Needing advice on my autistic daughter

My daughter is about to be four years old next month she has never left my side with me 24 / 7 as she was growing I got her used to rocking her to fall to sleep. She has recently been diagnosed with autism does not talk she has horrible sleep issues she doesn’t sleep at night, and if she does I need to rock her to fall to sleep, and sometimes I can’t even move her to bed can I please get help on how to trained her to go to sleep on her own and potty training two that has been a issue I’ve to try potty training her. She has started early intervention full-time school can I please get the help I’m going crazy.


Autism Inclusivity is a fantastic group. I have no real advice my 3.5 yo is my cuddle bug n has always slept with me. He has an offal sleep schedule we have tried melatonin but it doesnt help him.

My grandson is autisic and my daughter did the same thing. She wanted him to do and be in normal settings but didn’t want to teach him how to react outside of her sight. Sometimes we create our own problems and then think there is some easy way to handle it and there is not. And is not their fault.

Alot of people aren’t.trained to look after a child with autism your best bet would be seek the help of a pediatrician she can help u or guide u where to seek help with your daughter


We used melatonin prescription by her Dr. Starting at 2 with my daughter she has aspergers

Early Intervention Program can help you


My son has a remote control light- it’s Olaf and he talks to him…the light is not that bright. He is three and has felt more secure with it. The remote stays at the edge of his bed, so he can find it at night if he needs it. We drink milk at supper, and wait two hours before bedtime- helping him not wet the bed. He gets a small sip of water right before bed. We cuddle, read a book and sing before bed…which can take an hour. I leave before he is asleep but promise I’ll be back to check on him, which I do. If he wakes up early he comes to my bed. Good luck!!!

Libby Henderson McClure do you have any suggestions?

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Kristy Hale any advice you’d like to offer?

The program that you have her in should be helping you with all of this stuff! Don’t be afraid to ask them what you can do to improve here skills. It’s what they do for a living!


My grandson has autism and has trouble sleeping, we give him melatonin to help him sleep and was recommended by his pediatrician.

Where are you located? Are you familiar with ABA?

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Have you ever tried CBD oil?


Look into an ABA Facility. They help my son sooooo much

Well the problem with sleep is you created that habit. I know it’s tough but you gotta put in the work to break it. Ever try bed tents? That’s how I transitioned my daughter froM crib to bed. My daughter is almost 5 and on the spectrum. We started with melatonin at 2.5. She is now on prescription sleep meds.
I’d look into an ABA setting if your school doesn’t have good services.

Finding cooper’s voice is a great Facebook page. She may have advice.

My 4 four year old son is in full time preschool. His paraprofessional helped me potty train him! She told me to put him in undies, bring extra clothes and if he had any accidents she would clean him up. If you need help to be scared to ask.

My son is 19, he was diagnosed with autism at 4. I know many are not comfortable with medicating children but he’s been on meds to help with sleep for the majority of his life. At the end of the day, she needs to sleep and recharge as much as you do, this my be the answer for you both. Definitely consult a developmental/autism specialist for options.

My daughter is autistic and almost 4. She potty trained just shy of 3 but it took two solid weeks of making her go with no diapers and literally putting her on the potty every half hour to an hour. Great trick for that is giving her an expo marker and letting her draw on the toilet lid so face her toward the toilet backing(and rewarding her when she goes. Jump up and down make a big deal tell her she’s a big girl). With sleep I give her 5mg of melatonin 30-60 minutes before bed otherwise she won’t sleep. I also allow literally zero screen time so blue light isn’t an issue. 30min of tv in the morning before daycare and maybe during or right after dinner for about 30min if at all (she loves reading). But early intervention SHOULD be helping you with this as well.

None verbal ,sleep issues ,not toilet trained? are all common things autistic people can have.
You have trained yourself to cope.
Now let the people help her . Many autistic kids dont sleep a lot. And a few never get toilet trained.
Just keep a diary of her bowel pattern a d how often she passes urine. Then you can encourage her to sit on the toilet around the times these happen. Another way is to show her how you use the toilet.
It’s a tough life being the parent of a special needs child, seek support from others in the same situation…you arent as alone as you think. There are many other parents out there .


Theres a group on fb I would suggest you join its called adhd/asd uk support group you will get a lot off help and support from it. As everyone on it is walking in your shoes.


This is something you might consider long term. One of the stories is about an autistic child

Follow this schedule. This is what the ABA therapist gave me to work w/my autistic daughter at 4 years old… if she has an accident at any time you have to go back to step one and start all over again until she understands it and it took me a good six months before she finally got it!!! She is 9 now and she’s had no accidents for at least the last three years!! I’d ask your pediatrician what dose of melatonin you can give her!! That helped my daughter tremendously!!

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My son is also autistic, I highly reccomend ABA (applied behavior analysis) therapy. It is life skills for them to get through life. Including sleep, eating, tolieting, communication. On the sleeping I would suggest you stop rocking get a white noise machine and just take baby steps by laying on the floor and after 3 nights move away for 2 nights and further for 1 and 1 at the door. You might need more or less nights of moving away. You will be exhausted but eventually worth it. Less to no lighting, lots and lots of talking about bedtime and the changes youre going to make. Reach out to local support groups and the school should have resources to help you as well. Good luck mama! You are an amazing person to have such an amazing child.


My daughter did not talk till she was six years old so for me to communicate with her I made her this picture book it had all her favorite foods, it had a picture of a toilet , a bath, brushing teeth, brushing hair, clothes! I had all her favorite activity’s from swimming to watching Mickey Mouse, playing on her iPad, reading books, going to the park, so all she had to do was go to her book , grab the icon and bring it to me and then I would make her try to say it!! I even went as far as putting happy face, sad face, angry face, sick emoji , etc. so she could tell me how she was feeling!!

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Try melatonin. A weighted blanket . Possibly a sensory swing or hammock. Lay with her in her own bed until she falls asleep. Potty training consistency is king. Print pictures of what she is supposed to do next. Early intervention will help alot with her talking.

Possibly try a hammock :relaxed: you can rock her in it so she knows you are there. Then slip away when sleeping. Best of luck!

My son has been on clonodine as well. It has been so helpful with behavior and sleeping

Maybe buy a vibrating bed which will minic the sensation of being rocked to sleep as potty training start small give her a reward for going potty then maybe come up with a sticker system and reward her after a few days give her special treat God Bless and Good a luck

My sons doctor presribed him trazadone but if you dont want presription meds try melatonin 5 mg she should be sleep in 20 min…

My son was put on chlodine to help him sleep. It really helped.

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I also have this posted at both of my toilets for my daughter

The sleep thing is easy lay in bed with her and pat her back until she falls asleep also you might want to try to get her a weighted blanket

My son also was on clonodine at that age for sleep issues. It helped a lot

My son has to have medicine to sleep