Needing advice on what products to use for my African American sons hair

I am a white momma with a half African American son! My husband is also white. Long story, but we separated for a year, and I got pregnant, and then we got back together when I was ten weeks. How do we treat our son’s hair? Do we put something in it daily? He has a super dry scalp, and his hair is starting to curl. Also, how LONG do we treat his hair? Like his whole life or what? Lmfao help. He’s eight months.

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Try to find a black barber shop and they should be more than willing to help and teach you! Unfortunately I have no idea.

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His hair will be the same texture throughout his life. He will need different products and care than you. Seek out a professional who knows African hair to help you.

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Leave in conditioner and detangler will be your bestfriend. Make sure, you section the hair before combing. L

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Not from personal experience but just thinking out loud…maybe baby oil. Just plain ole baby oil may help with the dry scalp. But as far as products i wouldnt know any lol im sorry :cry: good luck tho

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Argon oil products is what we were told to use :slight_smile: with a monthly treatment of black jamacian castor oil

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Its all trial and error with different leave in conditioner, oils and detangler products, he will need a comb like this not a normal brush, yes you will need to look after his hair until his old enough to do it himself. I have 4 mixed white/African babies. Goodluck.

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Please join the group Mixed Kids Hair you will surely benefit from it all and learn everything you need to know to properly take care of your babies hair needs !

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We use Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk combing creme. It moisturizes and makes it manageable. After bath time, section, apply at roots and comb.

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Argon oil!! Its the BEST!! I love the cream

Argan oil with no silicone added and sheamoisture products! My son is half black and has extremely dry hair and these work wonders.
I only wash my sons hair with shampoo once a week and just rinse on other days when he’s messy. After every wash and shampoo add argan oil and some kind of leave in conditioning product.
I started with sheamoisture kids products when he was your babies age, we currently use a sheamoisture hair milk for his hair.

Find a barber that has experience in working with POC hair. They know better than anyone! Trust them. And if you find the right barber, he’ll have somewhere to go forever :slight_smile:

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Im mixed myself and a mixed momma i use these shampoo and conditioner in mt girls hair then when i comb it out i use

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Ok soo he’s a baby a little oil is all he needs you won’t know what type of hair he will have until he’s about one then if you want to cut his hair please take him to a black barber he can tell you how to style and keep up with his hair.


Curly girl method is a fb page you can surely get some advice and help!!!

Follow the curly girl method, there is a section for kids where you can learn everything for now as he is 8 months
Try johnson & johnson shampoo and conditioner the green one, while its wet use a special brush for curly hair just google it, and you may need gel up to you but all of this has yo be done before the hair is dry.
If you take care of his hair now it will be easy for him to learn how to take care of it and also it will be manageable

This usually works pretty good. But don’t use too much and It also has oils in it to help the hair. You can get them online at wal mart or some stores may carry it.

I wouldn’t say treat his hair anymore😬. Instead think of it as your learning to properly care for your son’s hair. It is not a treatment or a process, it is the hair, and texture he was born with. Although it may change slightly as he grows, conditioning will always be key to healthy hair. Also washing hair regularly as you do your own could be problematic for his hair type.

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Children’s Natural Hair Care & More
I learned everything here.
Curl pattern
LOC or LCO methods

My children’s hair thrives because I learned what each of their hair needed.

We use olive oil spray in our kid’s hair. You can get it at walmart in the African American hair product section. Just a little spritz after washing and then brush through. I wash their hair with regular shampoo/conditioner. We use dove. Their dad uses other products because his hair is more coarse.

Frobabie hair products are the best

My 3 kids are half african american. :slightly_smiling_face: Firstly, do not shampoo his hair daily. It is not needed and shampoo dries it out. Curly/textured hair needs moisture. Moisture, moisture, moisture, cant stress that enough. I wash my kids hair about once a week, and every other day i just re-wet it in the bath & put some moisturizing curl cream or leave in conditioner. You can condition it as often as you need to, just not shampoo. Use a wide tooth comb to comb out knots. Right now we use the product “miss jessies, leave in condish” from walmart. Its the best store brand cream ive used so far. Pm if you have any questions! Also, this is for when hes a bit older & has alot of hair. If hes an infant, just a little hair oil will do


I would suggest taking him to a salon or barber and having them teach you about his curl pattern. Not all curly hair or curl pattern is the same. Some need more oils and some need more cream based products and certain products work better for certain hair types. Also don’t wash his hair everyday it will dry out his scalp.

