Needing lunch ideas for a kingergartener!

What do you pack in your kindergarteners lunch? I pack the same thing daily. I need ideas!


I let mine choose what they want to eat. Got one that cooks corn dogs and the other makes hot pockets. The last one doesn’t care and eats at school. Let them choose within reason. Like you can’t take just snacks and/or candy.

I’ll pack her chicken tenders green beans sandwiches Mac and cheese Pizza anything she normally would eat and to help keep the lunch cold freeze a bottle of water and by the time lunch comes it should be thawed out

Mine gets strawberries, yogurt peanut butter cracker sandwichs

cheese and crackers, peanut butter and celery, soup and goldfish crackers, hard boiled eggs, go yogurt, homemade chicken nuggets, little smokies in a blanket, mini pizzas using english muffins

Yoghurt sandwhich fruit a fruit bar

Make their most favorite 5 meals, my daughter loves it when I do that. Or let your baby pick something from the store, like a lunchable.

Pbj 4 triangle cut sandwich, freeze a gogart night before stays cold till lunch, cut up fruit or easy finger fruit, pretzels, or crunchy snack and refillable cup for water.

Ask your child What they would like… if they haven’t complained about what you pack they must like it.


Sandwiches, homeade lunchable by sending crackers, meat, and cheese. Wraps, salads, boiled eggs, I’ve even sent leftover :pizza: lol

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I myself I buy different Lunchables for my child and I let her pick what she wants to take the school the next day course I give her other stuff but Lunchables has everything that the child needs

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She also gets a granola bar and a bag of Ritz crackers, or a cheese string.


Little boxes of raisons, crackers and ham, cheese, salami, pepperoni, …

It’s so hard to pack lunches now, my sons school has two nutritional breaks :flushed:

I’ve noticed my daughter eats better when I pack small amounts of multiple things. Like half a sandwich, grapes, and carrots. Crackers and cheese are good too.


Mini corndogs in a thermos. You get a good thermos, it will stay hot until their lunch. I’ve seen kids bring ramen noodles and left over bbq ribs even in their thermos!

I usually ask what my daughter wants . Either a sandwhich , leftovers , lunchables or something she can pop in the microwave at school . I usually switch up snacks each week . I shop every weekend for food … ugh … so I try to grab different fruits each time . Switch up the crackers . Maybe get some yougurt. They are usually pretty good at telling us what they like. If it’s still in her lunch 2 or 3 days in a row from not eating it , I usually domt pack it anymore cause obviously she doesnt like it :joy: . Good luck !! Its hard

My son loves a bagel with cream cheese. And chicken noodle soup too.

I have bins that are colored by item type in my fridge and pantry for snacks. My kindergartener gets to pick an item from each bin for her lunchbox after dinner or she gets a lunchable with a side of fruit or veggies. We have strawberries, apples and carrots in one bin, cheese, yogurt pouches in another. In the pantry I have fruit strips, raisins in one and crackers and chips in another. She usually takes a half sandwich of some kind if she chooses not to have a lunchable.

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Bento Lunch Box Ideas - Canada :canada: has a ton of lunch ideas

Ham and cheese roll ups( can do any deli meat)

Grapes and diced cheese


Bell peppers

Diced hotdogs n dip

We make our own snack packs for gold fish, graham crackers, chips etc…

Jello, pudding, apple sauce etc

My kiddo loves black olives and cheese sticks.
I throw in a fruit and a treat.

Cucumber,mini carrots, cut red pepper, pickles

maderines, strawberries, grapes, apple slices/sauce, canned sliced peaches/pears

peanut butter and honey or jelly w/banana sandwich, hummus w pita chips or pretzels, deli meat sandwich/wrap, bean and cheese tortilla rollups, cubed ham/spam

yogurt tube, milk, string/cubes cheese

My kids take lunchables or pbnj they don’t want anything else. Everytime I’ve packed something else, I get the whole lunch back and a charge slip from hot lunch :roll_eyes::rofl: I figured they’d be sick of the same crap but nope they love it. I’ve tried everything and they aren’t picky eaters at all. But my son tells me if it’s not pbnj then he can’t run fast at recess. My guess is the pbnj keeps them fuller longer or maybe they just for real like their peanut butter :joy: :joy:

I try to mix it up with stuff I know she likes. Staple is PB&J, but I’ll send pasta salad, apples and PB with a muffin, yogurt and a muffin, always throw in a cheese stick and fruit cup on the side with her water bottle.

