Needing c-section advice?

Anyone who had a C-section. I have the tiniest spot that opened. I put alcohol, triple antibiotic then a bandaid on it. I’m making an appointment for next Friday. It’s literally about a centimeter long. It’s been 3 weeks since the surgery. Has anyone had that happen. I’m probably doing to much bc I’m a stay at home mom with no baby sitter or anyone help out. I’m just worried about getting an infection of some sort. Just asking advice since I can’t get to the Dr till next Friday unless it’s an emergency.


Me! I put a butterfly closure over it and it healed nicely

I’ve had 3 and 2 of those times I had to go in and have some kind of glue put on the incision. As long as it’s not weeping anything but clear fluid and it’s not hot to the touch or really red it should be fine just keep it clean and see if you can get a sooner appointment.

I had an emergency c section and had a couple spots that were open for the first month. They cleaned it out and put me on an antibiotic. I would use Vaseline instead of triple antibiotic because triple will close the top and not heal the underneath…

Yes it will heal as weird as it looks and feels it will heal from the inside out=) I’ve had 3 c sections… happens I’m sure to them all… congrats on your baby.

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I had an ectopic pregnancy n 09 loss the baby and tube. Well there’s a spot every so often that opens in my scar. And it’s been 14 yrs. I was told just put rubbing alcohol to keep it clean… I’m a bigger person tho…

I had 5 sections and this happend with two of them. And one poured out fluid but not infected strangely enough just clean it and dry it. Even if you have to take a fan to it to dry it that helps the most. It should be just fine in a few days. Just watch for really bad odours and consistent bleeding or pain

They will just tell you to let it heal inside out. Happen to me 2 times I had 5 c-sections.

What’s happening is an emergency you need to see a doctor I had same after my C-section tell the docs it needs to be seen or go to hospital…good luck love

I had that and had a small infection. Does it have discharge? Smell bad?

Any time an incision opens up
After a major surgery especially a C-section can be very serious. Very easily can get infected and could make you become septic very fast! Call your Dr immediately. You may need antibiotics also. Don’t wait.

I wouldnt wait till next Friday to get it looked at bid go to an urgent care.

Mine did that. I used liquid dial and never had additional issues. Just make sure there is nothing draining out of it.

Yes I had the same thing I went up to hospital to maternity and after going up like 5 times they finally stitched it back up it may need a clean out and a stitch back up hun

It’s the surface skin and will eventually close on its own. I know it’s scary but really it’s not anything to stress over. You can purchase steri strips and restrip it if you want but it will close. You’ll likely have a bubbles scar in that area now though. I had this very thing happen with my first c section and it scares me to death thinking my guts were going to fall out. Dr told me it was just too layers and would close on its own just to treat as a open wound.

I would go to er or a walk in clinic. This happened to me and needed a lot of antibiotics to clear up. Got very painful after a few days.

I wouldn’t wait! You need to see a doctor

Do you have any foul smelling drainage? If not it’s ok just keep clean and dry but if you have foul drainage you have an infection

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I had one C-section and same thing it wasn’t infected but keep your Drs appointment to be certain.

Just keep the area clean and dry. Thats what the doctors told me when mine opened up

i would go to the hospital. better safe than sorry

Happened to me and the dr put me on antibiotics. Liquid bandaid? I’d personally call the dr

Keep it clean and dry, if you have any pre surgery soap use it when you shower. Had it happen a few times, (had 6 c-sections) but keep the appointment just in case!

Be careful, I had a staple pop off after my transplant and couldn’t see it and got MRSA. Keep it dry, clean and covered. You might need antibiotics

It happened to me with my last child 4th baby, 3 C-section and I went to my Dr that day and the gave me liquid bandage and sent me home but said it was good I came in because it could have been infected. I would at least go to the ER have them check it out if you can’t get to your ob today

Make sure there is no redness around your incision or drainage. Maybe wear a abdominal binder to keep your incision from opening further. I wouldn’t put anything on it. Just keep it clean. The more stuff you put over the incision the more likely that you will get infected. That open spot is the perfect entry for bacterias

Had a c section in 2020 and my body apparently does not like or respond well to the self dissolving stitches. A month and a half later I had pain around my incision and a 2 inch string was sticking out, pulled it out and it was about 4 inches after pulling it out, damn things don’t dissolve.i let it air dry and avoided using any medication on it. Healed in about a week. Also clothes rubbing up and against it even ontop of the bandage is bad for it.

It’s happened to me before it was about three to four centimeters wide but a good inch deep and I was told not to put any alcohol on it and the doctor provided sterilized stuffing gauze to put inside of it and it will heal inside out like that… you should try to get a sooner appointment with your Dr. because it can get infected.

that can be an emergency. just go in now. rather be safe than sorry because i’ve seen people who have to have it left wide open and use wound vacs and shit. you definitely don’t want that.