Needing advice/tips on couponing

I’m trying to start couponing but don’t know where to start, I did a little bit of couponing for awhile but nothing extreme. Where do you get the catalogs? When is the best time to buy products (preferably soap, laundry stuff, diapers, ect.) How does it all work when using multiple coupons at the register with the same products? If anyone has experience and can explain it a little better that would be great! Thanks


Google coupon mom also there are groups on FB one is called Krazy coupon lady. It takes a lot of hard work and time

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I always tried but never could figure it out would love to find ways to save money

Apps Ibotta, and Shopkicks

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Following. I want to try it too

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If you go to your local dollar tree or 99 cent stores on sundays you get the newspaper and get more coupons from the red plum and few others that are in your local newspaper depending on your family size will depend on your amount of newspapers you will need . It takes a while to get it all figured out too. Search up the policies at the stores you shop make sure you print them and keep them with you as well so you can refer to them during your shop

It’s an actual job to make it work! Successfully that is.

If you’re in an area that has Publix check out My Publix coupon buddy … google it. Great helpful site with links. There’s also YouTube videos

It’s a lot of work and depends on what your area stores rules are for couponing. Due to the extreme coupon shows many changed their policies making it more difficult to get a really good deal and coupon values aren’t as high (at least where I am in Michigan). I stopped couponing as it usually wasn’t on items I used. Cheaper for me to go to my local Aldi’s to save money.

Watch Extreme couponers

Go to, they take you from A-Z everything you’ll ever need to know about couponing. It’s not hard, they spell everything out from very basic couponing to advanced without complicating things. Hope this helps!

join the group called beginner couponing 101

The weekly adverts for the store and the sunday mailer, the sunday paper from your area, the store apps will have store coupons and some manufacturers but then online manufacturers will have coupons.