Needing ideas on baby girl middle names, suggestions?

I was wondering if I can get some help thinking of a middle name for my daughter. We was thinking about naming her Lilith. :blush: We already ruled out the following: Elizabeth, Marie, Lee, & Ann. That’s my other daughters names. Thanks everyone! :heart:


Belle, you could call her Lily belle for short, which is in a very cute 1940s song called I‘ve got spurs that jingle, jangle, jingle by the Merry Macs😊


How about…Lilith Diane

Nicole, Renee, Alexandra

Lilith grace
Lilith Diana

I have a daughter named Lilith Ann. Ann is a family name.

I don’t worry about the “demon” association. If she ever comes home upset about it I will calmly explain that in that context Lilith was Adams first wife made to be equal to him and refused to be subservient so she was cast away. Because she had a mind of her own and demanded respect she is seen as a demon in the biblical cultures. Religion isn’t well known for its ethical and equal treatment of women. In society we have all experienced this as women. People treating you than less because of your gender. It’s ok to stand up and be strong and demand respect.

I’m not worried about it. Especially because there are hundreds and thousands of different religions and beliefs and just because that one in particular has a demon character…blah who cares

I love it and think it’s beautiful and powerful.

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Ryane? Pronounced Rain.

Lilith Elaine, Lilith Aurora, Lilith Blane, Lilith Viola.

My daughters is Astoria Lilith Rose
I thought it was beautiful name as well

Lilith Renee
Lilith May
Lilith Harper

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mae or may i was gonna say as well

I absolutely love Lilith!

Lilith Elaine?
Lilith Michelle?

My girls middle names are Grace & Ruth.

Maybe pick a beloved family members name or middle name? I think that makes the middle name special.

Lilith Nadine or Lilith Lorraine

Lilith Victoria, Lilith Autumn, Lilith Adalyn, Lilith Bailey, Lilith Mia

Jayde, Eve, Eden, Joy

watch supernatural you’ll change the name lol


Lilith Elaine
Lilith Rose
Lilith Diane
Lilith Angelica