Needing some relationship advice

I’ve been in a relationship with a man for almost 2 years. We both have children from previous relationships and the children get along well for the most part, no complaints there. My boyfriend is a workaholic, literally lives and breathes work, and no I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. I’d never be mad at my man for working. But when he’s done work for the day I’m lucky if I get one night with him. I literally see him maybe 3 or 4 hours (usually less) before he’s crashing for the night to be up early for work (again totally okay, you need to sleep for work.) He has his child every weekend while I have my child 24/7, my child gets to spend the night with her grand parents once during the week (to be able to give bf and I a night kid free) and once on the weekend so they have an entire day to do fun things together. I’ve sat boyfriend down twice now laying out what I’m lacking in this relationship. Time, effort, and affection being a big one. I’ve told him if these things don’t change I am no longer willing to continue the relationship. His excuse is work and who else is going to pay his bills, which I’ve told him I’ve never been mad at him for working, he needs to work and I’m happy he’s doing something he loves. He says we can spend time together on weekends when we have the kids. Which hey, yeah I want the kids to have a relationship and am happy to do that. He gives me 1 night out of the week that we hangout for maybe the entirety of 1 movie and then go to bed. The other 4 nights he’s hanging out with friends until like 10 or 11 at night. Am I being unreasonable for expecting him to give me and our relationship the same amount of time he does his friends? Look I don’t expect him to spend his every spare second with me, but at this point it’s just like he does what he needs to.

Our relationship started out strong, I was constantly helping him clean his house , clothes, whatever he needed help with and he’d help out at mine. We used to sleep together every night. Even if he came in late from a friend’s we would end up together at either my house or his. Lockdown came and we spent every single day together. He moved about 6mo ago into a new place and since then there’s been zero time for us or our relationship. We haven’t really hungout in 2 weeks yet he’s expecting me to dedicate my weekend to him and his kid. He knows my child goes to grand parents on Saturdays and is now getting angry about it. But yet he doesn’t have his child all week. I’m clearly feeling a little bitter about a few things but am I out of bounds? Is this something you’d end a relationship over? He is a phenomenal man and can be an amazing partner but idk how much longer I can wait for that him to come back

If he has the ability to give his friends more time than you then you are right to end a relationship over that. It has nothing to do with his kids or work schedule when you clearly see his friends are given more time. I get mad at my bf for giving 2 nights or less of the week to his friends but he doesnt have a kid, in your situation I would definitely be moving on.