Needing advice on toddlers frizzy hair

My toddler’s hair is super frizzy and dry was wondering if any mom’s have any advice of what I can use to fix it her hair is long and real wavy maybe I’m using the wrong rubber bands


I’d say some type of oil…argan is what I use for my hair.

I have super curly hair and the Cantu line is really good. Also use the black rubber bands. But leave in conditioner and as well as using the a leave in lotion (pink) it’s a pink bottle at Walmart works. If you need help you can always message me

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Maybe a leave in conditioning cream?

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Olive oil or miracle curls cream by Aussie

I use this for my 2 year old. We put a little in her hair after her bath and then use the spray they have in the mornings when styling it.

Probably stop using rubber bands, that causes breakage. And try a detangling spray and leave in conditioner. That should help keep it moisturized.


I use a leave in conditioner in my grandsons hair works wonders


Honey baby conditioner or we use baby dove shampoo condition with pantene pro v then spray a air dry detangle spray called pure clean by garnier fructis.

Dont dry her hair with a bath towel, use a cotton t-shirt. Bath towels damage haor and create a lot of static, which wreaks havoc on curly/wavy hair. Only shampoo it once or twice a week. Dont use low quality shampoo/conditioner (pantene, suave, herbal essences etc) Get you some argan oil and use a little everyday, mainly on the ends.

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Use ^pink lotion^ ask any black associate in Walmart , where it is. Its a leave in conditionar for Black people. Its great stuff.

I used baby lotion for years. Now I use Shea moisture for both of my girls hair.

Silk pillow cases! I started using these for my daughter and her hair is soooooo much softer and less frizzy.


Iv not got frizzy hair but it long thick and it dreadlocks at nape of my kneck I bought a silk cap I look like pat butcher at bed time but honestly best thing iv ever bought 2 quid off eBay xx

I made my own leave in conditioner for my daughter. I just bought some conditioner added some water and put it in a spray bottle. Works like a charm, and is a lot cheaper than leave in conditioner in the store.


Fructis curl nourish is what I use on my kid’s hair. I condition it and then put leave in conditioner in it when it is wet. There is also hair oil that brand you can use that smells nice if the leave in conditioner is not enough. I brush it out when it is wet and let it air dry.

I have naturally straight hair, my daughter has natural curls. Like super long beautiful ringlets and the same thing was happening to me. With help I found this stuff, I spray her hair every morning. The spray bottle lasts normally 2-3 weeks (depending on weather and honestly just her hairs mood in the morning). Unfortunately in the beginning I used the coconut oil(brown) everyday until I noticed her hair finally had some self control when it dried/curled. Now I use it once a week or when ever I notice her hair is going to be unruly. I stopped using the rubber bands and switched to tiny hair bands, less hassle for me and less pain for her. Also I braid her hair before she goes to bed and it helps a lot with the frizz in the morning. Yes it’s some work but her hair has done a complete transformation. Hope this helps💙

Carols Daughter Black Vanilla Product line! Works for frizz and hair that leans towards the natural side. My daughter has extremely tight coil curls and this helps with tangles and frizz immensely!!

Not your mommas leave in conditioner. I use it right when I get out of the shower and my hair is tame

I use coconut oil or argen oil on my daughters hair but shes pretty well has crazy curls like I gave up trying to tame but her hair does beeter with coconut oil in it not a crazy

100% Cold pressed coconut oil

Some conditioner and water in a spray bottle and spray it on before brushing. My daughter’s hair is the same.

Suave detangler makes my son’s hair a little greasy so it may work as a spray conditioner, plus it smells good and good price

Good hair product makes a world of difference. I love Paul Mitchel kids.

I just use a touch of normal skin cream and brush it through. Usually just what’s left on my hands after I rub cream on them.

My girls have very curly, frizzy hair. I’ve found that mixing leave in conditioner and water in a spray bottle makes it much more manageable and less frizzy. I use about a tablespoon of conditioner and 8oz of water.

I used to suffer with really frizzy and dry hair. First and foremost, kick the baby shampoos and get her something decent. It should last forever for just a little. I use biosilk and a designline product called Hot Stop in my hair (I dry and flatten tho, you may not need the Hot Stop) BUT it is also a style primer and oil based. On wavy/curly hair, you wanna stay away from water based products. They dry the hair further and the water will activate her curls and therefore, also the frizz. Conditioner is important BUT again, you want it oil based, not water based.

Get yourself a good leave in conditioner.

Use coconut oil a couple times a week to deep condition her hair


Try using the suave kids leave in conditioner spray. Helped with my daughters frizz

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I have a perm and it fizzy so I use the 3 minute miracle you suppose to wash out but I leave it in but I use it lightly not to much

Stop shampooing her hair. Look up how to co- wash.

Cantu and cowash instead of shampoo

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