Needing baby names that start with F, any suggestions?

Hello every body…need to know some nick names for baby girl starting with letter f… I named her an arabic name “faraal” mean loiness i want any nick name starting with “F” thank you all.


I agree with Faye (it means Fairy)

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Call her by her given name please.


Fatima,fiona,flora, fancy

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Farawla = Arabic play on her name, but meaning strawberry

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I agree Fara or Faye. I’ll add Faith

Fiona, fawn, faccett, felicity, farra, fetheril, faith, fan, fae

Oh shit nvm I didn’t read the whole thing xD

We call one of my grands Fiona or fe fe and some of the family calls her fessie… when she has her princess dresses on I call her princess Fiona and she really goes into princess mode :heartpulse:

If you wanted a nick name…why name her Faraal??? Poor kid!


Fionna, feather, flora, fanny, filly

Call her by her name??


How bout Fabreeze? :joy:

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Loiness? Shes a private part coverer?


Francine. Nickname Fran or Frannie

That’s a hard to pick a nick name for. I would just call her by her name. My kid’s nick names have nothing to do with their actual name at all.

Fara pronounced Fair-ah. I think its cute.

Just Far (pronounced fare)


Fatin, like Fatima, means ‘captivating’.

Fia, Ally, Fay, Fay-Bay (as a baby nickname), FeFe, Al, Lala, Laylay, Rae, Rae Rae

I call my girl Fat Fat :joy::woman_facepalming:t3: (she’s only 5 weeks old before people comment and tell me how it’s going to scar her emotionally).


My mom called me Freddie growing up cuz my middle name is Fredrae

I like Fiona but my fiance says it makes him think of sherk the movie

Fara .
You seem dead on finding a nick name why change the one you chose?just wondering…
A new trend…been seeing a lot of