This shampoo, follwed by…

This leave in conditioner. I put grease (leave in coco oil conditioner) in multiple times a day to ease the dry scalp for my 9 yr old.

Its important to grease the scalp, not just the hair. 2 of my boys are mixed… my oldest son’s hair is manageable with minimum effort but my youngest gets super dry scalp & these 2 products so the trick

Don’t wash it really often either. My daughter isnt mixed but her hair is really dry and coarse. She washes it twice a week max. Its help tremendously!$

The biggest mistake most people make is over washing. If his scalp is dry, you are probably washing too frequently and stripping the natural oils from his scalp.

Curly Girl Method can be used on men.
Look it up on f.b

Use this on damp hair. It’s our favorite.

Also, you don’t have to explain how your skin doesn’t match your son’s. That’s a heart matter, not a visual matter.


I love that you’re asking for help! You are being a great Mama


I honestly do not know, BUT check out TikTok and YouTube. Lots of POC with natural hair share their favorite products/styling tips and I would imagine a few of them share products for their children!

We use the Shea moisture baby line for my sons hair. His scalp was very dry then we started putting this oil on his scalp and it seems to help.

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Please don’t wash his hair daily also when you wash it use conditioner follow by scalp pomade.

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Hi! Do not wash it daily, or even every other day. I wet it, run a comb through it and put in a leave in conditioner (I use the mixed chick’s line) in a swirling motion in the direction of the curl pattern. It is every day, for his life. Products work differently on everyone, so just find what works best and don’t be afraid to ask questions! Best of luck :slightly_smiling_face:

Get a spray bottle and spritz his hair with water so it gets damp and add some styling product to his hair before you comb/brush it. Don’t comb/brush his hair while dry.

Mixed chicks is great dont use Cantu products they will dry his hair and scalp out more… Aunt Jackie’s is another great brand too

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Talk to his pediatrician. Dark and Lovely has great products but I don’t know if they’re necessarily geared toward children. My mom used Just for Me product on my hair when I was a kid and they worked great as long as you’re willing to maintain his hair. Ultra Sheen is also a great product. Check out Sally’s Beauty Supply’s website too. Best of luck!

Cantu for both my kids

This works wonders .

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And try olive oil in his head after you bathe him … Leave it in over night .

This is what my kids use and they have beautiful curls

Children’s Natural Hair Care & More this group is amazing & they’re super sweet !

I have 3 mixed kids. They’re teenagers now and we’ve cycled through so many products, but finally found a brand called Mixed Chicks, and it is AMAZING!


If it’s curly, forever. Mizzani has some great products, I use on my daughter who has extremely dry/curly hair. Once he’s a little older you are going to have to figure out what type of hair/curl pattern (ABCD 1-4 or combinations) which may change several times over the course of his life. Good luck!

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Main, most important thing I learned was to not wash my baby’s hair everyday. It dries out her scalp really bad. So I shampoo her hair once every 2weeks and condition it once a week. I personally like the ‘Gold Series’ Pantene line. It’s specifically made for textured hair. I use their shampoo, conditioner, & leave in conditioner for my 5yr old. As for other hair products, it’s really a hit or miss. I have 3 curly heads and all 3 have different textures so what works for one may not always work for the other.
I think it’s great that you’re asking questions and trying to learn how to manage your son’s hair. :grin::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Shea moisture, mixed chicks, Carol’s daughter all great lines


Take your kid to a hair stylist that specializes in their type of hair. Find one who can show you how to deal with his hair. Also google and YouTube will get you a long ways.


