Needing toddler snack ideas, suggestions?

what are some snack ideas for toddlers?


cheese sticks , fruits , crackers , yogurt , veggie chips , milkshakes depends on what they like

Are we talking like “pinterest mom” snack ideas, snack ideas, or “full time single mom zero prep time” snack ideas?


Banana cut into tiny pieces, gerber puffs, yogurt drops, goldfish, cheese, fruits, veggies, veggie chips, cereal, etc.

Pretzels, cheese, broccoli, fruits, popcorn, crackers, popsicles are my babes favs

My daughter loves those veggie straws and the apple straws

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Toast cut up, hulless popcorn, cereal ( Cheerios ect…) fruit snacks, soft cereal bars .

Hummus and pita bread! My son LOVES it!

Pretzels with peanut butter, yogurt, applesauce,celery with peanut butter, or a box of raisins

Cheese. Yogurt. Fruits. Celery with peanut butter. Goldfish.

Saw this today at Walmart and got one but they are almost 4$ so it’s cheaper to make yourself. The reason is because it’s paw patrol but what you could do is buy a plate or bowl that has your child’s favorite cartoon on it and just add little finger snacks on it and boom.

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Thanks for the input thus far. My 18 month old is not a picky eater but I get tired of giving him the same ole snacks so I am fishing for other ideas :blush:

Pretzels, veggie straws, apple cut up, strawberries, gerber puffs, gerber yogurt bites

Sliced up apples, strawberries, cheese sticks, rolled up lunch meat, apple sauce, grapes, baby carrots

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Drop little dime sized piles of yogurt (plain or with real fruit blended in) on a pan and freeze for a few hours. Then scrape and keep them in a container in the freezer. So good.


Fruits and veggies :hugs: