Needing toy room decor ideas

I have two boys ages 14 months and three and approximately 12 ft by 10 ft playroom. Do I need decorating ideas as well as what do you put in it? Currently, I have cube storage for their toys and a train table. They liked the table at first, but now it has been a constant source of aggravation with climbing on it and throwing the tracks everywhere. Does anyone have any luck with swapping toys out to keep them entertained? The boys really love cars.


I run a home daycare every 3 months I swap my toys out. And occasionally buy new ones… plus I have a teachers closet of art/crafts and educational games and activities. Change it up if they get bored they dont play well

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Pinterest has a lot of cute ideas!! Download the app and type in toddler play room ideas!

Make sure everything is bolted down! Lol my kids climb EVERYTHING! I walked in living room one day and the smallest of all of them (1½ at the time) was standing up on TV stand dancing w tv! Luckily I had it tied to wall. Scared my heart! Lol

Montessori teachings actually suggest swapping toys out! and even basing the toys on what they need to work on or what they are trying to master! I don’t live by it completely , but that trick made a big difference in how much my son played with what. Instead of having hundreds to choose from and barely touching them, he played well with few and mastered them. For storage, I use baskets, hanging shelves, cloth bins, and plastic tubs galore. It’s even fun to use clean up time as a organizational tool, having the children separate things based on what it is… Teach them the importance of putting things where they go and it makes clean up a breeze! And my 3 year old son also loves cars and racetracks! We put all the pieces in their own bins and you can slide them under tables, into shelves and other places to keep it organized. That way when he wants a certain set of toys , it’s all in the same bin

We have a train table and use it for everything. Put a chair up and it’s an art table, lego board LEGO table, playing doctor now it’s a doctor table. If the trains are causing issues put them in a bin and swap them out. We don’t rotate toys but it’s recommended to rotate weekly I believe

My oldest got a rug that had different roads on it that he liked driving his cars on when he was younger (helps to keep the floor clean underneath it too :joy:)

Kids in general loose interest very easily they only have very short attention spans , it’s amazing how simple things like cardboard boxes and household items can keep them occupied . You could put a hundred items in there and they will still get bored . Lots of made up games with parent interaction , 123 go throw some shoes in the middle of the room who can get them on quicker, form a band with pits n pans wooden spoons sing alongs, pic nics under pretend tents under sheets , morning tea , black board , pillows for nap time . Them learning how to hold attention , taking turns etc .

Blackboard paint on one wall their hight, brill for drawing and learning. The table could be made into a road or lego table

Have you tried velcroing the tracks down

Chalkboard paint fun away for the kids to draw on walls

Use it as a Lego table

My 3 year old son loves his trains and the table so ours is a train/arts and craft room with shelfs up with all the stuff we’ve made on them plus pics he’s done on the walls, since your boys seem to have gone off trains, like someone else said, get a car road rug and some funky coloured drawers to store all the cars in (that way when they out grow cars you can switch what goes in for the next hobby), made mine trains because of the sheer amount he has (obsessed) and arts and crafts because it meant the mess was confined to that room (felts, pencils, paints etc) rather than elsewhere in the house xx

If you have a basement, she’d or other storage place I suggest putting the table there for awhile. When my kids were this young I had a whole system. Toys were put in numbered boxes. They got 1 box at a time. When they got board with that box they got the next number. They were numbered so I rotated more evenly. I also had a box that we put pieces in so when that toy rotates in again it could be reunited with it. (example a stray animal from the zoo set). This worked well until recently. They’re 6&8. Now they remember toys so when they’re put away they will go searching & make a mess.

For decor keep it simple. If you have a theme role with it. 1 idea is to hang a string across the wall. Hang pictures they draw on it. It displays their creativity & learning while also being easily changed out as they make more masterpieces.

Get one of those rugs that has a roadway on it and they can play with their cars on it. Wall decor can be cars themed. I used to rotate toys.

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Yes! We have toys that we rotate. We also keep special toys that we only bring out for when we really need them to be entertained so we can do a call or catch up on housework.