Needing advice on my daughters thick hair

I need advice, so my daughter is 4 and brushing her hair is such a struggle everyday she has thick hair like me, and it gets knotted up just overnight I tried putting in braids at night she takes them out I tried the wet brush pick Combing I tried leave-in conditioner once I even just put the brush to her hair she cries says it hurts, so we fight I cut her hair before to a bob and it still knotted up any mommies in here have advice or secrets I’m at a loss I don’t want my daughter to go through what I went through!


Always brush from the bottom and then the middle and then the top


I started using Not Your Mothers curl talk line and brushing my hair in the shower. After i got out of the shower I’d comb it with a detangle brush and put it in a high bun and use clipsor bobbi pins to hold it up

I use a spray bottle with water and conditioner in my daughter’s hair. Her hair gets so knotted if I don’t out it up before she goes to bed.

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Brush the bottom first then the while thing. Try brushing it in the shower when conditioner is still in.

Thin it out I had to with my 3 year old when we cut it

I tried the leave in conditioners and rectangle sprays for my daughter. The only thing that worked was getting a spray bottle, filling it with conditioner and warm water…shake it up. Spray on her hair…got every tangle out. She will still fuss from time to time…but better than screaming, crying, and hitting…which she would do every time I had to brush her hair


Brush in the shower with the conditioner first. Then have it in braids most of the time. It helps the tangles not happen in the first place.

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Use a wide tooth comb to comb conditioner through it in the shower. Wring hair out with a towel, but don’t rub it. Put cream leave in conditioner in it and brush through with a wet brush in sections. Either braid it or bun it for sleeping. Use spray leave in conditioner and a wet brush in the mornings. Make sure you’re fully brushing her hair out at least 2-3 times a day so massive knots don’t form.

I brush my hair every other day in the shower with conditioner in it and if its super yucky on day two I just were it in a bun or ponytail.

My daughters and I have natural curly hair. Every morning I rub this in my hands apply to their/my hair and I comb bottom, middle, then top. Works great!!


I have thick, wirey, tangled up hair. What helps me the most is getting it professionally thinned, using conditioner everytime I wash and letting it soak in, and then using infusium 23.

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I’m a naturally curly haired mama! Start from the ends and comb towards the top! A tiny bit of Moroccan oil or Argan Oil helps a lot! Or get a detangling spritz from your salon.
Maybe have your stylist thin her hair out so it’s not so heavy and bulky, if that’s an issue too! It helps my hair so much and makes it more manageable!

Brush bottom to top slowly. Also, what kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use in her hair? ive found dove and Garnier whole blends shampoos and conditioners have helped me get through my daughters hair better and kept it more unknotted. If all else fails, thin it out.

My hair is like that so I only brush it after a shower/bath

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Get her hair layered. That’s what I had to do with mine

Detangle brush, and start brushing from the bottom to the top.

Brush from the bottom up. Use a kids detangler and leave in conditioner. Brushing in the shower will make it easier, but also causes more hair loss. So just keep that in mind. Hair tangling really easy is a sign that her hair is unhealthy and an occasional trim should be able to help that. Wrap her hair up at night with a silk cap or durag.

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Detangler, or cut it short.

Take her to the salon and have her hair thinned a bit to make it easier to handle

Daughter and I have this issue to. We both have severely thick hair. We have to go to the salon and get it thinned out every six months

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Paul Mitchell makes a conditioner called the detangler and it’s amazing , also a wet brush will help if you don’t already have one, start brushing from the bottom and work up


I get this at Target. We use this spray plus the lice repellent version as well as their shampoo and they are amazing!!!

I have the CARE try using a really good shampoo and conditioner that is what has been working for me

Our 6YO has the same problem. Getting it thinned and getting her dead ends trimmed have helped SO much. Plus we brush her hair in the shower.

I just started using a cowash today for my hair and was amazed.

  1. Wet Brush
  2. Shea Moisture 100% coconut oil daily moisturizing spray
  3. Satin hair cap to wear at night OR satin pillowcase

My daughter is mixed and has long, thick curls. After her bath at night, we brush it out and spray the Shea Moisture spray and I do a thick braid and tie it off with a scrunchie. Then I have her wear a satin cap I bought at Sallys. The cap helps a lot!!


