Needing advice on my sleeping pattern

Let’s talk sleep… If I sleep less than 6hrs, my stomach is really off and I have to take a nap later in the day to fix it. If I sleep any longer than 6-7hrs I feel absolutely awful too, like that groggy oversleep/drowsy medication feeling, and takes hours to get better. I’m dragging myself out of bed after a “normal” night sleep anyway, it just seems to be much better between 6-7hrs. I just have 0 energy, its pretty unfair to my 6yo, really feeling like an inadequate mom. I have had sleep apnea testing and do have Autoimmune thyroid issues and Anemia I’m trying to manage, and I know this is a huge factor.I’m looking for recommendations on apps, sleep techniques, whatever I can to find the best sleep pattern for my body. Esp with new baby coming in the summer. Are there sleep specialists who help adults other than just testing for apnea? Ha.