luck.

I really don’t mean to be rude but I don’t understand why anyone would ask strangers on facebook a question like this instead of their doctor.


I miscarried and got pregnant right away next cycle…(wasn’t planning on it) so it is possible.

Should only take2 weeks for hcg leaves tho be back to normal after miscarriage birth or etopic from woman that has has 5 live babies 9 miscarriage and 3 etopics

Your numbers should have gone back down in those 9 weeks. I would think you’re pregnant but definitely check in with your doctor. They can check your levels to be sure. :crossed_fingers:

I had an ectopic in my right tube then had my daughter right after. I then had an ectopic in my left tube and then went on to have 2 sons all before going into complete menopause at 32

It’s a possibility that you are pregnant. A doctor visit and labs can confirm for sure. Praying for you. :heart:

I had one 10/13/06. My levels went down right away but I had to have surgery and part of my Fallopian tube was removed. I would definitely have the dr do a blood test and check your hcg levels and maybe possibly an ultrasound. I had 2 rainbow babies following this. I really hope your having your own rainbow baby and that everything works out! :two_hearts:

You’re most likely pregnant!!! CONGRATULATIONS!

Whatever it is. Trust that the Lord’s got you baby. You will be ok just relax and have faith.

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All the hormones should be gone by now for HCG. It is possible your pregnant again. See a doctor ASAP

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I would say this is probably a new pregnancy. Hcg levels drop drastically fast after early miscarriage. I would call the doctor for a new count because u think this is a new pregnancy.

You could be pregnant, call them back and insist they get you in!

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I had an ectopic pregnancy removed and was pregnant again seven weeks later.

I say your pregnant again.

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I would say pregnant :blush:

You could be pregnant again!! Go to the ER and explain your situation!!

You will be sick for a while. I bleed for six months after my ectopic pregnancy, became quite I’ll for a while, lost weight. I was misdiagnosed three times at the emergency room until I was 12 weeks and had to have immediate surgery. It will take some time for your hcg levels to go down. Did you get the shot or have surgery? I had to have the surgery. It may be different if you had the shot. Anyways yes I was sick for months. You very well may be pregnant again. I pray you are.

Facebook is not the place to ask for medical advice. Talk to your doctor.


I dont know what your views on planed parenthood is but any time I cant get into my ogb for things like birth control or test for anything I can usual get in within a few days. They found cycs with an ultrasound when I didnt have my period for almost 3 months. They can do a pregnancy test blood or urine and its the same as the ogb. Just make sure you are staying healthy even if your doc is slow. Good luck

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I had a ectopic pregnancy in 1986.I had a son in 1987 and a daughter in 1989. Good blessings.

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There is a good chance u are pregnant

I would say congratulations! Prayers!

Sounds like you ARE pregnant. God Bless.

I’ve had 2 ectopic pregnancies and the last one it took 4 months for me to test negative for pregnancy. My doctor ordered blood work (betas) every week until my HCG levels reached a non-pregnancy level (under 5). I would definitely talk to your doctor and have them do a follow-up ultrasound and blood work to determine if this is still from the ectopic or a new pregnancy.

Back in 1990 had ectopic pregnancy that ruptured. Lost that tube during surgery as I had internal bleeding. 2 weeks later found out I was still pregnant with the twin. It was a rough pregnancy but baby was fine at 9lbs 1 oz. She is 30 now!

I don’t know your views in Planned parenthood but they are usually pretty good for care when you can’t see your OB or don’t have one. See if maybe one is near you and explain to them the issue they can do maybe a sonogram or a blood test to see where you are

I have no advice for you but I just wanted to say a prayer that you get the answer you want!!! Prayers for a joyful, easy pregnancy. Your question and hopefulness really touched me!

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I would love working OB or be a serial assaulnurse but I don’t bc I couldnt stand the thought of being the least bit harmful to a precious child.

Not sure but I hope all goes well :heart:

My sister got pregnant within 3 months of her ectopic pregnancy and emergency surgery. My nephew is 6 and healthy as can be.

Too early to do a sonegram_ u would think. Do a pregnancy test either at home or at a pregnancy center near you. Its free at the centers.

I was pregnant 6 weeks after my ectopic pregnancy. Doctor said it may be hard to get pregnant since I lost my tube. She was wrong.

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