Needing baby names that start with an A, any suggestions?

So i am having my second baby in the way i am currently 10 weeks.

Im keeping my fingers and toes crossed for a girl however i have not thought of a suitable name for a boy.

Any suggestions for boys names starting with Letter A? Girls name would be Alana Elaine.



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Elijah is a good name even tho its not an A

Adam. Alec. Abbot. Abraham (Abe)

Arlo, Arland, Andrew, Axel, Avery

Amarion. Amir. I wanted different names for my kiddos, my son is Martez & my daughter is Leilani

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Aaron,Anthony, abraham

Alister, Ace , Ayden , Addison , Alec , Alex

Arnie, Adam, Anton, Alex, Adrian, Antonio, Andre, Amadeo,Arigo.

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Andrew, Adam,Aaron,Alex,

Asher, Archer, Andrew, Aaron, Ashton, Alexander, Allen, Adrian, Adam, Axl, Alijah, Ace, Ayden, Abel, Austyn.

Waylon, Weston, Dean, Ryder,

Austin, Abram, Ace, Asher, Ashton

Ashton … Alex… Axel…Avery micail

Aiden,Anthony,Andrew,Austin, Antonio,Aubrey,Aberham,Alexander

Antonio, and don’t name your girl that together it don’t go.

Adrian, abraham, ari

Girl name does not go together.

I really like Archer, Asher, Aiden, Adrian, Ashton

My son’s name is lexton. It’s different. Not many people have it

Allen, Alexander, Adam, Abel, Aaron, Amos, Arnold, Abraham, Anthony, Axel

Bart, Earl, Fred, Guy, Jude, Luke, Mick, Quint,