I seriously don’t understand why someone would laugh at this… smdh!! But first you don’t have to explain why you and your sons color of skin is different and second I think it’s amazing that you humbled yourself and asked for help! I would definitely bring him to a black owned barber shop and they will be more the willing to help you. Good luck momma you got this❤️


I love this story !! Lol I have mixed son and I use the Shea moisture brand! My favorite and a leave in spray or “smoothie” cream. Also leave in !


If his scalp is dry massage some baby oil to it and don’t dry it. Yes you will have to treat his hair his whole life. Curly hair requires 10 times the work but at least he will look FABULOUS and not plain. When he grows up a little more go to a hair salon that’s more African American centered and I’m sure they will be happy to give you more advice.


Olive lotions you can it at Walgreens and Walmart smells amazing too, I have three mixed babies :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and you use it daily about a quarter size or more seeing his scalp is dry use twice a day until it clears up.

We use palmers conditioning shampoo and shea Cantu leave in conditioner

Organic coconut oil is about to become your best friend it will help with dryness and help curls to be more manageable only wash his hair once every 2wks but condition it once a week and use the coconut oil everyday

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Momma post this in a couple group local to you, I’m sure a momma would be more happy to help. With them being local they might even meet up with you and show you how to do it. I’ve seen this happen in a few groups I’m in locally.


Depends on his hair or curl type. For eg. My child has 3c hair ( you can Google) and then Google products for the particular hair . We use Talia wajid curly curl sealer and aunt Jackie’s curl whip . Talia wajid shampoo and a coconut oil natural conditioner X

Aveda hair products… Brilliant line…kinda expensive but alot goes along way. He needs moisture. Goodluck

Moisturizing everything lol

Try to find a hair dresser that has the same type of hair or is familiar with that hair type. I used to had super thick curls that if I added any moisturizing oils itd cause my hair to be greasy but my scalp to be dry by the end of the day.

Bi-racial children are typically the most beautiful. :relaxed:
I agree with others, find a hair stylist that has experience in this. They’ll guide you. Don’t experiment on your child.
You don’t have to go to an expensive salon. Start with your local mom & pop places. You’ll be surprised what they know & how willing they are to help!!!


I too have a mixed son and he had a very dry scalp, to treat it I used cradle cap shampoo that I bought from amazon and it worked amazing!! My son didn’t have cradle cap but the shampoo was moisturizing and healing and did the trick. I would also apply some coconut oil to his scalp maybe twice a week, but only a small amount as oils can clog pores which will prevent healthy hair growth so use a very small amount. Also purchase some “Miss Jessie’s Leave In Condish” it is so moisturizing and has a nice clean scent to it. Remember your child has MIXED hair so it does need to be washed at least once a week (not once a month like some people say) and keep those curls moisturized!! It also wouldn’t be a bad idea to give your little guy a trim every couple months to help reduce split ends and breakage… good luck! You can do this!!


For the dry scalp I would try the coconut oil leave in over night

Maybe take him into a barber and they might be able to help.

We don’t have to know all your business. Don’t wash his hair everyday. A couple times a week is more than enough. Mixed chicks has a lotion you can rub in. Keep it moisturized and a lol oily and it’ll be fine


I also have a biracial son. I use shea moisture in his hair. I put organic coconut oil in his hair after bath time. I only wash his hair 1-2 times a week. Over washing can make the hair dry and frizzy.

What’s funny about this?


Baby oil gel works great

Relaxer…? Have you tried that? My daughter has course, tight ringlets, and thick af. A couple friends suggested relaxer. I just did her first relaxer session yesterday. Ethnicity has nothing to do with using relaxer. We’re white as hell :woman_shrugging:t2::joy:. Race and ethnicity really doesn’t matter. If you choose to do the relaxer, plan it for a day you have a few hours to spare straight through. I had no clue what I was doing, but the directions are easy to follow and I didn’t fry her hair :sweat_smile::rofl:.


start with the blue grease (ultra sheen) and some water. comb out starting at the ends and inch lower to get out the kinks. we use aussie moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. you may have to try different products, but this budget stuff i listed here keeps us right.