Yes go to a salon and ask to have a trim and to thin her hair

Wet(brand) Brush. It is AMAZING.

My granddaughters have thick hair I ordered them both the brush that helps with tangles it works amazingly I ordered mine from I think it was like 3.00 shipping and daughter has long natural curly hair she gets headache if it grows too long but she loves her long hair so she gets it thinned out and uses the brush I got the grandaughters when I told her where I got mine she ordered her one and loves it.

Continue putting in loose braids. She’ll get used to it & no more tears.

I have a very sensitive scalp. I wash my hair, then condition. While conditioner is still in, I brush from bottom to top. Then rinse it out. And I have very long hair and this works.


Braid it at bed time. Really tight. Morning comes, much easier to brush

I use lots if detangles for my daughter and I part of the hair in my hand while I brush under my hand. I brush portions of it and one that portion is all brushed then I do a once over from the top of the head down.

I have 2 daughters like this… this is my god send… I leave it in a few minutes then wash while running my fingers threw it… seriously amazing no tangles no pain and great smell

Deep conditioner, biosilk, we brush the conditioner through her hair in the bath, brush after bath, detangler in the morning.

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Oil them often
And bfr bath put conditioner and comb them

Put conditioner in it & brush it while she’s in the tub with conditioner in it. It’ll pre-detangle before you brush it again after she rinses it out. My hair is nappy & curly too so I feel your pain!

Tangle teaser brush and de tangle spray! And when you wash her hair use plenty of conditioner (I found dove is thicker and better) My daughter has massive frizzy curly hair and it’s a nightmare but these do work!

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Wet brand brush
John freda detangler spray
Also brushing her hair while she’s in the bath with the conditioner in it!

I use a shit ton of detangler spray. She’s mixed so her hair is very curly and has a lot of it. When I’m brushing her hair I let her watch the iPad so she can be distracted while I brush her it. I put up a fight with her sometimes too but the iPad calms her down a lot.

My daughter is just like this. I’ve found that spraying the hair with water or some detangler and using the wet brush works best. She will still say it hurts once in a while but it’s manageable. Good luck !!

Wet brush, silk pillow case, put hair in satin bonnet, but when brushing start at the ends, then middle then top. It’s much less painful. Leave in conditioner from middle to ends whole wet. Never on scalp.

Hair was thick shop had to thin it and never usedblow d ry

Put some spray in conditioner in and some Moroccan oil or bio silk. Then brush from the bottom up. Get the tangles out as you move up toward her scalp. If you’re brushing from the top down it will just make her hair tangle and knot worse. Always brush starting at the ends and work your way up so your not pushing the tangles together and making it worse.

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I have very thick curly hair and passed it down to my girls and we use Pantene moisture renewal conditioner. I brush my hair from the bottom up in the shower with the conditioner in it and then rinse it. Sometimes I braid it while I’m still in the shower. When my daughter was little I used to divide her hair into sections, make small ponytails all over her head and then braid the sections and put another elastic in the bottom of the braid. She used to love it when we took the braids out and she had “wild woman hair”. I also used to gather the group of braids up and twist them into a loose knot on top of her head and fasten with a hair elastic sometimes.

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I use bed head conditioner and it works amazing

It’s a 10 miracle leave in conditioner.

We have the same problem. The only ive found that works for us…a really good conditioner and we brush out her hair in the shower.

I use a boars bristle and nylon brush. I have thick curly hair and I had the same issues. My daughter’s hair is super fine and tangles so easily. She wouldn’t let me near her hair until I used this brush on her hair. It goes through super easy without pulling.

Slow low strokes starting from the very bottom. I grew up with really thick hair and so did my daughter and we tried all the tricks but really just lots of time I’m the mornings and teach her how to do it helps so she feels like she has some control


With my oldest we talked about it and cut her hair, she would cry just looking at the brush so I told her if we can’t brush it everyday then we will cut it. After she started school she grew it out almost to her but and was fine brushing it. She has cut it short again and it makes mornings so much easier.
My youngest daughter is 4.5 and just sitting her hair gets tangled, we brush it several times a day and she sits just fine for brushing, we’ve talked to her about cutting her hair and she said no she wants long hair “I sit for you mom” and she does.
Ask what she wants and follow through.

