Needing encouraging words about my childs teeth needing pulled

Has anyone had to have their baby’s teeth get pulled by a dentist? I hope you know what I’m trying to ask. I’m so scared! even negative stuff keeps on getting in my head don’t judge, please


All 3 of my boys have had to have extensive work done. It is ok, it happens

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My oldest one had some of his pulled before he was two. His pediatric dentist was wonderful.

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I had to have mine pulled as a teen bc I still had some baby teeth. I had that done before I got my braces and then had some molars removed when I had my wisdom teeth out.

I personally had every single one of my baby teeth pulled except one, they just wouldn’t come out on their own; so it was done gradually. Not sure how old your child is or what the reasoning is. If they are older it probably won’t cause any problems, I was fine. I’ve known kids that are very little however who need teeth pulled because of decay and that is more difficult because then they have no teeth for years while waiting for adult teeth to come in.

My middle child’s teeth came in rotted :sleepy: I brushed his gums for crying out loud! He walked before his teeth came in, tho. Then I couldn’t get him to brush. It took a year for the dentist to get me an appointment for oral surgery for him and that was like 9 months out so they sat that way for a long long time. I cried for him every day we waited. THEN the insurance lapsed for 3 DAYS and the last day was his surgery date so he waited yet another month. He’s got nice teeth now
and it’s 14 years later.

My daughter had to have all her baby teeth pulled because adult teeth were coming in. Find the the right pediatric dentist and no problems. Talked to her for a long time before I evet brought my daughter in!

I, personally, had to have baby teeth pulled (in kindergarten) because they weren’t coming out in their own and my other teeth were coming in around them.

My son had 7 removed at once. The dentist was awful and had no intention of saving any of them. She said she’d try but didnt… he had super soft enamel. When my daughter reached the same age we had the same problem with her teeth. I was very choosy about the dentist, chose one that treated her as her own… all of hers were saved. I was devastated with my son…

My 2 year old had to have his front tooth pulled… he had just turned two. It was terrifying for me and I cried…but he got the sedation and laughing gas, he still screamed, he got over that fairly quick and was wobbly from the meds for a few more hours. The rest of the day he was kind of wired… he had a bad reaction to the meds and couldn’t sleep and just wandered around. But by the next day he was better, a week later he was basically completely healed, and now his little gap is adorable. I hated every second of it, but it was for his benefit.

Save your baby teeth ,set them in freezer for later use on csse

My youngest when he was 4 or younger had one pulled

Yes some were growing the wrong way and he had extra teeth :woman_facepalming: n he was fine within a few hours just sore mouth . Your child will be fine

The calmer you are about it, the calmer they will be about it.


My grandson was just a toddler when he fell and broke off a front tooth. It died and back in the 1990s it was hard to find a dentist. But it worked out. Not judgement from me ! He went for years missing a front tooth!

My daughter was 5 years old and had to get 7 teeth pulled. She got put under general anesthesia. She was fine the next day, like nothing ever happened. Kids are tough. It’ll all be okay.

My situation is a bit different but I ended up regretting having my son’s teeth pulled because he already had speech issues and they got much worse with less teeth

My 3 year old did. They wanted to do it in the hospital under sedation but couldn’t get him in for like a month and it needed out then due to being snapped. So they had us hold him down while they numbed his mouth and pulled it out

My son had 4 top teeth pulled right after he turned 4, he did great. Cried coming out of sedation but was absolutely fine by that night.

I had crowns put in way more expensive but they told me pulling would effect his speech

My daughter had her two front pulled at 4 cause she decided to jump from the couch to the coffee table. I was a nervous wreck but she ended up doing really good and everything went great, I cried when they brought her out cause she looked pitiful but her dentist was amazing and made her comfortable and made sure she wasn’t scared or anything

My son had his two front teeth pulled when he was 3 . He is almost 6 now and there is still no sign of them coming in but it doesnt bother him at all . The whole experience was much harder on me then it was on him. He cried for maybe 5 minutes after it was done and then was back to his normal self it really never phased him

I am a former pediatric dental assistant, currently in a general practice, you can message me if you have questions. I have seen hundreds of kids get their baby teeth pulled. Some were young and getting them pulled due to decay and some were older and didn’t loose their baby teeth for one reason or another. It is relatively common and baby teeth come out super easy.