He’s still pretty young so I wouldn’t go wild on his hair. Just keep it moisturized. Do not relax a baby’s hair like some of the comments!! I’m mixed, and the key is to not wash it every day. That will dry it out. Condition it frequently and don’t wash out all the conditioner. I’ve got for kids that I have hair to do. I let my sons hair grow until about 3 and then we cut it. My daughter has a 4c curl so I have to use Black Castor Haitian oil in it. If you can find the Mixed Chick’s Leave In near you then the Pantene Gold Series is great. Get a good brush for curls. YouTube has great tutorials.


We used baby oil or coconut oil Im our daughters hair when her scalp would get dry at that age. Don’t wash everyday. Keep his head moisturized pretty regularly, a dry itchy scalp isn’t fun.


I have no idea, but Rebecca Pearson took Randall to a barber who specialized in African American hair. Try that.
And watch This Is Us. It’d be a good show for you and family.


First I wanna day thank you for reaching out. Most don’t do that.
Really it’s just a guessing game as I come to realize all “mixed” / “black” children’s hair is different. I know it sounds crazy but it’s true. Start with the basic moisturizer. Black owned brand is your best bet as they would know more about the hair. Just look up black owned company hair moisturizer. You’d be surprised how many are not.
Then do a nice light oil (I love Jamaican black castor oil.) Be sure to always put the oil on after the moisturizer to lock in the moisture. I wash my kids hair twice a week. Then a Couple weeks when they get older and get protective styles. Usually that’s it but use in moderation too much can cause build up.

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I have several bi racial nieces and nephews. Their moms use a good leave in conditioner. It seems to help with any frizz and tangles

Hair lotion! I put this in my daughter’s hair when it seems dried out. Yes hair lotion is a thing! I didn’t know about it until her granny on her dads side bought it for me to try when I asked for advice on my daughter’s hair because she’s also mixed and has a combo of both hair types

Find a good black barber! They can give you advice on what to use.

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I used sheen pink oil on my bi racial children and now my grandbaby. Worked wonders for me

I have NO advice to the hair issue. I think its its cute, endearing, and humble to have asked. I do want to say with all the comments that tell you you didnt have to tell your business, we both know you DID or the push back and questions would have began so i get it…ignore it…The ONLY real advice I have is dont listen to the white woman telling you to put relaxer on it…i do know that much lmfao :rofl:


He’s 8 months, do not take him to a barber. They won’t do anything until after he’s at least 1 year anyway. Do you know ANY Black people besides the biological dad that you could ask?

His hair doesn’t need heavy products at this age-it could be more damaging (clog pores) than helpful. Don’t blow dry it. Wash it with Aveeno baby wash, rinse thoroughly, towel blot it, comb and brush it while wet and let it air dry.


And don’t wash his hair every single day, smell it first.


Mixed chicks or miss Jessie’s products.

Not sure if someone already suggest mixed chicks products.

I have lots of friends that buy their hair products at Walmart. There is not a huge selection but the main stuff should be there for your son’s hair.
Go down I believe the shampoo aisle, if not it is near by those aisles. It should close to an end in the aisle. Products to clue you in that you located the selection: some labels may say ‘African Pride’, some green bottles with word such as Olive Oil/Cream and some products has a colored/African American on it.
One product I know my friends use is Olive Oil Incredibly Oil Rich Moisturizing Shampoo! Also not all hair brushes and combs work will work for your son’s hair. I would suggest to research and YouTube how to properly take of your son’s hair, this is how my hubby and I learn new stuff too! When in doubt find a barber that has knoedfe in your son’s hair type and they should be able to guide you!!

My daughters hair is like really course but loose curls and really thick she uses a wet brush, ultra curl by curly sexy hair, and matrix miracle creator. Their hair needs to be consistently taken care of so if its too damaged you might want to cut the damaged hair first.

I wish I could send a picture of the products we use. It has been a life saver for my girls.

Cantu kids hair products are great for mixed children hair, that’s what I use

Is you and him splitting up and getting back together relevant to the hair question? I feel like I’m missing the point here

Awwww I get it now. Cantu products