Needing positive vibes

So I have to be at the hospital tomorrow morning at 530am to prep for my 3rd csection at 730am. I’m super excited that my 3rd baby girl will be here in a matter of hours but my nerves are starting to kick in. I’ve had 2 csections already so it’s nothing new but I’m still nervous lol. Can yall say a quick prayer or positive thought my way and baby’s way if you dont pray. We’d appreciate it.


I had my third baby girl 3 weeks ago via c section. It was also my third c section and it went great:) congratulations momma❤ you got this

Sending positive thoughts and prayers.

If it helps, my sister had 5 c sections. Prayers.

Prayers for you and your littlest Blessing you will be fine

Praying :pray: all goes well today for you and your new baby wishing health and a quick recovery from australia you have got this think of you both :kissing_heart:

All will be well…congratulations​:tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:

Praying For You Girl! I Have Had Four C Sections You Will Be Ok! Just Breath & Relax & Think Positive :hugs: And The Best Thing Is The Baby’s Going To Be Here!:grimacing::relaxed:

Hugs and kisses
Prayers and blessings

Sending prayers for you and your baby may God watch over and protect you .congratulations to you and your family. Godless

Sending prayers…you got this​:kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes:

Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way. :pray::sparkling_heart:

You will do great . You know the in and outs . Yes tomarrow at this time it will all be over and your sweet little baby will be in your arms !God bless You and baby ,Prayers for quick recovery !:heart::blue_heart::two_hearts:

Is that typically what time csections are? I’m going to have my first scheduled csection in a couple months.

Have no fear, God is good

Prayers for a safe delivery

Prayers for you, the baby and all medical staff involved.

Prayers for you and baby girl.

Praying for you both Sweetie :heart_eyes:
You are a Strong Woman,

Prayers to you and the little one and the rest of your family.

Good luck Mamma and baby :sparkling_heart: sending love and best wishes to you! xxxx

Sending prayers for blessing to you and your baby girl.God bless

Sending prayers and well wishes.

Sending positive vibes to you and your baby❤️ It will be over before you know it!!

Prayers for you and your family

Praying! Congratulations!

Prayers for a safe delivery a recovery

Prayers for a safe delivery and quick healing. Congratulations to you and your family.

On the eay. Good luck

Prayers for you and baby congrats!

Prayers for a safe c section n healthy baby

:pray::pray::pray::pray: sending prayer’s up for you and baby.

Lord, send angels of comfort to this mommy. We pray for a safe delivery and a speedy recovery. Congratulations!!!

Sending prayers for you and your baby

You got this. I had my 3rd and final CS in April 2018. Everything went smooth and I had a 10.15oz baby boy!

Prayers for you and your family :pray:. Congratulations :blush::tada:

Prayers for you. Blessings on your new little darling. You’re a real trooper! You can do this.

Prayers for you and baby!

Prayers for a safe delivery and a healthy baby girl :ribbon::pray:t2:

Sending lots of prayers your way for you and your new daughter god bless.

Congrats. Hope you and baby are well.

Good luck on your new arrival in my thoughts and prayers today

Prayers going ur way :pray::pray:God bless

You, will be fine, Any surgery, makes everyone gets nervous.
The good thing is tomorrow morning, you will be holding your baby.
God, bless.

God Bless you and your beautiful baby. All will be well.

Prayers dear momma for you and baby girl.

Prayers for u & ur family!!

Prayers for you and the baby

Sending prayers your way bless you and the little one you got this ma’am

Prayers for you and your baby!

Prayers for mom and Baby please let us know Congratalations

Prayers r with u and your babe

Prayers for you and the baby

God will keep you and you’r baby safe

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Prayers coming your way!! You’ll be fine. Just had my 3rd c-section a year ago

Jesus will keep you both safe!

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hey momma
you got this!
what’s her name?

Praying for all involved in this process

Prayers for you and baby

Praying for fast recovery

Prayers for yoy and baby

You’re holding your new baby tomorrow :heart: You both will be just fine :hugs:

Prayers for you and baby​:pray::pray:

Sending LOTS of prayers for a speedy recovery GOD BLESS YOU BOTH…YOU’LL BE FINE…CONGRATULATIONS

You’ve got this! I’ve had four! I’ll be praying for you! Congratulations!!!

Sending prayer for you and baby, family.

Prayers for a safe delivery and healthy baby girl.

Congratulations and prayers for you

Prayes for you and beautiful healthy baby girl

Prayers for all to go well!

Prayers headed your way :pray:

Luck to you and your little one.:pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

Saying prayers and please let the excitement of your new baby wash away the nerves

Bless your baby & family :pray:

Prayers for you and baby.

prayers mama for safe delivery and healthy baby, congratulations

:pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2: all goes well

You got this 3rd time is a charm .god speed

Will do mama and hugs

Paryers that everything is going well

Praying for you and your baby

Praying for you and your family

Thank yall. I’m the OP. Baby girl is here and is perfect. I’m having issues with pain right now tho. So hoping it gets under control soon. I appreciate all the prayers and positive thoughts