New relationship worries

So I’ve been seeing this guy for a few months but all in its only been 6 times since we have actually met due to it being long distance.
First 3 weeks were great. He told me had come off the dating site we met on, then since then he goes awol some weekends and days he’s just been busy or out with friends. I think he might take cocaine but im unsure. But he goes out and then I don’t hear s thing and his phone is either off or turned off mobile data.
He came up at weekend we talked and he said it’s only me he wants and we will .are it work and after Xmas he will move to be closer to me if we are still going well. He buys me wee presents and flowers etc when he comes up but I can’t handle the anxiety that he possibly is with another girl or girls when he’s out. He’s 44 so he’s not a daft young boy. I’ve also noticed he’s back on dating site not sure if chatting and meeting people but certainly online in which my eyes thats cheating. I can’t confront him as he will thi k I’m on it too when I only set up a fake account to see if he was on. I dont know if I’m over reacting or whether I should get out now.
He talks about future with me and has made all effort so far to come see me I’m just confused. He has no ties no kids etc so he csn do what he likes. I’ve tried talking to him and he says I’m paranoid and he only wants me.