I usually pack her a sandwich, banana or strawberries, cheese string , yogurt tube, pudding, goldfish crackers , and cookies.

Different sandwiches, lunchables, etc. So Monday will be ham and cheese, tuesday will be pb&j, wednesday will be turkey and cheese, thursday a lunchables, friday bologna and cheese. Mix it up so it’s not the same thing all the time and add fruit/veggies and gogurt, pretzels etc. My daughters school doesnt have a microwave and their lunches dont go in the fridge so leave room for ice packs.

Chick peas or any kind of beans to eat with little fingers. Do you have hot options or only cold? Aldi has little quinoa cups that are tasty & don’t need refrigeration. They have mix-ins you can add or not.

I make homemade waffles with dried fruit or chocolate chips, and 1/4th of a waffle is yummy even cold.

If nuts are allowed, a pack of those. Cooked glazed sweet potato cubes (cooked w honey, balsamic vinegar, maple syrup or whatever child likes). Mini marshmallows for dessert. Trail mix if nuts allowed, Chex mix, cereal like mini-wheats, Cheerios, Chex or whatever works as a snack w/o milk.

I gave up and let her buy because she refuses everything I give her… even lunchables! She eats the meat and the dessert and chucks the rest. I don’t have the money for that nonsense. Let her pick from what school offers. She’ll eat a tiny bit more food for a tiny bit less money. I’ll take what I can get. :woman_shrugging:
Otherwise I’d send a fruit cup (no syrup), a pudding cup or piece of candy, and a bag of baked chips or cheezits or wheat thins, with a turkey and cheese roll up, sunbutter and jelly, thermos of soup or mac and cheese, left overs, a chicken quesadilla, build your own nachos in little containers to mix, walking taco (taco in a bag of doritos). Stuff like that. She’ll eat it from school but not from me.

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Try wow butter and jelly it’s pretty good.

Also, make your own lunchables. It’s cheaper then buying a bunch. All you need is some meats, cookie cutters, cheese and crackers. If you have sandwhich containers, use muffin liners to separate if she doesnt like food touching.

Salads with a side of dressing.

Ham salad sandwhiches, egg salad sandwiches, peanut butter & banana sandwhiches.

Make sides like ants on a log (you can use peanut butter, wowbutter,cream cheese, spray cheese, bagel spreads) then top with craisins or raisins.

Cereal mix is a good side.

Cheese cubes & grapes

Send a meat, a nut, a cheese, and a sweet or salty snack and thatll fill her up but shell get plenty of protein too.

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I would stay away from microwaveable food at this age. Yogurt, celery w/peanut butter, string cheese, apple slices, grapes, banana, carrots, sandwich.

I usually give my daughter a ham sandwich and granola bar and a fruit to go with apple sauce and juice.

Any fruit that’s on sale, always give a variety not just bananas. I do mac n cheese, a deli sandwich, pb and j, or left over dinner if my son liked it. Veggies like cucumber slices, carrot strings (the thin slices or the ones that go on salads), celery sticks, cheese. Any healthy food item my kid will eat pretty much

We got our kids thermoses. (It’s going to sound like I got my shit together but I seriously don’t) So in the morning I’ll boil some water, put it in the thermos, cook/heat up whatever, and when the food is done, dump out the water, wipe the excess and put it in the thermos. It’s been a whole new game since we got those. Try it out!

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Vienna sausages kids love those little sausages fruit yogurt cups peanut butter crackers they have little packages with cheese and crackers Pizza whether it be hot or cold especially if it has a little meat on it you can roll it up like a wrap

My daughter takes left overs or I fix things for her thr night before and pack her lunch. She won’t eat a lot of processed foods but once in awhile she’ll have bologna or hot dogs if she’s in the mood. Otherwise, she likes shrimp Alfredo chicken Alfredo spaghetti Mac n cheese (not the premade stuff or little containers) mashed potatoes, corn, carrots, broccoli, she loves buttered noodles, lasagna, ravioli, chicken and tuna salad sandwiches, pickles, pb&j every so often, chicken nuggets (my daughter won’t eat these tho), cheeseburgers (my daughter doesn’t like bread/buns much), meatloaf, basically anything you eat that your little will eat. Mine, loves almost any fruit! So thats always easy to pick up and pack! My daughter isn’t overly picky, thankfully! :slight_smile: she’s only 3.