Needing inspirational stories about your relationships

Can I hear some stories about relationships that worked out when you thought they never would? And any advice any of y’all have for other women?


When you start losing trust, just leave.


Mine lol… met my husband when he was 43. He’d never been married, no kids, always had been a playboy. He thought he could have me and keep his side chicks too. :rofl: I wasn’t having it. I absolutely refused to be with that kind of person. But, I felt deep down he could be so much better. Long story short… side chicks are gone and done (yes, I’m sure), we’re married, we live a quiet, drama free life and he is completely dedicated to me. Let me be clear though… he never treated me badly, no abuse, no drugs, jail etc. He just thought he was going to live his whole life as a playboy.

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I have been with my husband for 15 years and married for 10. We have 3 kids together now. We have a 25 year age difference between us plus a cultural difference. It definitely hasn’t been easy, but we are still kicking it. Communication, understanding, and a willingness to work through the issues is needed to make any relationship work. You also have to understand you won’t always see eye to eye and to accept that. I don’t see us getting divorced, we try our hardest to work through our issues.

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I met my husband at work. We started out as just friends we hung out after work played video games, watched movies that kind of thing. We hung for 6 months. We were literally best friends. Then one day after having a few drinks things changed. We ended up moving in together, about 6 months after that we woke up one morning and decided to get married. 3 weeks after that we got married. March 16th 2018 we got married, we been together 3 years married for 2 coming up. Everyone said we were rushing. But we just let things happen naturally at the pace our relationship developed. We couldn’t be happier. Also my friends parents met while on dates with other people. They ended up dating got married after 2 weeks. And they are still together 30+ years later. My advice if you are happy and the other person is happy, and things feel right just go with it. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you are wrong. Nine times out of ten, they are jealous, or bitter because things didn’t work out for them.

Not my personal story, but my parents. My mom was pregnant with my older brother and her friend set her on a date, and the date was a dud, but he brought my dad along with him, and thats how they met, but my mom had been hurt so much before, and my dad was not ready to settle down, so things ended a lot more drama leading to that tho, well, a year later my parents gave it another go, my mom got pregnant with me, my dad got a job, rented a house, moved my mom and my 3 older brothers in, and 3 months after I was born they got married, I turn 24 this year, they had 4 kids together, still married, some days are better than others, but thick and thin they have stayed together, mama talks to God a lot, my dad works a lot, no relationship works perfectly, there are fights, and people think different, but at the end of the day my mom says as long as you have God and Love, it’ll be okay. My dad has always been faithful, my mom always faithful. My own self, I never thought my husband and I would get to the point of marriage. We did, now were seperated working on ourselves, trying to be the absolute best we can be for our 3 children, we fought, he did some not so great things, I did some not so great things, we were awful to eachother, and now were working on that, and if and when everything works out, Were gonna renew our vows, I have a firm belief that things are gonna be okay. And then sometimes its not okay, and you gotta let go, find something better, and never put your faith in people, thats a sure way to get let down. I’d recommend counseling and open conversation. And NEVER put your happiness lower on the list than theirs. When two people are truly in love, making them happy should make you happy, and the other way around.

My fiancee and I were friends in college. I had a crush on him but he was in a long distance relationship with someone in another country. Thought I’d see how serious things were; he REJECTED me. It stung but we stayed friends. After graduating I heard he was single so I thought I’d try again. We started dating long distance for about 2 years before I decided I couldn’t take it anymore so I surprised him by randomly showing up on his front lawn. That was 2 years ago. Now we’ve built a house together, adopted 3 cats and are planning our wedding. So happy I didn’t let my ego get the better of me and that I was willing to make the first move… twice!

I was 17 my family let me move in with a 29 year old guy I was just friends with. on my 18th birthday we had a random hookup. he didn’t want anything serious, I was head over heels. after about 6 months he moved 3 hours away and still didn’t want anything serious. we continued our “not serious” relationship from 3 hours apart and only 1 of us having a car. he continued to say it wasn’t serious. I knew we were meant to be. everyone told me to give up an move on bc he obviously only wanted sex. then after 6 months of that I moved the 3 hours with him. we are the happiest couple on earth. rarely ever fight. we have been together 12 years and married for 4. we have a beautiful 3 year old. I’m not saying we have never struggled but we never give up. we never say we want out, once one says it you can never take it back. it will always be hanging between you.

if you look for the right person and give it your all everyday happily ever after does exist.

8yrs & 5 kids and we’ve been through every kind of thing possible. Unfaithfulness, domestics (semi physical to just breaking alot of stuff) but through it all, understanding, communication & realizing what it is we offer to each other & what’s best for our children is what’s kept us together. Also our faith in Christ grew & became a focal point for our family to move forward & change the things that tried to destroy our happiness. Relationships are hard work but if both are committed & willing… Success is in the longevity & fruits of labour xx.

Communication between you both, good and bad. Also, don’t be changed as a person. (Unless your becoming a better you)

My advice to the “women” on this page is to stop being men haters telling other women to leave at the slightest sign of trouble, especially when you only hear one side of things.

Your relationship is different than anyone elses. Other success or failure stories won’t help you. You gotta look within