Needing tips on how to keep energized without caffiene?

I found out that I am expecting! I am so excited, and it will be my 4th kid! The only downside is we weren’t trying. (Using the method of watching your fertile days and avoiding sex on those days) it Turns out that the method is not very reliable! Anyways I have gotten into the habit of drinking coffee every day, one cup in the morning, and one in the afternoon. I have no idea how I am going to stay awake and not become a mombie without caffeine! What can I do not to crash mid-afternoon? I give up caffeine all except for a candy bar here and there while pregnant, so just having one cup is out of the question! Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!


And drink A LOT of water

My dr says 200mg caff is okay…working 12-18 hr days…i would crash without it

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Just drink coffee it wont hurt the baby

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I could never :sweat_smile: my doctor says 200mg per day, and I know I’m right at my limit. Maybe try all natural drink packets ?

They come in lots of different flavors too.

I was told no more than 250 mg of caffeine a day. One cup of coffee is fine

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I couldn’t survive without coffee, even with my babies I cut down to one cup but there is no way, my doc said it was fine… But I hope you find something, good luck!

Chances are it’s all in your head(I don’t mean this is a negative way lol). You probably taught yourself that you need caffeine but you actually don’t. Try weaning yourself off, drink one less sip each day or only drink a few sips and dump the rest. Talk with your doctor though and see how much caffeine you can have, your 1 cup of coffee might be ok

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My doctor told me that if I was already a regular coffee drinker to cut down the intake but not to stop it all together. She said that a small amount of caffeine every day isnt going to affect the baby, but because my body is so focused on making a baby, it wont be able to adapt to the caffeine withdrawal.

Bananas, apples and lots of water.

I never gave up caffeine when I was pregnant and both my kids r fine


What’s wrong with having coffee I drank coffee all through my pregnancies


Or eat chocolate flavored candy

Or eat coffee flavored candy

Eat healthy, exercise, drink lots of water

Caffeine won’t hurt your baby …don’t exceed 200mg… I’d be dead if I couldn’t have a coffee in the morning :joy:… Goodluck!


You can drink coffee its fine. My dr didnt have any problems with a cple cups a day 🤷 i have 9 kids lol the dr said he preferred me drinking coffee than energy drinks


Umm maybe decaffeinated coffee?

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WHY would you give up coffee?? Every dr I saw said 3 cups a day were fine. I couldn’t have made it with #4 with out my coffee


Tai chi gives you energy. Tai chi chih is a very simple technique you can remember and do easily: you do it mostly standing in one place.

Also after you’ve been off caffeine for a while you will find you actually have more energy overall because you’re not spiking & crashing.

My doctor said my morning and afternoon coffee was ok!

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Water and b12 and vit d3. When I feel like I’m going to crash I take a b complex and my d3 (which I normally take at night as I was becoming deficient a couple years ago… still not up on the high end… just right at the low end of where I should be) and a big bottle of water.

You can drink at least one cup of coffee a day. You don’t have to completely cut out caffeine

Girl I was heavy coffee drinker before my last pregnancy and I still drank a decent amount of coffee I wouldn’t drink more than 4 5 cups a day but I still drink my coffee just not as much as I did before. I now drink got a pot and a half of coffee a day my second-born was very healthy much larger than my first doctor never told me that I needed to quit just slow down is not as much

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My doctor told me as long as I drank enough water, but too be honest, coffee made me sick when I was pregnant with my 5th and 6th. I never became a mombie. And hormones are going to mess your mood anyway.

I worked out throughout my 3rd pregnancy and that gave me the much needed energy to get through the day, also I found that by 2 I’d get tired, so I’d be sure to keep myself busy until the hubs got home so I would avoid the feeling of exhaustion… don’t stop moving!

If the 2 cups of coffee is all you drink during the day then that is fine to have during pregnancy. I personally couldnt cut coffee out completely. I cut myself down to just 2 cups a day. My 2 kids are just fine

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I drank coffee when pregnant just don’t over do it.

Fruits and vegetables if you are set on not having any caffeine, but it’s not necessary.

I drank loads of coffee in my last haha 3rd baby I’d have never made it else he is perfect


I’ve never heard you can’t have coffee while pregnant. I drank coffee with all 3 of my healthy kids. They are now 49, 48 & 40 & they are still healthy.

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The coffee is better than the candy bar and soda so go with the coffee just don’t over do it and drink plenty of water and easy lots of fresh fruit and good carbs for energy as well.

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You don’t have to give up coffee especially only 2 cups a day. You can buy caffeine pills but don’t think there is a reason for you to quit coffee.

You’ll be fine with your 2 cups of coffee a day

Your allowed 1 cup a day. Baby will be fine. I would maybe save the coffee til u need it. Break the morning habit and have it in the afternoon. Apples are actually great for wake ups. Has natural stuff in them, that make it a good wake up food.

You can drink your 2 cups of coffee.

You don’t have to give up caffeine entirely just because you’re pregnant. Just don’t drink a pot of coffee everyday and you’re fine. 2 cups is fine.

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You can still have your coffee. My doctor was fine with me having a reasonable amount of caffeine a day.

I replaced my usual coffee or energy drink with apples and apple juice helped with my morning sickness too