Needing advice on potty training my daughter

Hello my daughter just started potty training about a month ago she’s about two and a half. She’s doing good but I have to pull down her underwear and shorts every time and put them back on for her. Will she learn how to do that in time ? Or any tips for teaching her how to?


Shes still pretty young when getting her dressed try to teach her to dress herself and it will come in time for sure she just has to learn it

Yes she’ll learn eventually. She’s 2.5 years old. Most kids learn by 3/4 on how to dress themselves so and even then they still need some help

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She is 2 and half. My 4 year old still has a little problems pulling her pants up.


My little one is still potty training and she is three I usually try to make sure she has loose clothing on as it’s much easier for her to pull them up but most of the time she strips the whole bottom half off to pee and then shouts for help to put it all back on lol x

As long as you keep doing it for her… She won’t do it herself.

She’s old enough to do it herself… They are capable of dressing themselves at 18 months… Let her get dressed on her own the entire day so at potty time she’s doing it Then too…

Do not put her in diapers or pull ups…


It takes time. Having her help you do it will start the process. My son isn’t being potty trained hardcore yet (he’ll sit on the potty but won’t go lol) he’s 2. He’s really pretty good about helping us. Learned to do his arms in his shirt or pull it off the rest of the way if we get his arms out. Steps into his pants really well. Needs a little help pulling down or up bc he generally only grabs the front so he gets caught in the back. Kids love to help so try it out gently and use a lot of positive affirmations

My son is 3.5 and still has a hard time pulling his pants up and down. Make sure her pants and underwear are not too tight and try to avoid Jeans since they’re hard for little ones to get on and off.

It takes time. She’s only 2.5 so she’s still very young. She will learn as she gets older and sees you doing it. Occasionally try to have her do it and help her but don’t do it fully for her. Over time she’ll get the idea and learn to do it on her own

Make sure you put her in things that are not to hard to get up and down. Nothing with buttons that was always my daughters biggest issue. If it’s not an emergency potty try having her do it herself

My son is four and still needs help pulling them back up especially if he poops he gets completely undressed :expressionless: nothing wrong with helping her, she will learn with time. Enjoy her being two and still needing you. They don’t stay little long enough

No. You’ll have to go with her to high school so you can pull her pants back on.

That being said, my daughter had been able to pull hers up and down from the start. :woman_shrugging: we started at 16 months.

My son turned two this month and he is starting to pull up his own shorts but it’s simply because he doesn’t like it when it’s around his ankles or knees. So if I don’t do it quick enough he takes it into his own hands but even then I have to help him pull them up all the way and straighten them out. Try grabbing her hands and guiding them to try and help her learn to do it on her own.

,she’s only 2 &1/2 give her time she’s still a baby why does everyone. Want them to grow up so fast in a year or so your gonna. Wish you. Had your baby back


Around home just let her run around in her underpants, or make sure her shirt is short enough she doesn’t have to lift it up.

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Yes she will learn to do that. Just remember to be patient. My almost 5 year old is not fully potty trained and it is nerve wrecking.

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All kids are different. My daughter was 20 months doing it all on her own.

She will start in her own just start step by step . Let her start with the underwear and you do the shorts or pants and once she has that down then have her they the shorts there first going to be crocked lol!! But time will fix that

Let her to the bathroom when you go. And praise her for being a big girl.

It’s a coordination thing. Have her help dress and undress herself and she’ll start to figure it out.


I still often help our 4.25 yr granddaughter w/wiping & pants & w/ hand washing. She can’t reach our faucets yet.

She will catch on. Just have her try on her own every time and help as little as possible

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You’ll b fixing her pants up and down for a loooooong time. Plus washing her hands and monitoring her wiping… You’re not off that easy :joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Give her time. She will grow with idea of doing it herself.
Also reward her when she does.

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Give her time. Don’t rush her or she might not go.

Pull down/up halfway and let her do the rest.

Yes she will need assistance until shes about 3 also she will probably regress and go back into diapers for a bit once shes expected to use potty always even when shes playing. All normal

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Make sure you are using clothes with elastic waistband

Put the pull up down like 3 inches and teach them to pull it down the rest of the way. My son started doing it on his own after 2 weeks.

When I started potty training my girls I found it easier to put them in dresses

No, she’s just gonna roll around on the floor from now until eternity…

Don’t try and tackle everything at once.

Yeah she isnt ready, if she was ready you will trained ger for a couple days, 7 max

When my son was learning, what I did after awhile was pretend I forgot how (I know it sounds silly) but when it was time I’d say shoot honey I can’t remember how can u teach me? He’s always loved feeling like he teaches people stuff so it worked pretty good, but again every child is different so u just have to find what works for your little one.

if she is 2 she should already know how to undress if it is just regular clothes no buttons or zippers. She may know how, she is just stuck in “mommy do it” mode. Show her big girls do it themselves and when she does give her a big girl reward for it. For example, if you normally only give her 1 of her favorite cookies for snack/dessert, find 2 smaller ones and give her those 2. Or if she gets one color crayon at a time, big girls get 2. That way she learns that with responsibility and hard work comes rewards

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All kids are different! My five.year old gets completely naked to poop, makes me look at it, wipe his ass and help with his.pants. Spoiled? Yes. Do I care? Nope!

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Brew the coffee ! Homeboy👍

I usually just kept them without pants on and just underwear or pull ups. The on and off is so often that its just easier not to deal with both at the same time. She will learn it all in time. If you focus just on the potty training for now the other will follow.