Needing advice with milk supply

I need help with my milk supply baby is 13 days old and we are currently in the Nicu. My milk supply has dwindled terribly. For example, I just pumped for 27 minutes and only made one ounce baby is eating 64mL every three hours husband is picking me up white body armor, because of a diabetic and coconut water. Please help they’re going to start giving her formula and I really don’t want that.


It’s entirely possible your pump is the issues as well! Depending on which one you are using, you may not respond well to it. Try power pumping if you can. Body armor helped me a lot. Or diet cranberry juice with coconut water. There also should be a lactation consultant there that can help you and if not, look up ones in your local area. They would be your best help right now. I

What about donor breast milk? I work in the NICU and we will use that. Does that NICU/Postpartum/L&D have a lactation consultant you can talk to?


Put her on formula… it’s totally fine

Oatmeal. But if you want fast results drink one beer or even just half. How I got my milk to come in when it wouldn’t 3 days after I had my son. Mother n law gave me one because it was an old wives tale. Went from size b tatas to size d overnight just for him to not latch for me or the doctors

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Ask your doctor if they can prescribe you with tablets that help with milk supply. Pump around every two hours is another thing you can do and drink lots of water

Ask your doctor to prescribe you motillium, pump every 3 hrs if you can! And do a power pump in the morning! Have you got the right size flange?

I had similar issues when my daughter was in nicu and the breast feeding specialist recommended it and it works amazing to increase milk supply and all natural
Also see if the pump pieces that surrounds your nipple area is the correct size for your breast. They make many sizes but not many know that

I made lactation treats for my sister and they helped. There’s lots of great recipes on pinterest and the ingredients are pretty easy to find and they use sugars like honey and maple syrup. I made granola, granola bars, baklava and cookies.

I found that I didn’t not respond well to the electric pump in the beginning, a manual pump worked better for me until my supply was established. Drink lots of water, sleep and as hard as it is to do, don’t stress about it. Once you relax about it and realize that your baby will not starve, you will respond better to pumping( I know it sounds crazy, but I promise, it works.) Your mind has so much control over how your body works, the milk is probably there, but your stress is not allowing your body to let down.

Take a deep breath momma, it will be okay.

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Armor drinks , oatmeal , snd the is a mothers tea in the tea isle

Food or drinks don’t make milk. It’s supply & demand. Fenugreek can actually tank your supply so it is not recommended. Pump every 2 hours during the day & every three hours during the night. Make sure you are changing pump parts out regularly & your flange sizes are correct. Look at pictures/videos of baby while pumping, it sometimes help as well with the key downs.

I never responded to a pump. Insist on nursing if possible, I’ve seen 27 week babies nurse or look I to donor milk