Needing netflix show ideas!

What are some good shows on netflix to watch? I am tired of watching the same thing and I am looking for someone new. I think we can use a good netflix thread. Stay safe everyone!


Good girls! Dead to me!

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On my block
Heart of Dixie

Just finished “Containment”-(which is earily similar to the world now)
and “ARES” both excellent series!!
Wentworth, YOU, The 100, American Horror Story are also really good binge worthy shows. Nurse Jackie (drug addicted nurse)
and Working moms (comedy) are good.

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Vampire diaries
The witcher
Anything MARVEL

–Trials of gabriel Hernandez
–Abducted in plain site
–The mind of aaron hernadez
–wild wild country

I’m currently watching “Orphan black” it’s got 5 seasons so alot to watch, you have to concentrate who’s who tho x

Girls Incarcerated
Border patrol
Border security
Fuller house
Just some of the things I watch! Or have watched!

Black Lightning, The Ranch, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul

… saving for tomorrow

On season 3 of lucifer right now.
Schitts creek
That 70s show is always a good laugh
Good girls

The twnch

Izombie, santa clarita diet, insatiable, hart of dixie, supernatural

The staircase. Schitts creek. Tiger king, Locke and key. Don’t f with cats

Dexter, end of the fucking world, wentworth