Needing drive by halloween party ideas

Alright, ladies! I need Halloween kids party ideas and drive-by/virtual baby shower ideas! For the Halloween party, I’m just setting up some fun games for a few kids aged like 3-5 and would love DIY game ideas! I already have a cornhole toss, a ring toss, and a pyramid knock over the game but want some more ideas! For the drive-by and virtual baby shower, I plan to do them hand in hand, so maybe do some live videos, and also want to do virtual games that I can gift virtual gift cards for, plus for the drive-by, maybe even take some of the Halloween games we have and let people play them then. So any ideas to make it more awesome would be great, including any fun online games you’ve seen or done! The overall theme is pumpkin, and I am open to any input. Thanks in advance! :blush:

Tic tac toe. The people doing the drive by can throw a bean bag onto the board (just make it with chalk at the end of the drive by) and they have to throw them and aim them into a square hoping to be the one that makes a line. For virtual you can play bingo. Send/give out to everybody a baby shower board and at the end of the drive by do a Facebook live opening the presents and they play bingo off of the boards with the stuff you get and first one to comment bingo wins. You can also do like a line of pins/clips and whoever picks the pin with babies name on it wins.

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