Needing help on feelings

Im currently with a man. We have been on and off for a couple of years now. And he has an ex wife well when I ask him to cook or do any thing of the such he says there is only one person who has tasted my cooking or has got me to do such and when I ask him who he says the person u do not like. Referring to his ex wife. (Keep in mind his ex wife is what u would call a narcissistic person using his son as basically hang man’s noose.) Am I wong to feel like when it comes to any thing he has done with his ex he don’t want to do it with me. Keep in mind we have talked about having a child together but when I say something about both of us getting checked even tho we both have kids prior to our relationship. He says no he will not be checked. I want to get checked bc I was on the depo shot and haven’t had a monthly. Again my question is am I wrong to feel like when it comes to do with anything he has done with his ex he don’t want to do with me.

He’s in the wrong maybe hes still caught up on his ex , I would have to sit him down and have a long chat. Maybe it’s just an excuse not to cook etc. Even then its childish and I can imagine doesn’t make you feel great. You need to talk about it and if no changes or answers are given, I would leave .