Needing toddler food ideas

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So, I have 3 kids in the house. Two birthed, one bonus. And I’ve helped with 2 others that are like my own. My youngest who is almost 14 months, middle child who is the other one i gave birth to, there are 2&1/2 years apart. For the life of me I have forgotten all the food they can eat at that age. Now granted she barely has any teeth and they’re not even close to being half way in. She didn’t start getting them until 5 days before a year. But I’m terrified of her choking and would love some advice on foods to give her.

Please no rude comments, I don’t know why I went blank . My first child I just cut it up and gave it if I felt it would be okay. Now I’m a worry wart didn’t even start cereal till a few weeks ago lol


No restrictions at that age just make it small finger foods. I did baby led weaning which is no purees and she ate what we ate


Since she barely has teeth I would give her mashed potatoes, soups, mac and cheese, Just soft stuff so with the little teeth she does have it’s easier for her to eat.

She can eat anything you eat. Cut it in finger length strips if it will make you feel better. Teeth don’t really matter at all, my son started eating table food around 6.5/7 months old and he didn’t get any teeth until 8 months old.

She has been eating what we eat since about that age as well maybe even 5 months , to the point where she refused baby food even the pouches until she hit a year old.