Needing Halloween costume ideas!

I’m looking for Halloween costume ideas. I have a 9 month old girl. Either just baby costume ideas or also ones for mom, dad, and baby together. Thanks!


My daughter and I are gonna be skeletons!

Last year my 9 year old and my 3 month old were pineapples!

How about dressing up from wizard of oz?

Monsters inc! She can be boo, hubby can be mike & u can be mikes gf (forgot her name) lol

My daughter is being a cupcake and I’m being a baker!

We did Jack skellington and sally last year! This year we are doing little red riding hood and the wolf

Last year my baby was a lobster and I was a chef. I carried her in a big pot!

Baby shark :shark: , mommy shark and daddy shark :shark::shark::shark:

My babies are being chicken & cow. Me & their dad will be the farmers :heart::joy:

My youngest daughter was 11 months old on her first Halloween and she went as a fariy

My son will be a month when Halloween comes and I just brought a skeleton sleeper and he’s going as a skeleton

Mother of dragons… and baby dragons…


Carters online halloween costumes are 50% off

Check Pinterest there are cool ideas

My daughter and I are going to be cops and my 7 month old son and boyfriend, are going to be criminals

You and Dad dress up as ia bag of ice and the baby too and you have ice ice baby 🤷😊

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Cinderella, prince, pumpkin. Cinderella, prince, gus gus the mouse.
Dorothy, scarecrow, lion.
Witch, black cat, pumpkin.
Rock, paper, scissors.
Snap, crackle, pop.

What about the incredible they are a family and a baby

Bo peep, woody, forky😁

The baby can be snow white you the evil queen and dad the prince we did that for my daughter 1st year

This would be adorable if you’re wanting to keep her warm! I looked on Pinterest. There’s soooooo many ideas on there!


This is a cute idea too! Again, found on Pinterest. :blush: I got my daughter an Elephant costume when she was a baby.

My daughter is being shine from shimmer an shine Minnie Mouse or some type of animal would be really cute too!

I had this shirt made for my husband. And our 2 year old and I will be butterflies.

Baby would look cute as a pea and you and husband could be the pod

The flintstones, salt pepper and paprika from blues clues.

Parents dress as chefs and baby a lobster carry a big pot .

Leia and han solo with a baby Ewok.

For us, we changed our minds and are doing scarecrow mom and dad and baby pumpkin

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Etsy has some pretty cute matching Halloween shirts. I also got my 6 month old costume on there too. I just looked up baby costumes :slightly_smiling_face:

Mom and baby flowers, daddy a gardener. Zookeeper and animals. Little Bo Peep and her sheep. The three bears.

Christopher Robin, Winnie the Pooh and a honey pot :blush:

We’re doing pj mask. My son is gunna be cat boy and my husband and I are doing Romeo and Luna girl

That was so cute Natalie. No pot this year​:joy::joy:

We did Wizard of Oz!!
Baby was lion, older daughter was Dorothy, I was wicked witch and dad was scarecrow.

My son will be 9 months old for Halloween too. He’s going as Stitch from Lilo and Stitch

Baby shark and mom and dad can be shark bite victims😂

Wilma Fred and Pebbles Flintstone!

I think this is adorable…and easy to make

Those would be so easy to make!

Lol I seen this and I love it

no mask for baby and no make-up.

I think this is adorable and so easy to make