Needing gender reveal ideas, any suggestions?

I am in need of some gender reveal ideas!! Preferably that don’t involve balloons in general. I really would like it to be unique and creative! I’ve tried to Pinterest, YouTube, and Google some ideas and it seems like it’s all the same. I do live in a state where winter is real, so preferably indoor ideas. My mother is going to be the one to find out from the doctors, and to put everything together, so my fiancé and I will find out at the reveal.


Pinata filled with confetti

I had a egg roulette … 12 eggs 6 blue 6 pink we had to crack one on our heads if it was boiled wasn’t a reveal then we got given the last two (one boiled one wasn’t) the runny one was a reveal it was a boy for me, really good game and nerve wrecking haha x


I second the egg idea! If I have a second baby I think that’s what I wanna do.

I dyed my hair as a reveal :slight_smile:

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I did one for a good friend who’s husband was into weight lifting and when he dropped the bar the color powder came out. It was so cute


I love the egg idea😀

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I did mine through cupcakes. We made all the cupcakes blue and pink and turned the icing blue. Then we got white writing icing and wrote “G” for girl and “B” for boy and everyone had to pick which one they thought I was having. My dad picked “g” and my mom picked “b” and they bit into it, revealing the gender.

My mom thought I was having twins bc of the “B/G” so we have her the paper that the nurse gave us and it revealed the real gender: boy. Lol

I did mine where my son drew on my top in the colour of baby while me and dad were blindfolded. (Could paint your partners hands and have him put his hand on your top/belly) that way you get a keepsake too xx

Paint!! First picture was black and white and didn’t have the sticker and then the next was color!


Get a bag of fake flower petals of the color of the gender. Rent a pool area or space . Have the younger children who can swim each hold a bag. Have them jump into the pool releasing the baby’s gender while they swim to the top surrounded by the petals.

I saw someone do fireworks in winter at night and it was wonderful. Camera angle showed parents faces lit up with firewowk in background.


Not sure if u would wanna do this with ur weather but my mother in law knew gender and she bought colored cans of silly string and all the guest sprayed me and my husband with it. We wore white shirts. I live in south Texas

We’re shooting at clay pigeons (both huge hunters) :woman_shrugging: but my sister is doing the egg roulette


We did squirt guns with a few drops of paint in the water. I wore a white shirt and let my boys squirt me.


Our best friends are Harley enthusiasts so we put powder in the tailpipe and (for the actual reveal) they started it. This was a picture we did after :slight_smile: gender reveals can be customized to fit about anything!


This is what my husband and I did. We wanted simple. This was taken literally 5 minutes after our appointment. We were very impatient. :woman_shrugging:t2:

My fiance and I have a son already together and he shot us with a water gun colored with the blue dye in it.


My favorite one so far is invisible chalk that shows up when wet.

My friends hard boiled 11 eggs and kept one fresh, 6 were pink & 6 were blue and they took turns cracking eggs on their heads. It was hilarious to watch.

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I did scratch-offs for mine

So I just found out what I’m having trying to figure out a cute way to tell everyone

I love the egg one or cake/ cupcakes . I was gonna do a gender reveal but I can’t wait any longer

ballot box , with envelopes in each one has boy or girl written on it , one per guest . everyone opens there’s and Mark’s a broad for girl or boy by what’s in there envelope. last two will decide

My friend made out the word Hershey. We guessed it and the word she peeled off. It was a boy and her favorite candy during pregnancy

Best gender reveal is waiting until birth

We did boiled egg routlett. One was raw and the rest were hard boiled. All were colored pink/blue and the raw one was the gender. We smashed it on our foreheads


Maybe do the cup cakes and put whatever color sprinkles in it? Maybe she can have a shirt made and she can wear it under another shirt saying proud grandma of boy/girl? Or she can write a long letter to you and daddy with advice and thoughts then in if somewhere write the gender?

I don’t care what anyone thinks I like the lasagna idea lol #1 I love lasagna and #2 it doesn’t take much effort lol


We did the egg smash gender reveal where you get a dozen of eggs or two dozen of eggs whatever you want boil all of them but one evenly color the eggs pink or blue and the one that you didn’t boil that will be the gender so if it’s a boy dye it Blue if it’s a girl dye it pink when you smash the raw egg that I’ll be your reveal

My husband and I are in to motorcycles so I came up with the idea to put pink or blue powder I. The exhaust pipe and when we started it and revved the engine, the blue powder blew out the tail pipe. We didn’t know the gender until that moment.


My husband and I made his semi stacks smoke pink for our twins the color powder was super easy to make

A silly string fight?
Mom can buy a bunch of cans, & wrap them so you cant see what color it is & on the count of 3 everyone sprays each other.

If you have small kids or pets, have Mom dress them in pink or blue outfit of some kind & they can make a grand entrance saying I know what it is!

Do a carnation drop over the mom & dad. String a sheet with pink or blue carnations hanging over where Mom & Dad will stand, Guests can pull sheet down, flowers fall on parents.

Or the famous Lipstick Reveal is very cute too!

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You could do a King Cake type thing. Where you have two cakes. One blue one pink etc. But one of them has a little baby inside of it somewhere. Then if you have another kid, they can be the one to destroy the cakes in search of the baby, or you and your husband can each take a cake

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We did paintballs! It was fun

I just watched one where there was cups of water and they poured water from a kettle and it turned the water blue or pink.

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You could do a snowball fight with like a balloon or something in it with paint in it the color of the gender

I enjoy painting as a hobby and have always been into art so for my first, I was blindfolded and a friend painted my hand and put my hand print on a canvas in the coordinating color, I had painted the back ground(I picked one color for boy and one for girl that would match the nursery theme, and you can always go with the stereotypical blue or pink too) then after she was born I added her prints next to mine in white