Needing advice on weight loss injections

Hi mamas! Im researching atm the options for the weight loss injections or possible procedures there are out there. Can anyone share their experiences with the injections? Which one did you use? How was the process and side effects and procedures as well. What did the pricing look like for y’all? Tell me everything because I’m also researching outside of people’s personal experiences but I want to also hear from real peoples testimonies as well. Feel free to let me know where you’re from too! I’m from Texas, so extra points if you can share from this part of the country as well!

There is a massive shortage on all diabetic injectables because people are using them to lose weight, leaving diabetics up sh!t creek without a paddle. I’ve had to switch 2x and deal with really high blood sugar due to lack of access. Unless you’re morbidly obese the diabetic community is asking people to not use them.