Suave detangling spray
Apple scent works best

I am 22 and have SUPER curly thick hair and I use this

By super curly I mean I wake up with Shirly temple ringlets


if u can have them thin it out when u get it trimmed. when you bathe her wash her hair being mindful not to knot it up more… use a good detangling conditioner and use your fingers to pre brush it while it is still in her hair… when she gets out pat and squeeze the water out instead of rubbing it. get a night cap to sleep… my daughters hair is baby fine but its sooo curly and she has so much of it you can blow on it and it gets tangled… hope this helps


Wet brush or comb in the bath with a good conditioner it’s worth it to buy the expensive stuff. When she’s gets out towel dry by squeezing not rubbing. Spray with maroccan oil. Use the wet comb again let it air dry or style she’ll just have to learn to leave it alone. It took awhile for my daughter to leave her hair and bows alone but she does now. Also when you are fixing her hair or brushing just let her watching TV or play a game on your phone.

I distract my kid while i brush her hair. Its really thick so i let her watch kids YouTube until im finished

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Shampoo it then when you go to condition it brush the conditioner through with a brush then rinse and brush again while wet put in pony tail.


My daughter has ringlets. They dread almost instantly. I put a little bit of conditioner in her hair after a bath and brush it while she has conditioner in her hair in the tub. The “wet brush” has been a life saver. If i brush her hair when its dry. I first soak her hair with detangler (i just put conditioner in a spray bottle w/water) after its good and soaked, i start from the underside grabbing the roots so it doesnt pull her hair and just do one small section at a time. She hates having her hair brushed. Its a struggle sometimes but i usually tell her we cant go to the place unless her hair is brushed and i’ll be very gentle. Sometimes she still hollars but i remember getting my hair brushed when i was younger, and i hated it too. I’ve accepted that she will not throughly enjoy it ever lol and just appreciate the days she lets me do it w/o much fuss.

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Get a tangle teezer off of amazon

To keep tangles out at night, after brushing, pull all the hair up on the top of her head, twist and make a bun. You can hold the bun there with a baby sock on it.

Try it’s a 10 at Walmart it’s amazing


I see Monet advertised on Facebook. Don’t know how to order it you need a sponsor or something to order

Get it thinned out by hairdressers

It’s a 10 leave in conditioner. My 4 year olds hair mats up. This is the only thing that I found that she does not scream and cry with

Try some Monat!!! The stuff is amazing

Since she’s 4, I would let her know that if she takes the braids out, brushing the tangles out the next morning WILL hurt. When you do brush it out, use a detangler. When you wash her hair, leave the conditioner on while she bathes and rinse just before she gets out. Those are my best tips, but she’s old enough to understand that she needs to leave the braids alone in order to avoid pain in the morning.

I use leave in conditioner hair as well as a wet detangler brush. For my daughter I use detangling spray

For my daughter I use the it’s a 10 leave in conditioner spray with a wet detangler brush, then I start brushing from the bottom up. If you start at the top of the head it’ll cause knots. Brushing the ends and slowly going up helps to not tangle it up

I use Cantu with Argon oil…

We use Pantene or V05. Use more than you should so it’s thick in her hair and then use a tangle brush. My sister makes this mix of water, tea tree oil, and lavender oil. It helps with keeping her hair detangled and lice can’t stand the smell of tea tree oil.

DevaCurl has saved my life, second best is Pink haircare products. Also this brush, I’ll post a pic. This brush was game changing for my mixed daughter. Wrap her hair up in a scarf at night or get silk pillow covers. Having the hair in a low ponytail helps too. But remember each person differs with how well a product works for their hair type. I suggest purchasing DevaCurl from ulta, their return policy is amazing if it doesn’t work for you.

Make sure you start at the ends and work slowly to the scalp it will help reduce the risk of tightening the knots