Needing baby name ideas

Looking for a baby name that starts with the letter “M”. I would love something that isn’t so common. For a boy and a girl. We do not know what we are having


Madeleine (or a spelling variation)

Mazacane for a girl Rion for a boy

Girls - Moira , Matilda , Marcel ,Marilyn
Boys - Max , Martin / Marty , Mason ,

Marlow, McKenzie, McKenna


Maren, Margo, Maeve, or Magnolia for a girl. Milo, Mercer, Miller, or Marshall for a boy.

Muriel- its Irish and means “of the bright sea”

Michelle since that’s my name

Marisol. Montgomery.


Marthia,Mirium Marcus,Milo

Maylani for a girl and matthew

Boy-Memphis, Miles, Maddox Girl - Myla, Marissa, Marlee

Mable for girl
Micah for boy

Marley, spell differently if you like😊

My sons name is Mikhail. We call him Mikki for short. Had he been a girl he may have ended up a Mila but that name is pretty common.

Maeve, Mercer, Meyer

Micah, Madison or Mallory. Each can be used for a girl or a boy.

Malenda. Malikai. Melania. Miko.

Well, there is my first name Marnie for a girl. I think the name Michal ( me- kal) is nice for a boy or a girl. Madeleine is nice too but is becoming very common. Maybe Merritt or Merrick for a boy.

Mavrick, Mekhi , Monique ,Madison,Markeya

Mackenzie can be used for a boy or a girl

Madison for a girl, Mason for a boy

Miley, Marcus, Michaeline, Miranda, Maya, Monique, Marla, Macy, Marcel, Maxwell, Marlin

Miles for a boy or Mylse for a girl :slight_smile:

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Well, there is my first name Marnie for a girl. I think the name Michal ( me- chal )is nice for a boy or a girl. Madeleine is nice too but is becoming very common.

Margo, Marisa, Markus, Marcel

Maddox for a boy
Mila for a girl ( pronounced me-la)

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Monroe. It’s unisex really . My son’s middle name is Monroe.

My girls are Mckenzie and Marina.

Marcie, marigold, macie,

Mary Michael
Mary Leigh
Mary Lou
Mary Margaret

Melody, Micah, Miles, Maverick, Milo, Makayla

Malachi for a boy and Melissa for a girl

Mackenzie can be either boy or girl! Good luck to you and your soon to be baby!

We just named our baby girl Mackenzie. It’s not unusual but I’ve also only met three other Mackenzie’s in my 29 years of life.

Marna. .Monique. Maddox. Merrick. Monte. Maverick.

Mabel for a girl and Maddox for a boy

Maxuim for boy Maria for girl

Mesa, Mavis, Mira, Morgan, Mason

I’m naming my baby girl Millie, she’s due end of October :heartpulse:

Flowers Trees,look to mother nature😊she provides…

Micah, McKenna, Mallory, Maddox, Miles, Malachi, Mya, Mia, Maxwell, Morgan, Milo, Macy

Macel for a girl it is a old name. Mark for boy…Mindy for girl. Mitchell for boy

Mason for a boy💙 Michaela for a girl💕

I named my daughter melinda as for a boy we were gonna name him Matthew how about mitchell for a boy

Mildred for the girl , Miguel for the boy

Montana, Mikah, Maisy, Madeline, Marcus, Monroe, Mathis, Mitchell, Meko, Mellody, Mallory, Mikail

Malorie or Majorie for thengiel 22nd Malachi for the boy.

Maree, Macy, Maria… Mason…

My sons name is Mercer

Mountain for a boy. His nick name will be Monty.

Mackenzie can work for both male and female

Morgan for a boy
Morgen for a girl.

Mia, Micha, Mandy, Monica, Melanie, Missy, Mila, Meesy, Maritza, Martha, Maria, Maddy, Mililani, Milan, Meredith, Molly, Mika, Meeka, Maggie, Mary, Matty, Martina, Michaela, Michelle, Madrid, Mildred, Monae.

Michael. But for a girl!

Mayden, Marle, Misha

Myla (girl) Malcom (boy) Margot (girl)

Mason… and a girl Marli

Myra for girl Myron for boy?


My kids are named Mia and Miles

Maylin girl
Maxwell boy

Makenzie, Mariah, Mandie, Melody for girl; Mitchell, Monte, Miles, Mason for boy. Morgan for girl or boy.

Maverick, marlin, Mara, Mazie.

Misty is a great name! So is Malachi!

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I love Maeve, Marin or Merritt for a girl. Michael and Micha for boy


I’ve got a Matthew and Matilda

Moira. Merix. Morris. Malakyah. Marion.

Malena, Makenna, mazie, moira, mallory, mandelin, mariana
Myles, maxwell, Mordecai, micha

Mitchell, McKeely, Mace, or Madden

Malakai, Matteo, Matthias, Maddox, (boys) … Maleah, Mariah, Mila,Maelynn, Mercy, Makayla (girls)

Mason or Myles for a boy. Macy or Myra for girl

Morgan! Boy or girl it’s beautiful

Madison for a girl. Maddox for a boy


Matrona, maddie, Michael


Maddox, Mallory, Malachi, Monroe, Meredith, Mandy, Mabelien, Mavis, Maverick

Maeve, Milly, Marcia

Mazikeen for a girl- Maze for short. Malaki for a boy.

Micah, Milo, Mya, Mailey

Miranda, Mikko, Miliah, Maddox, Maverick, Mercedes, Milton

Millicent (Millie), Marissa, Marielle

Matthias for a boy and Malory for a girl.

My boys middle name is Marshall

Memphis or Monty for a boy. Marietta for a girl

Marianna, marisol, maclan, Maddox

Matteo for boy Madeline girl

I really like Marshall and Maverick for a boy and Miri (could be short for Mirabell or Miriam) for a girl.

Milo can be used for a boy or girl

Melanie, Micah (girl or boy) Maren, Maxwell, Marvin



Mine and my daughter name is melea

Mary, Maria, misty, Marty, Mattew, maisie,


Mavis, Maren, Maddox, Macon,

G) Merida, Monette. Michelanne.Minuette
B)Montreal, Morrison, Mathias, Marcus