Needing advice on pumping

So I’ve been a formula feeding mom due to my milk never coming in, but with my new baby, my milk has came in!! I’m super excited! She’s been on formula for 5 days and I’m really considering trying to pump and feed. Is it okay to switch and please give me any tips on pumping?!

With both our kids my wife did a combo of pumping and breastfeeding and then we also threw some formula in as well for the days where mumma was too stressed. Both kids healthy and fine, totally okay to switch. Be prepared for some yucky poos any time you switch, but that’s normal.

Yes ok to switch. To establish your milk supply you’ll want to nurse as much as possible. And also wait to start pumping until the supply is established (a couple months if possible). Most large hospitals have lactation consultants you can schedule an appointment with for free. If that’s available in your area I highly recommend as there is no better resource than a professional. I nursed all three of mine…there will be some challenges and tiredness…but it gets easier and for me was sooooo worth it. You got this! Good luck Mama :heart: