Needing breastfeeding advice?

I need some breastfeeding tips. My baby is 5 days old, I’m pumping every 2-3 hours round the clock, drinking a 32 ounce cup of water every hour, and eating as healthy as I can handle. I can barely pump a single ML in each session. I don’t know what to do to get my supply up and I’m getting so discouraged. I want to continue this for my kiddo but it’s so frustrating to try so hard and get no reward.


Using the “ let down” setting a few times in the session can help increase!

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Make sure you are using the correct flange size, pumps come with a standard 24/28 but I was actually a 17 and had to use inserts made a huge difference I went from 1 or 2oz a session to a 8-10.

It can take up to I think 10 days for milk to come, you just keep trying, keep bringing baby’s lips to you boob as it is that what will make the milk come, and if it won’t come after 2 weeks, it’s absolutely ok to go on formula :blush: just remember you are good mum when you feed your baby. Not how you feed it :slight_smile: you got this :muscle:t2::muscle:t2::muscle:t2:

I did the same bottle between breast feeding three times a day. Breakfast when he woke after work and before bedtime.

So my lactation consultants first question was are you using a store bought pump from a retail store? My answer yes. Her response they are not worth the money you spend on them. Contact your local hospitals pharmacy where they rent you a medical grade breat pump monthly. Pumped both sides at the same time got 4 oz each first time. 3 1/2 more ounces than with the pump I wasted my money on. Best of luck momma :heart:

I had the same issue when it came to pumping so I started exclusively nursing my supply went up and the only time I would have issues was if I pumped. Everyone said to pump more but after 3 kids I know my body does not respond well to pumping.


At 5 days post partum, your milk is just starting to come in, this is completely normal! A few pointers though: get your flange size checked; using too big or too small a flange can harm your supply and cause some serious nipple pain, make sure you’re using a good pump, I always recommend spectra (s1 or s2); they’re hospital grade and well worth the money if you can afford it, see if insurance can cover it first though. Water is great, but you may be overdoing it, your body needs electrolytes too, try some coconut water or if you need something with flavor, body armors are great. Too much water can deplete your body’s electrolytes.


Baby is only 5 days it will take time just keep on it if you chose to keep bf. Baby will only take an ounce at this age anyways. You’re doing great you got this. In my experience (nursing baby #5) it has taken me a solid month to get a good routine and supply going because baby will also cluster feed a lot so just nurse and/or pump on demand. Stay hydrated. And rest. Rest is important. Congrats on baby.

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Me too. Just remember to breath and try again. I would melt coconut oil ( organic of course) and put it in body armor and chug it a couple times a day. Like a teaspoon. Make peanut butter balls . Look up on internet it’s super easy. Protein balls for breastfeeding is what I put in. Eat a lot of protein. I would burse my baby and as soon as he was done I would pump both breast for 15 mins each side. Even if nothing comes out. Keep doing it. It helps your brain to send signals to breast to produce more. I did this for three months every day and now I have an over supply. I mean eat A LOT of protein and drink those drinks. Stay on it. Do this at night too. Don’t get discouraged it’s hard but you can do it. All us mamas can for our babies

Latching is the BEST way. Just pumping isnt enough.


I have exclusively pumped for 2 babies. People that are saying just pumping isn’t enough aren’t up to date. At 5 days you’re milk is just starting and that is normal. My youngest just turned a month old and I’m getting 6oz on one side and 4 on the other. Give it time. I’m still off work so I’m usually around my baby when I pump but when I go back to work I won’t be and won’t be and with my first still made the same amount.

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You’re doing great! My midwife gave me some great advice that helped me. She told me not to pump for at least the first 3 weeks. Now she did say to use a haaka to catch my let down on the other side but your body is still so freshly postpartum! Don’t get discouraged. Babies bellies are so small in the beginning. You got this!

Drink body armor, coconut water, oatmeal, oat milk.

(Oat milk, pineapple juice, coconut water is such a yummy drink).
I put my oatmeal in the blender and blend it together so it’s fine and put it in Greek yogurt.
I struggled with my milk during the first week and supplemented with formula and it finally came in around day 7.
I breastfed consistently until he got fussy and I knew he was hungry.
I also drink mother’s milk tea.
My baby is almost 2 months old.
Don’t give up you got this :heart:

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You are doing just fine! Your milk supply will grow as you continue! Latching baby will help if that’s a possibility, if not don’t get discouraged, remember that while pumps are good they are not natural. So womens bodies just don’t take to pumps as well as a baby. Also make sure you are using the right flange size and correct settings on your pump. Also, every pump is different, some are stronger than others. I am currently breastfeeding baby #4 and I can only use the stronger “hospital grade” pumps, the smaller portable ones just don’t have enough pull for me.


Are you nursing then pumping? If so don’t stress

Pumping with the correct flange size? Pumping long enough? Using the lumping setting let down helps alot.

Eat oatmeal every day. You’re not going to pump a crazy amount bc your body is only producing what your baby NEEDS. Their stomach is still very small. So they don’t need a bunch of milk. As the days progress their stomach will grow and your supply will gradually increase. Rest, DONT STRESS, and eat oatmeal and balanced meals along with plenty of water and you’ll do fine. Don’t give up! Don’t compare your supply to others. Your body will produce what your baby requires. As long as you’re latching often you’ll be okay.

Skin to skin contact can help

Physically breastfeeding is your best solution

Beat thing to do is relax and enjoy the process. Milk is just starting to come in. If you are tense it hinders the flow

Are you also nursing as well as pumping?
The let down response allows the hindmilk to come down and that is a considerable amount of volume…vs the foremilk which is thinner and lighter in color and contains mostly water and sugars.
Try to be in a relaxed environment…low lights…no noise…have your baby close to you so you can smell them. Maybe nurse on one side and pump on the other. Or immediately after, so the let down response has already been triggered by your baby.

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I was told drinking too much water can actually make it decrease. It might also take a little time to get your supply in! They make cookies and tea that can help also! They sell them at my local Walmart. Maybe talk to your local lactation consultant?

Go and get formula. You are not going to be a bad mom. Some people can do some can’t.

It’s okay Momms this happened to me with both my sons. Nurse more and pump later once your milk flow comes in. I never could pump enough to save some for a rainy day. Don’t give up , you’ve got this! I use to hold a tiny bottle under the nipple that wasn’t being nursed and caught some every time. Everything will be alright, good for you breastfeeding!

First just breathe and relax babe. Dont over stress about the amount or your supply will lack.
This happened to me with my first breastfed baby because I was induced. My body wasn’t ready to produce. My body also did not do well with pumping. More skin to skin and relaxation is what you need. Milk thistle and flaxseed and oats👌🏻 you got this mama! You’re doing great! Give it more time.

When your baby is first born your body produces colostrum, that is baby’s first food supply. Milk usually comes in 3 to 5 days after birth. Don’t stress yourself out or it will delay your supply. Your body will produce milk supply and demand so it’s usually not good to pump in the first 2 weeks.

Don’t watch the pump. Some put a sock over the bottle so you can’t see. I would watch a video of my baby crying or otherwise just look at baby pictures. I found that stress had a lot to do with my milk production.

At 5 days old your milk isn’t fully in yet. Keep doing what you’re doing.

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I started using sea moss just as a multi vitamin and it boosted my milk production a decent amount

Relax… stressing about making milk can halt production also…

Here is a recipe I swear by and helped me increase supply when breastfeeding two

It’s normal! It gets better

Baby is 5 days old? Your milk supply will be coming in real soon. The more baby drinks off you…the more your supply will come in.

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Baby barely eats each nursing session. Your supply will increase as babies needs increase. I know you prob want to pump a lot and store it but now is the best time to not stress and simply let feedings be bonding time!

My baby’s almost 3 months old, in the beginning 5 ish weeks I was pumping 6 oz per breast, now I’m barley pumping an oz. I know my baby is getting way more than that as he’s gaining weight and let’s off the boob when ready. I was told some people do better just breast feeding on the boob then pumping. Which in my experience that’s me rn. I’ve drank water, Gatorade, Powerade, mothers tea or whatever you call it. I’ve ate nothing but healthy foods etc and I still can’t pump like I used to.

At 5 days old your milk hasn’t come in yet. You’re still producing colostrum and that is the absolute best nutrition for baby. Keep latching baby as much as you can. Don’t get frustrated. Your body is doing exactly what it’s supposed to momma. You’re doing awesome.