Needing baby girl name ideas!

What are some girl names? I have some boy names, but I’m at a loss for a girl name lol I kinda wanted a Mexican name I already have a Celie and Arya.


Giselle, Melina, Noelle

Im just throwing this our there cause it beautiful… Cecilia…

Esperanza, Olga, graciela

Jules ( short for Julie)

Mikaela, Catalina, Fernanda :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Reina (rain-ah) I had a friend in college named Reina I never forgot it. She said her name meant Queen & she was Mexican


Why do people always suggest their own name!? :woman_facepalming:

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Victoria, Cataleya, Emilia

Lola. Selena. Frieda .

Marbella, Arely, Anali, Anahi, Catalina

Albertina, Azul, Victoria, Valentina

Carmen, Sofía, Vanesa

Graclyn, Stormie, Donalyn, Roslyn

Giovanna, Gianna, Jayne, Jaden, Jordan.

Julia, pronounced , Hulia

Marianna, Lillianna, Arlo, Emilia, Davina, Freya, Tia

I was going to name my last one Stella Harper if it was a girl

Regina , Janina, laney , Sydney

Xiomara. Pronounced like Zee-o-mara. Also XO for short pronounced “Zoh”

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Amarah, Avayah, dejah, Nhiah

I already have two girls but if I was to have another one it would be Ruby or Esperanza.

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Gianna Isabelle Jasmine

Melitta, it is my middle name. Don’t know of any one else using it.


sofia for wisdom or Ana for grace

Halona - happy fortune

I love the name Rosa-Maria it’s a common Mexican name :blush:

My girl names are Lilly and lilac

Izabella my daughter is half mexican

Abbagail, which in the bible if means father

I have a Vivian Pearl and an Everlee Ruth.

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I always love the name Adeline Rose

My daughters name is Charolette but Vivian is pretty too and I’ve always loved Ryan for a girl

I have a Stanna and a Sophia

Catalina, Lucia, Francisca, Dulce

Lola Lyla Nova Fraya

Ixchel or Itotani.

My friend wanted to honor her culture and named her twins this.

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Adriana, IIlliana, Sierra,Isla, Karmen,Lucianna, Lilianna

I have a Gracie Jean and a Leona Caroline not mexican but I think they are pretty

Adeline, Caroline, Maribella, Lelani, Jules, Aspen

I have a lillianna Jolie and a Lola Isabella

Alina evada Rosella corinna

Zoe, Margarite, Julianna

Dakotah is my little girls name

We named our daughter Anastasia.

My girls are called Kira and Chloe.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m about to have a scarlet Jordyn…

Maritza, Ruby, Lucia, Daleisa, Bianca, Esmeralda, Sinai, Anali, Alma, Araceli, Itzel, Mariana, Valeria, Raquel, Aide, Zaira, Zaida, Elena, Damaris, Alessia, Alyssa, Ariana, Sarai, Aylin, Sheila, Adelaida, Ayala, Daila, Ilse, Yasmin, Gabriella, Dalia, Darya, Nadya, Cassandra, Ivette, Yvette, Larissa, Lidia, Dayana, Natalia, Viviana, Ximena, Zenaida, Nayeli, Monica, Xiomara, Elicia, Anais, Yaretzi

My daughters are emma rose and august rose

My niece’s name is Juliana Eva. I love it!

Adriana, Dulce, Rosa

My daughters name is Corina

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If I’d have had another girl I’d have called her Shakira love that name .

Moms name is Savina, sister is Ruth and im Adilene.

Isala, Mariela, Anamarie, Pilar, Evelina, Michaela, Desarei, Isabel, Lucia, Sofia, Maya, Ayala, and Marisa.

Spencer , Sage, Avery,Grace, Abigail, Riley, Hanna, Allison, Tatum,

Krystal or Krysteena

Tierra Jey (for Jessica) or Tierra Jade; and Gillian Marie.

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Ivette or Ines after Ivette Fuentes a famous Mexican Psyicist and Ines Mexia a Mexican scientist who discovered two new planets.

My daughter’s name is Rosalia call her Rose for short❤️

Evangelina. Anastasia. Toula.

My husband is Salvadorian and my I named my daughter Serena…love the sound and meaning. I have 2 boys as well, I had another girl name picked out back then…Mariel Simona (pronounced like Marielle in English)

My daughters name is Genesis. It means beginning. She was the first everything on both sides. Daughter. Grandchild. Great grandchild and great great grandchild. Middle names Ava Marie are a twist on Ave Maria from my great grandmas favourite hymn. Always try to put something sentimental in the name.

Not necessarily a “Mexican” name but I’ve always loved the name, Adriannah. I always said if I had a girl, this would be thee name I’d go with.

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There was a song by Marty Robbins years ago about a beautiful mexican girl. Her name was Felina. I’ve always loved that song.


Destiny Faith always loved that name ,but never used it.Also like Neveah it’s heaven spelled backwards

When I was 12, I read a novel and fell in love with the name keirra(pronounced Kira)…it took over 24 years, but I now have my adorable keirra annabella

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I had one name that I wanted the whole way through my pregnancy when she was born I cried lol because she just wasnt the name I had which was kiara her name is Ellie and it suits her perfectly almost 16 years later
My middle daughter my husband wanted to name her bethany nothing wrong with that name but it wasnt me so when she arrived that also changed to skye and I’m so glad we changed it because she really does suit that name . Always go with your gut
My 3rd and final daughter was always going to be Madeline and we kept her name she will be 11 in just a few short months .

So yea if u have a few lined up and go with your gut when she arrives . Congratulations


You may use my name, Leticia (which means “joyful”) and call her Letty for short :grin: You’re welcome.


I just met a lovely Mexican woman named Maribel. I love that name!


I knew two Hispanic girls named Celeste and Tatiana. Always thought they were pretty names.

I always thought Penelope was so cute

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I love Gracie, Willow, and Ava

I considered Caroline/Carolina which sounds kind of Spanish

I have a granddaughter named Esperanza


Alejandrina, Dulce, Amelia, Lucia, Isabella, …anything but Laura. I hate my name, but it’s popular in Mexico.

I have a great niece named Arya. Her sisters are Maya and Maleah.

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Adela, Elena are two of my favorite

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My daughter’s name is Arabella Coraline. She is about to be 3 months old

Nothin special about names. Government is trying to individualize us by tricking us into thinking we need a name


I’m part Mexican and I named my daughter after my great grandmother Aurelia


Co worker named Deciela

My nieces are Spanish and are named Alicia and Aundria

My daughter is Chianna. (Chee anna) I don’t know what it means, i got it from an alien from a tv show. And my older daughters middle name is Jarrissa, which is a feminized version of Jarrett.

Willow, Sophia, Sapphire, Isabelle, Grace, Laurel, Lauralie, Carissa

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I named my daughter Aubrianna.

Beaner is a Mexican name???

A friend of mine named her baby girl Viridiana.

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My daughter is half Mexican n her name is Tiana


Go with what your heart tells you, you will know when you meet her!! Best Wishes!!

My daughters name is Elora Hananiah :heart_eyes:

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We have an Evaleigh. Unique pretty name.( Nerrisa Lynn might get me for this :grin:)


Lucia. Luzia. (Lucy for short)

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Isabel/Isabella. My beautiful mother’s name.


Nova Vita meaning new life my nephew named his baby girl

I love Sophia and Rose or Rosie.

Riannan (re-Ann-an), Madison, Chloe, Avery, Madeleine

Rayna means queen in spanish i believe. (Thats my daughters name :grin:)

Alaina, Deja, Jade and Jersey are my girls.