I nursed my little girl till she was 16 months, nursing at night continuously rotted her back teeth top and bottom. I was devastated. But I noticed they started to bug her at 17 months, we talked to our doctor and was able to get them capped while she was put under. Don’t be so hard on yourself. We brushed morning and night and it didn’t stop decay. Have a good smudge, they will be okay. Just be prepared with pain meds, jello, pudding, popsicles, soup anything soft they will like

Both of my kids had teeth pulled about a year ago. Same day, same time. It was no big deal. I went from room to room between the 2. They were completely back to normal within an hour or so.

I had several teeth pulled as a young child into my teens, then had my wisdoms taken out as a young adult. It’s a very common procedure and your/child’s nerves about the procedure are really the worst part. They will be a little sore, but nothing some Tylenol won’t handle. Stay calm and keep your child calm. It will all be okay :heart:

My son and daughter have. If your going to someone that specializes in kids, they do these things every day. Both my kiddos were sedated not put fully to sleep. They were wobbly for a few hours but didnt have much pain. Make sure to listen to the instructions and have OTC meds ready for when the numbness goes away :slight_smile: the calmer you are the calmer lo with be.

My daughter baby teeth don’t fall out on their own her adult teeth grow in behind the baby teeth so every time it happens we have take her to the dentist n have them numb it n pull it out.

My daughter had her baby teeth pulled. No biggie.

If you have anxiety that you can’t hide from your kid at the appointment please have someone else take them. I work in the field and 99% of kids would be just fine if their parents would calm down.

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Both my daughters had their front teeth pulled. They were ok. Just have to feed them soft foods for awhile

They tried to pull two of mine at about 10 with gas (I was awake). If I could go change one thing, it would be for them to put me under. Being alone in a room with strangers, who had to all come hold me down bc I kicked the doctor was pretty traumatic at the time :laughing:. Clearly I got over it, but I wish they had just let me be put under or at least given me something to half knock me out. It will be okay!

Yes my son did a few months ago (he’s 5) I made sure to get multiple good reviews from the dentist first before I took him. They gave him laughing gas and he watched a movie. She was absolutely amazing with him and it wasn’t bad at all! He just had a slight fever a little after and was tired but that’s it. Kids are so resilient

My daughter ended up with an abscessed front tooth after surgery. She already had a filling on it twice (it grew in with decay and then the filling fell out). It was super painful when it got infected. Pulling it took 5 minutes with laughing gas only. She remembers that it hurts but was so looped up that when she came out of the room she was fine and asking for ice cream. She’s 5.

My son is 10, he had 2 teeth pulled. Not due to infection, they were baby teeth that was causing his adult teeth to grow in wrong. I was super nervous about them being pulled, but he did a fantastic job. His dentist has him lay down, and there’s a tv on the ceiling for him to play video game during it. They talked him through everything and gave him a little gas to calm him. He never felt the needles to numb him, and the teeth was out so fast! I didn’t even realize they were out already.

My son knocked a tooth and it died and he had to get it pulled. He was about three. He cried but I felt worse. He got lots of attention and extra presents from the tooth fairy. I thought it would make him hate going to the dentist, but interestingly they both loved going to the dentist because of getting to pick out stickers and get goodie bags and they liked the nice receptionist (I think mostly because she had the treasure chest of stickers). They would randomly ask me if they could go see Dr. Urban. Go figure.

