Needing baby name ideas, any suggestions?

I’m having a baby boy in April and still can’t seem to find a name that I like and was wondering if you had any ideas I’m looking for something unique. I’ve looked on a lot of websites, books and asked around still can’t find one. Thanks!


Nephi, Isiah, Elijah… i love my husbands name Lehi. But make sure its a name YOU like… I very much regret not naming my sons what i wanted.
I have one daughter and her name means warrior, fighter, leader. (Everyone had something to say but dont worry about them)
Give ur son a name that means something. He should be proud of his name

Elias. That is what we named our son.

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My oldest is Conlen (a mix of 2 names we liked at the time) and I’ve yet to hear it elsewhere, though it is started to be listed on babyname sites

I named my son Rowan. He’ll be a month old on Saturday.

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My boys are Levi and Isaac :blush:

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I thought i was going to have a boy this time around… But its another girl… If it was a boy his name was going to be Jasper Jax

I have a Caiden and a Dawson

Before I knew my last baby was a girl I had the name Killian James picked out for a boy.

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We named our son Colson
But when we have another, and if it’s a boy we’re stuck between. Ryan, Sawyer, and Harrison

Tucker. I have Zachary, Trey, and Jonah, but have always loved Tucker.

My babies are named Roman and Elijah :heart:

Skyler, izeakial, Noah, Clifton

If our daughter was a boy we would’ve named her Cassian. Both me and my husband also love the name Jonah.

My cousin name his son Astro Colt.

Nehemiah-protected by God

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My son is Phoenix David

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We have a colton a corben and a chance :green_heart::heart::blue_heart: good luck mama!!

I’ve always loved the name Korbin Lane!!

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I have Savannah Rayne and Norah Jayde

Why does everyone have to have a “unique” name? Can we just stop and think about the fact that teachers, dental hygienists, and other people will be calling your kid’s name out in front of others and hopefully they can pronounce them?!

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I absolutely love the name Mateo​:heart::heart:

Your favourite band! Work a singers name or band/song name in

My sons name is Ryker, I wanted something different!

Keegan, Oakley, Emerson, Finley

I have Wyatt and Greysen

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My hubby named my boys; Sayulh, my first born, means thunder in my language, and Ashar, not my language, meaning blessed, happy. I named Ashar his middle name Jamie, for my late mother. Her name was Jemima but everyone called her Janie
Ashar Jamie is my baby.

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I have a
Means light in Latin
And a
“ Masten” family name.

My boy born last April got named by his daddy. So we have Raylan :slight_smile:

I had my boy in November and named him Ashton, I’ve never met or heard of any other Ashtons other than Ashton Kutcher

I was in the SAME boat in Nov named him after seeing him … boy names are harder than girls bc I wanted unique too … good luck ! people would give us names alllll the time and I just wasnt into them

We used a family name …Lee Edward

I have 5 boys. There names are Cameron,Dawson,Wyatt,Liam, Daxton. I think there pretty good names!

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Leonidas my husband and I wanted that name, but we have a girl and as of right now, no plans for a 2nd baby

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Go with a family name, two boys I know who were born last year names are Fletcher and Granger.

When I was pregnant with my last child I wanted the name Wyatt if it was a boy…it was a girl but I still love that name to this day

My son is named Cohen. Hubby cane up with it.

Shade , Seamus , Gray , Levi … some of the unique names I’ve heard .

I wanted to name my son Layth which means lion🙂 goodluck im sure once you see him the right name will come to you.

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I like Seth and Jack and Ben…I know pretty safe but still…:blue_heart:

i picked Dreyvin. (raven with a D) for my son but i loved Daymien also

My son’s name is Xayden

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I had my baby boy in April…long ago, and we named him Trevor Collin. :heart:

My sons are Axl and Jarren.

Wait til you see him…then you will know his name :heart:

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my baby was going to be linkin but ended up lyric

Well… it all depends on what u like! My son is Kaleb, but I’ve got nephews named Gilbert, Elijah, Isaiah, shawn, isaac, and Michael!
I however have always loved the name Jude! Not tooooooo different but not all that common either!:wink:

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Parker. Winter. Cole. Owen. Rain.

It does depend on the last name, but, for something different, yet strong, August or Agustus. If he does not like it, he can choose to be called Gus. Just remember, people are cruel. Do not give them reason to tease your child over his lifetime just because you wanted something “different”. A person reacts and grows up differently than he would without having been teased as a child. People who like their name and feel good about themselves growing up, are more successful than those with silly names. To me, silly names are child abuse.

love the name Mason …strong

Ryder is my son’s name. The name of a person in the book & also the movie “The taking of Pellam One, Two Three”

My sons full name is Orion Jaxon Charm Childers

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Our 2 youngest boys names are Ezekiel and Felix

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Gunner, Jagger, Xander(short for Alexander), Liam, Tucker, Jones, Jennings

I have a Blaize, a Ryan, a Gage and a Cailyx…it took me a while to figure out what I wanted too. I also loved the names Gunnar, Tristan, Aidan and Caleb. Middle names to go with was the challenge but we came up with ones like Rhys (Reese) for Cailyx and Dylan for Gage…It also depends on if you want traditonal, unique, old fashioned…ect.

