Needing information on celiac

Looking for any information on Celiac. Obviously a gluten free diet but what else is there to know? Im 90% sure my daughter has it, were going to the pediatrician tomorrow. She is only 1 so she cant tell me things really but her symptoms I can see add up. Pale white/grey poops with mustard yellow poops in between. Up screaming and uncomfortable most of the night every night. Bloating. She is either constipated(like deer pelets) or has diarrhea and no regular poops ever. Her liver pannel came back fine so tomorrow hoping we will test more. I need amswers this no sleep with a screaming toddler every night is killing me.


I would get an IgG blood test

She needs a GI and needs to have an endoscopy, blood work is not the final determination. The endoscopy is key.

I have celiac and have for 20+ years

My daughter was diagnosed at 2 yrs old. Literally the best time to catch it is when she’s young! She won’t know what she’s missing!

very strict diet if celiac

I’m sorry but it sounds like lactose intolerant to me , I had a baby many years ago with those symptoms , is she on regular milk.,

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Go to you will learn a lot from it. However, just know that everyone experiences different symptoms from having Celiac disease. She will need to be referred to a pediatric gi Dr to be tested for it.

Do not remove gluten until you get a diagnosis as it will screw up testing.

The entire house does not need to be gluten free contrary to what people tell you. You can 100% live safely in a mixed house.

You will need separate toaster, butter, peanut butter, any condiments that you stick a utensil in. You do not need separate pots or pans, or whatever. You do not need to go gluten free with bath, body, etc unless the skin aspect of celiac is involved