You and your child will both be fine. Just acknowledge how brave you both are & treat yourselves (but especially your little one) to something special afterwards.

one of my boys had to have 17 teeth out he was admitted as a day patient and it was done under anesthetic due to major decay and infection it went very well without any hassle and second teeth have came through perfectly relax let them do what is needed so the rest of his teeth stay and grow healthy xx good luck :slight_smile:

I had to have a lot of my baby teeth pulled because my roots were too strong and my baby teeth didn’t come out on their own. It is not a big deal. Yes was it scary at a young age you bet but bother scaring

Hey hun, I had a few of my baby teeth pulled due to a trauma tumors root attaching itself to the root of the teeth, is baby getting pts or just having numbing shots, the Healing isnt bad bit make sure you have soft foods for kiddo to nosh so they dont get the wounds scratched by chewing of something tasty…dont freak out about it either cause your stress will pass on to ya kiddo and they make end up having a freak out

My son has had an extraction. Lots of kids do! It could be injury, medical or just plain bad teeth. Dont beat yourself up or worry too much, its a normal thing.
The biggest thing I xan tell you is to remind yourself these are baby teeth- they were never meant to be permanent. New ones will come soon enough.

Oh and freezies! Buy freezies for pain and swelling reduction :+1::+1:


My son had 4 pulled at the same time and was totally fine. Scary for us but he has a beautiful smile and doesn’t even remember it

My son had baby teeth pulled to make room for permanent teeth coming in behind the baby teeth.

My daughter had a couple pulled. It really wasn’t a big deal.

My little one had 4 out and 2 repaired at the same time. In and out of hospital in just about 6 hours.

My oldest had to have his top front four teeth taken out a week before he turned two. He fell off the counter when I was at work and had bottle rot so bad they just snapped off at the gum line. The worst part of it was actually waiting for him to wake up from anesthesia, and then him acting so confused and upset once he did, but I would do it all again. He’s 6 now and still missing those teeth, but they definitely needed to come out when they did given what had happened

Put head phones in his ears and music on the phone for him to listen to (distraction)… pediatric dentist will numb the area. He will be fine. One of my kids had all his baby teeth extracted because the roots didn’t dissolve to make room for permanent teeth.

:eyes:wanna read this later were off to the dentist very soon…

My daughter had to have 4 of them pulled because her adult teeth were starting to choke in and the baby teeth were still there. They pulled 4 of them and had her under “sedation”. She was still awake but didn’t remember anything and felt no pain. She was absolutely fine within a couple of hours.

My daughter had to be put under because of a bad dentist trying to do a filling. Make sure you have a great dentist. A great one can put the child at ease and not scare them. For u, just breathe and act like it’s no big deal especially around ur child.

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My nephew had his done in the hospital anesthesia and everything. Granted it was not during Covid but he did great. I will be praying. Don’t fret Momma our littles know when we do.

My daughter has shark teeth. She’s had to have three pulled so far. This last baby tooth refused to fall and set up an infection because the permanent tooth was sitting on top of it in her gums. It’s really not that bad. She was awake for all three and they gave goodie bags.

My daughter had 3 pulled. Its not that bad. By that evening she was herself again.

I had one of my baby teeth pulled when I was 8 yrs old. I was never freaked out by the dentist so they gave me a shot of novocaine and pulled it out. It was blocking my adult tooth from coming forward. I also got braces right after that because it caused my teeth to mess up. I was fine. I don’t know how my mom handled it in private, but I remember her saying your so brave.

Sometimes it is necessary to make room for other teeth and to assure they come in straight. Know it’s hard to take, but, it will turn out fine.

make sure they really need to be pulled i used to take my kids to cavity busters with surgery center next door come to find out they are considered a dentist mill basically they are baby teeth so they lie and pull them or do work on teeth that do not need to be worked on because they will eventually come out anyways. my son was 1 at the time was getting a cavity filled without my consent pulled both front teeth so he was missing front teeth for over 6 years !!! Claimed bottle rot when they was nothing when i switched dentist i asked for records they supposidly lost them so like i said becareful some of these dentists are like mechanics lie about what really needs or doesnt need to be done.

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Age? Reason? What exactly are you asking?

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Make sure the procedure is 100% needed! There are toooooo many stories out there of dentist putting young patients under just to bill more towards the insurance. A popular pediatric dentistry chain named ‘Kool Smiles’ is one of many.


I would definitely get a 2and opinion from a different office.

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Wow these comments I had no idea :sob::sob::sob:

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The price is outrageous. Going through this with ny just today turned 3 year old. Dental insurance doesnt cover the anesthesia, and the dentist requires it. Awful. Get a second opinion, but ours was the same. We can try to repair 4… But its only slight chance theyre repairable…or pull all 4. Theyre her front. Awful.

