Needing advice, I live with my boyfriends mom

So this is a rant and I need advice!!
I live with my boyfriend and his family, well I’ve offered to help pay bills or just pay something so I can contribute to the household and his mom refuses to let me, I do buy my own groceries for myself, my boyfriend and my baby, I pick up after myself and my child but you wouldn’t be able to tell bc my boyfriend is on the lazy side and doesn’t do much when it comes to cleaning unless I literally yell or ask him to 50 million times. I try my best to pick up after everyone else too meaning his siblings bc they’re a little on the messy side also but his sister (she’s 16) she’ll help clean the whole house whenever we do a deep clean. Well Ive heard everyone in the house talk crap about me, my boyfriends mom will call him on the phone and complain about how the house is a wreck and how we need to clean (she has 7 cats and 2 dogs that are both inside and outside animals so that has a lot to do with why the house looks dirty bc they track stuff in) and how we need to get a place to live…. I’m not trying to sound ungrateful but I’m in a pretty effed up situation here, I’ve been trying for almost a year to find my own place but there’s a housing shortage in my area from that eviction thing where renters can’t evict people so I have signed up for section 8 housing but it’s 6-12 month wait time to be accepted or put in a place. I feel like a big bother living here with his mom, sister and brother. The last thing I want to do is take the comfort out of someone else’s home. I’m not sure what more I can do… I’m thinking about going to a homeless shelter and staying just so everyone can be happy again but the homeless shelter in this area is full…. I forgot to add that a couple months ago my boyfriend and I found a couple houses and ran them by his mom but she had every excuse in the world why we shouldn’t live there, an example is I found a cute 3 bedroom house 1.5 bath that was newly remodeled and sat on half an acre with a fenced in yard for $1100 a month. When I showed his mom she said she’d give the renter a call for us and a couple days later she told us “it was too expensive for the area it is in”…. It’s like she does want us to move out but nothing seems good enough for her. I don’t know what-else I can do, my family are all on drugs and they’re all homeless at the moment plus I live 4 hours away from my immediate family. I don’t have any friends that would let me stay with them until section 8 accepts me and the homeless shelter is full. I feel like I’m a bother to everyone and I don’t want to cause that. Any advice and do I have a right to feel the way I feel?
bc I feel guilty for feeling like the “chores” I do go unnoticed and nothing I do will ever impress or be good enough for his mom.

Additional info: if I were to get accepted for section 8 it would only be my daughter and I living in it, I have a part time job, and my boyfriend is out of work for right now.