Needing gender reveal ideas!

I’m looking for a unique way to have a gender reveal please help!


Wait until the baby is born. No one does that anymore.


You could do like a scavenger hunt with the guests and have little hints to find the prize and the prize reveals the gender


We tossed a pokemon ball lol

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just wait til you give birth

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We had a cake as well. It’s the easiest way to do it.


I wouldn’t right now due to the pandemic cause it puts u n ur unborn baby at risk. Just wait till u give birth


Gender reveals are so overrated. Just have a baby shower.


I did a fb live gender reveal…my son and I cut the cake…

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I like the smoke bombs, fireworks are cool too blue or pink/red with a bbq for family and friends. Pinterest has cute ideas

Mine was com see the kid to know what we had. :joy::rofl:

Look up boomf cards on the internet they are amazing x

Wait till till its born. Gender reveals are stupid


I filled a black balloon with blue paint and shot it lol

We made a build a bear and posted a picture of our older two boys holding it

We did a burnout baby reveal

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My spouse is a hunter we filled a balloon with pain and he shot it with the bow

Wait till its birmana revel

We did tannerite. He shot it.

Hyper color face masks that change with breath. I don’t know if they even make those, but they should. :stuck_out_tongue:

The egg smash is really fun

We let our son punch the question box. He loves Mario so it was perfect for us.


We had cookies made with the color in the middle. I had them sent to family that doesn’t live here and did it that way.

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I think it’s more surprising when the baby is first born

I make my babies their first blanket which they go home with. I posted a picture of “my latest project”. Not exciting but worked.

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We had balloons in a shoe box lmao

Could reveal it at birth with a little sign that says he or she and put a boy outfit and a girl outfit on the hospital bed take a little video switch baby back and forth to each outfit then stop the video when u put the baby in the middle an then put the baby in the outfit right after and post a picture or send to family members of the baby in the outfit it belongs in :slightly_smiling_face:

we did smoke bombs amd also had a cake with pink icing on inside

Instead of my boyfriend and I doing the reveal ourselves, we had our parents set off confetti cannons

We did water guns with dye in them (a family friend filled them and had the envelope) and had a water gun fight :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You could wait until the baby is born

You could fill a piñata with the color of the sex of the baby. You could get plastic balls and have it filled with the color you need. Then you or he pitch it to the other and break it open.

Canvas… put tape in the shape of the last name inital & throw paint filled balloons that have the correct gender in them. It also makes a great nursery keepsake for when baby comes

We did colored tannerite


host a BBQ.
tell everyone your pregnant.
that your 20 weeks.
its a boy.
and his name is Anakin


this is what I did! my mom was so mad :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I did a candle charmed aroma style

We dropped colored powder from a drone.

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Wait till the baby is born and be surprised.


Go old fashioned. Mail out cards :joy:

I added paint to the water guns and let my oldest two kids squirt the white shirt I was wearing!


My hubby does spartan races. One of the obstacles is a spear throw. So we did the traditional balloon with powder, attached it to a bail of hay, and he had to stick the spear in the balloon to pop it. Threw it across our yard, about 25-30 ft

We had my stepson kick a football with the colored powder inside! The idea was touchdowns or tutus as dad is a huge football guy and his son also plays! You can find the footballs on amazon or any kind of sport ball!

Either do any sports?

Do either of you have any hobbies? With my first, my husband shot a balloon with an arrow bc he loves to bow hunt. Make it personal to you.

I wrote a special card for my mom and dad revealing the baby. I didnt have a gender reveal.

My husband is a firefighter. For our second we used an antique fire extinguisher to spray colored water. For our first we did a cake.