Each of my kids have had at least 1 pulled. It was due to spacing and the fact the adult teeth were already coming in. Hopefully that is the issue. Make sure you really trust your dentist and their staff. I did my kids and I don’t regret it. It was something that needed done and I was able to be there with them. We had no issues and their dentist is so awesome they call up 3-4 hours later to make sure my kiddos were doing ok. Just follow your gut. Our insurance doesnt cover laughing gas so we pay for that out of pocket. All of our kids were done with gas and local anesthesia and did great.

A second opinion may be best depending on the reason behind it. When my son was 3 he tripped and cracked his front tooth, it started turning grey and the dentist was not able to save it so the best thing in our situation was to remove it since it was his baby tooth. Try not to stress too much as you are making sure your child dental health is met.

They have medicine that can put them like half asleep my kids get it any time they need a cap or anything like that. But you can always get a second opinion. My nephew had alot of his teeth pulled out due to them being bad. I wouldn’t of done it if it was my son tho. :woman_shrugging:

My daughter had 6 total baby teeth pulled. 4 canines because they were suppose to fall out at 8 and were still there at 12. They were making the adult teeth messed up. 2 because the baby teeth were not falling out and the adult teeth were growing in. They gave her gas and numbed the tooth with lidocaine and they were out and she was fine and the tooth fairy had to file for bankruptcy​:joy::joy::joy:

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My 11 year old had to have 2 pulled about a month ago. Both were baby teeth. One had cracked. Both had adult teeth almost half way completely out. She hates the dentist, but she did great.

I had to get 11 baby pulled when I was in high school cause my teeth had such deep roots and since they waited so long some of the adult ones didnt fully grow so I reccomend when they wanna remove them let them

Go with your gut and talk to different ones before making a decision. Like everyone else is saying make sure that it absolutely needs to be done. Some pediatric dentists have quotas that they need to meet by the end of the month so they say that things need to be done that don’t. I went to two different ones for my kiddo. The first one wanted to save her teeth and the second one I went to wanted to pull almost all of her top teeth. We went with the first choice and they were awesome and really cared about their patients and didn’t need to pull them. My friend took her kiddo to one and they said that he had eight cavities when two months before that he had none. She took him to her dentist that she goes to and they said his teeth were fine and that he didn’t have any cavities.

We had to have my daughter’s top 4 front teeth pulled and several capped because she fell when she was small. They did it in a hospital setting with anesthesia. We got several opinions before we did it. But the overall experience wasn’t bad. She was drowsy and grumpy that first day but had absolutely no pain. It was honestly harder on me than her. Our dentist let us keep her baby teeth for the tooth fairy. And she called and checked up on her everyday for a week.

My daughter at 8 or 9 had 5 teeth pulled at once because her mouth was too small. They used laughing gas. They were baby teeth!

My son had baby teeth pulled 1 was in front and dead/discolored and adult toothed was growing behInd it. 3 of them were on sides and adult teeth weren’t pushing them out. As soon as they were pulled the adult ones grew in. He had no problems at all.

Both of my children had to be put under for major dental work. I felt shame, guilt, & fear. They both came out feeling so much better. They haven’t had any major dental issues since. My oldest is turning 19, my youngest 11. Do what is needed. They will be better for it no matter what

My daughter had 2 pulled at 8 due to spacing issues, they were baby teeth and she had permanent teeth coming in almost on top of them. It was either pull them or have to deal with an abscess later. She was sore for a day or two but nothing major. I 100% made sure it was needed and that I was making the best decision. She’s 10 now and we avoided what they call phase one braces (our insurance wouldn’t pay for 2 sets) and her orthodontist is happy, waiting on one more baby tooth to fall out and she will get braces sometime next year.

My daughter is 5 and dentist said when time comes he’s gonna have to pull 2 of her teeth cause they are fused together as one tooth though they are 2 separate teeth.