Kysen is my son’s name.

My boys names are Brière and Kingsley.

My son, also due in April is named Ezra ?


My son’s name is Braedon Aloysius…while his first name is very common now (with various types of spellings)…his middle name is my great grandfather’s name…who I knew for the first 13 and a half years of my life. Not many people my age have the priviledge of knowing their great grandparents.

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I am naming my son jaxon

I have a nephew named cwyntin (pronounced like Quinton) i always thought that was unique

Jackson Thomas!
Abel Nathaniel.

My son’s name is Xadrian. I loved the names Aiden and Adrian but wanted something more unique :heart:

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My boy is Henley
But I like lake or lyle x

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Theo was our choice but we had a girl. Harry and George were also in the running. We’re English so the last two seemed quite British and are popular over here but if you’re in America then they might be a bit rarer? :woman_shrugging:t2:

Jaydyn James & Nolan Parker

My son is called Theo :grin:

My sons name is Wyatt :two_hearts:

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Kale, Jamison, Brexton, Jayden, Koy, Landen, Micha, Raydon, Xander

Our sons name is Gunnar Lewis :slightly_smiling_face: rare is you ask me


My boy is called Sebastian Leo. I also liked Tristan and Hugo x

My sons name is Ashton. We also like Landon, Elliott, and Oliver.

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My son’s names are Trent and Reece. :heart_eyes:

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Marshall is and older name but is very masculine when the child grows up

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My son’s name is Wylder.

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Rhysand, Cassian, Lucien, Oak, Madoc, Locke, Dain, Roiben, Valerian, Nikolai, Kaz, Malyen, Alexei, Jesper, Kuwei, Mikka, jace, Magnus, Kit, Delan, Dorian, Fenrys, Nox, Ren, Theodus,… I could go on forever with unique names as I read a lot of fantasy and an always writing them down :rofl:

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Trenton, Tobias, Apollo, Zeus, Mayo, Brody, Paxton, Leo, Angelo, Cassius, Theo, Kent, Mica, Jasper, Kendrick… I’ll think of more. :blush: Best of luck.
My son didn’t have a name for 3 days, even though I had several picked out ahead of time, none of them felt right when I looked at his perfect little face… I just kept holding him and looking at him in his eyes and asking him “What is your name?”, all while the people who wanted the Birth Certificate information kept calling and bugging me. I kept telling them to wait, it will come to me. Finally I went with Eli Hendrix, his last name is Rhoades, so I liked the flow and it felt right. Now he is 5 and his name suits him well.
These things take time and you may not name him until you meet him, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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My boys are zaiden and Zander. Zander is popular but usually spelled with an x. I still haven’t heard of any other little boys named zaiden.

Quan means warrior
Zion means highest place of worship
That’s my 2 boys names

If my first daughter was a boy she would has been Ashland Allen. My second (sane scenario) would have been Hefner Jackson or Wayne-Jasper

I have a Tristan and Jaxson

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We have oscar, george, harry, sam, Oliver, Joseph and Maison


My boys are Luca and Nico

Kaycoah im not sure how vyou spell it

My son didnt have a name for 2 days. Before birth it was going to be Hollis James. But when he was born and my daughter met him we both said bbn je didn’t look like a Hollis. So we considered Lucas. Then something similar to my husband’s name, (Charles)… Chance, Chandler, Cash and finally went with Chaise Andreu.

If i was having a boy his name would have been Bohdi but its a girl

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My son is called rowen-lee :heart_eyes:… i like the names Ethan Able… logan… Ruben…wyatt… theo

I have an Aiden Nathaniel and Zander Thorne

My grandson didn’t have a name until two days before he was born as my son kept changing his mind . They settled on Xavier I love it its very different.

I have a Harrison and we were talking about if we ever had another boy Ollie

May not be to unique but my son’s name is Wyatt. I had his name picked out years before he was conceived

You may not know until you actually see him. For my input tho…I like Oliver and Declan.

Grayson, Killen , Marston

My family on my dads side is full of unique names, if I have a boy I plan on naming him after my dad Olav, it’s pronounced just the way Olaf in the movie Frozen is but it’s the Dutch version and it’s been a family name for many generations. There is also Asgar (grandfathers name) it’s pronounced A lot like Oscar.

My sons name is Zander

Mack Alexander

Bowdrie, pronounced Bo drie for the ones who don’t know that Bow is said like Bo. It’s a character from a series of books.