Needing baby name advice!

I am looking for middle names or first names that go with Jeremiah as well as a first or middle name that goes with Xavier. I really am stuck between the two but don’t have a corresponding name for them. And Jeremiah Xavier doesn’t go well to me. Nor does Xavier Jeremiah. Or I’d use them both, haha. ; my first son goes by his middle name, so name order doesn’t matter for me as long as it sounds right.


I actually really like Jeremiah Xavier!!


What about Xavier James?

I need a last name to find a real flow…

I have Xavier Anthony

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I actually like both.

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Jeremiah Kai
Jeremiah Lane
Xavier Lane

Jeremiah Antony Xavier

One of my girls would have been Xavier Kenneth had they been a boy.


Jeremiah Xavier sounds really strong

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I have a Zachary Xavier

My son’s name is Asher Jeremiah Noah everyone loves it!

Jeremiah peter :heart_eyes:
We were gonna go with that name but it was to similar to Zachariah

Trenton Xavier is my son’s name

What helped me the most was looking at the meanings of names. I chose Because of the meaning.

Jeremiah James…
Jeremiah Jay
Jeremiah Steven
Kyle Jeremiah
Peter Jeremiah
Caleb Jeremiah
Xavier Richard
Xavier Ray
Xavier Cruz
Zion Xavier
John Xavier
Robin Xavier

George. James Logan David Scott Joseph

Jeremiah Lucas
Xavier Quinn or Quinton Xavier
I like the X letter in a name for obvious reasons lol I would spell it Lucax instead.

Jeremiah Noah / Xavier Aiden

If I had a boy I was going to name him Xavier Malachi or malaki.

I like the way Jeremiah Xavier sounds together, but obviously you have to like it lol


My son is Jeremiah Robert. I have a friend with a son named Jack Xavier, though Xavier Jack (or Jackson) may work as well.

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There have been quite a few Xaviers this year! :no_mouth: I like Jeremiah anf then a middle name with a J. Then he coild go by JJ if he wanted!

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Oddly Enough my littles mans names is Jeremiah Xavier! They go really nice together

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I have a Jeremiah! I used Davis for his middle name.

My son has 2 middle names. ZACHARY Augustus Means Martin. Both middle names are from a family member.

I think Scott sounds good with both names, or both names together.

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In my husband’s family the name William is used often. My sons middle name is William and his cousins middle name is william. Is there a family name that might work?
Or I could offer Xavier William?
Jeremiah William?

Both sounds good to me but I prefer Zephyr Xavier :heart_eyes:

My son is Xavier Raymond, and we call him X-Ray!


Nicholas works well with both of those and I think Jeremiah xazier sounds better if u use both

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If you are a Marvel fan at all, please consider Charles Xavier… :man_bald:


I have a Jeremiah! His middle name is Wyatt, after his great grandfather. :blush:

I have a Xander Scott. Xavier Scott might work well.
Jeremiah Joseph? Jeremiah Edward?

I like the sounds of Michael Xavier and
Jeremiah Joseph

Zachary or Alexander for Jeremiah
Kade as a middle for Xavier

If I’d had a boy he would have been Xavier Lucas x


James Xavier, though it could sound cooler or lamer with whatever last name too.

We used Jaxon Xavier. He is called the X man.

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I actually really like Jeremiah Xavier :woman_shrugging:


Have a grandson named Jeremiah Elijah.

I’ve got an Xavier David!

One of my brothers is Jeremiah Dean

Our wee guy is Xavier Francis… sooooo old fashioned lol.

Xavier Mateo? Mateo is my youngest son’s middle name. His first name is Jovani.

My nephews name is Jeremiah Francis.

My sons name is. Xavier Lee

My grandson is Xavier Blaze

My sons is Zachary Jeremiah

Jeremiah Austin or Aston.

I have a nephew named Xavier Abram

I also like Xavier John.

James Xavier…Jeremiah Jordan… call him JJ

Lucian Xavier, Marcus Xavier, Ashton Xavier, James Xavier, Seth Xavier, Mathius Xavier, Jeremiah Andrew

I have a Jeremiah James. And a Jordon James. Twins😍

Colton Xavier,Jeremiah Jedidiah.0

Jeremiah David Xavier. Could always have 2 middle names.

Michael… for either

Jeremiah luke, Haydn, Michael, Samuel,

Xavier Kincade or Kohl

Bradley Xavier… Jeremiah Ross


Maybe use dads or paps name

Logan, Elliott, thorn

I like Jeremiah James.

Jeremiah James. Xavier James

Jeremiah Reade
Xavier Cole

Jeremiah Henry, Jeremiah Cole, Xavier Finn, Xavier Thomas

I have a Jeremy Thomas (JT)

Armin Jeremiah
Xavier james

Xavier Lee, Xavier Allen, Xavier Michael

Jeremiah John. You could call him JJ.

I have a Jeremiah Roman

Jeremiah Lee and Xavier Wayne

Jeremiah Seth
Gabriel Xavier

Jeremiah Johnson or Xavier Paul

Anthony, Elijah, knox

I love the name Nathaniel

Jeremiah Jackson. Xavier Anderson

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Jeremiah Xavier soung good together

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Xavier Thomas , Jeremiah David

My friends kid is Jedidiah Jeremiah

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Jeremiah Johnson
Xavier Riley

Francis goes with both I think

Xavier Alexander
Jeremiah Scott

Xavier Thomas
Jeremiah David

Jeremiah Jones. Xavier Paul

I like Jeremiah Xavier. But it is all in how you pronounce Xavier to me. If you go with a strong X it works IMO

I hate common names. Ordinary names are BLAH!!! If you can call out the name in a crowd and at least 2 guys turn around, it’s a NO GO for me. But that’s just my preference. Original and unique but nice for me. :wink:

Xavier James , Zachary Xavier and Drayven Xavier Jeremiah Lee, Jeremiah Ezekiel and Jaylen Jeremiah :heart::heart:

Jeremiah Daniel
Xavier Shawn

Jeremiah Thomas Xavier Malachi

My son is Ayden Jeremiah

Xavier Cage, Jeremiah Jackson :thinking:

My nephew is Dakota Michael Xavier

My great grandson is named Xavier, but I cannot remember his middle name! LOL! We call him Professor X!

My sons name is Jeramia Jolon (joe-l-on), I also considered Jeramia Thomas and Jeramia James.

Xavier Ray and Jeremiah David.

Michael, Thomas, mattew, Douglas, Lee …