Oh man y’all have some horror stories and for that I am so sorry for you and your babies! My oldest, now 12, had to have teeth pulled bc his baby teeth weren’t coming out. The dentist tried with him in office then offered to do it in the hospital under anesthesia for my son’s comfort. I should also mention my son has Autism and it was a sensory overload. He had a great experience and looks forward to going to the dentist every time. I was terrified but he did amazing. Most of his teeth have had to be pulled by the dentist up to this point. He has been able to pull maybe 3 out on his own

I remember having baby teeth pulled at 8 or 9 and my brother at 13. If it’s necessary, it’s necessary. I went on to have braces two separate times for a total of about 5 years, and I still have all wisdom teeth. While my brother had his wisdom teeth removed but never anything else done but his teeth look better than mine.

My daughter had all her top front and bottom teeth pulled at 3 and the rest capped silver. She had thin enamel that was genetic as a child. Now shes 17 perfect teeth . no braces etc. I know its a scary, sad and overwhelming thought but it happens to a lot of kids.

My daughter fell and cracked a tooth when she was 16 months old. She had to be under anesthesia to remove it and I was a wreck. But she was fine and the anesthesiologist was amazing. But trust me you do not want to bargain shop.

My son was 3 and had his 2 front teeth pulled. We chose to have him put to sleep for it and it made me nervous and i was worried and staid that way for awhile even before the day but it didnt take long and he was fine just sleepy for a bit and once he slept it off he was as wild as ever! Anytime your baby has to have something done its nerve wrecking. Its normal

I had a baby tooth pulled when I was younger because the other one was growing behind it. They numbed the area. I had another one like chipped away when I was slightly older because it was discolored and again another one was growing behind it. Everything went in place just fine.

Yes my daughter had 2 front teeth pulled. Not because of cavities but cause she grinded them. An one was an extra tooth. Been a year an her front teeth have not yet an she is 6. But was 5 at the time. They gas she went to sleep.when it was over they came an got me she woke up An was like where are we. She did just fine. Her dentist is awesome.

My daughter had to get her bottom 6 baby teeth pulled because her adult teeth were growing behind and there was also spacing issues. Nothing to worry about if you have a good dentist :blush:

My daughter fell hard while running when she was 2 yrs old and chipped most of her tooth off so she had to get it pulled right after she turned 3. I was nervous but didn’t let it show and everything went great. The dentist did a wonderful job through it all, she didn’t even know what they were doing till after it was done. She was alil freaked out afterwards but once the dentist told her she should go get some ice cream she was over it. I have older kids so she knew about the tooth fairy so that helped a lot too.
I was scared but the dentist told me , it had to be done in order to keep her mouth healthy. Best of wishes to y’all

Omg they r just baby teeth

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It’s no big deal at all! My littlest one had 5 teeth pulled when she was 6. She had a broken molar that was causing her some pain. With it being a baby tooth, they decided to surgically remove it instead of putting her through the trauma of trying to fill it. When they did her xrays, she had 4 other baby teeth that were loose. The dentist went ahead and took all 5. They put a spacer in where the broken molar was so that the baby teeth didn’t grow together and cause her pain when the adult tooth started to come in. She had her surgery at Shady Grove in MD and the staff there was AMAZING! They made her (and me) feel like she was their only patient. The time and attention they gave to both of us to ease the anxiety was amazing. The worst part was in the OR, trying to get her to understand what they were doing when they put the mask on her. But she was out within a matter of seconds. She was fussy when she woke up because she wasn’t sure where she was or what was going on. She was perfectly fine though as soon as they told her she could have all the popsicles she wanted. She ate about 5 before we left the hospital. Then for the 2 hour ride home, she was like a tiny drunk person, mumbling and demanding snacks. We came home, went to sleep and woke up back to her normal, goofy self. Her spacer has been fine, no pain or issues. Her bottom two front teeth just came in last month (the surgery was September 2019). She’s still missing her two top front teeth.

My daughter had a couple of teeth pulled when she was about 4 due to spacing
My granddaughter had two teeth pulled when she was about 6 due to the same issue
Speak to your dentist and if you don’t feel comfortable find a new dentist that will