Newborn must haves?

What were your essentials for your newborn and what products are a waste of time and money?


Wipe warmers are a waste


My daughters rock n play was a life saver, that was the only thing she would sleep thru the night in cause she didnt like laying flat on her back due to acid reflux. Just make sure you buckle baby in.

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Essentials - definitely having enough wet wipes and also Bibs or chuck cloths! I went thru them like crazy!

As I sit here nursing my second child, a few things come to mind:

  • Long/Decent Size burp cloths (not the tiny ones as babies projectile sometimes)

  • Wipes (a million of them)

  • Onesies with ZIPPERS. No damn buttons.

  • Diapers that can make it through the night so you don’t have to change them once they start sleeping through the night. #MommySpeaksFromExperience

  • Creams For Diaper rash. Trust me, I didn’t think I would need them either.

  • Infant carrier/car seat that clicks connected to place/remove. A system that has a one click connect stroller is not just ideal but mandatory! Saved me tons of time for doctors appointments getting in/out of cars

  • Tons of fun food and drink. YOU DESERVE IT! Being a mommy is no joke. You got this. :heart:

In the end I only used sleeveless vests and sleepsuits (get some that button down front in case baby has to have an IV) for the first few weeks.
Shnuggle bath was brilliant.
Nappy bins stopped getting used. Just used a pack of 300 nappy bags for 30p instead.
Tried several different cots and wish I had just bought a cosleeper crib instead. Moses basket was next best.
Swaddle blankets with special fastenings were a waste of time for me as in the hospital just used normal blankets, and then a sleeping bag when big enough.

Pack & play with the bassinet feature (I had one in living room & one in bed room). The living room one was the one I brought if we went overnight anywhere. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. Lots of onesies & the lil potato sack lookin gowns. My kids lived in these at home, no use having less comfortable & complicated outfits on at home. Headbands & bows if it’s a girl. A few cute ‘out’ outfits. A few diff scents of lotions…I don’t like the regular Johnson’s baby lotions, I liked the lavender & cocoa butter. Same with baby body washes, I liked my kiddos to smell different & not just ‘like a baby’ Lol. I also used any ‘cheapy’ diapers I was given or bought with coupons during the day at home cause your up checking on them a lot anyways. Used the ‘good ones’ at night & if we were going places. Huggies was my fav brand of diapers & wipes. Lots of burp clothes & lil light blankets. The breastpads that are pale pink & come folded in half in a wrapper (like a sanitary pad lol) were the best to me. I tried lots, these didn’t leak & weren’t conspicuous. Avent bottles were my fav. A breastpump (not manual) if you’re breastfeeding. Check with local WIC office, I got mine for free(that was 10+ years ago tho) Something handy I figured out with my youngest was: if you’re breastfeeding…wear a tucked in spaghetti strap under your shirt when you go places. You can pull up your outer shirt & pull out your breast over the top of the spaghetti strap & not have to worry about your back or anything else hanging out. I had regular diaper bags with my kids, but they’re a pain to juggle with a kid in a car seat & anything else you may need to carry. They have lots of cute backpackish ones now. I never carried mine with a wrap, but I’ll totally buy one if I have more kids. A bumbo is a must. Instead of a traditional high chair, we got the one that attaches to the chair with a removable tray & can be used as a booster seat later. Def suggest a lil vibrating chair thing &/or a swing. Things I found to be a waste &/or I could have def gone without: diaper genies, wipe warmers, lots of hooded bath towels, Dreft (just buy hypoallergenic unscented detergent), tons of outfits, shoes before about 6-9 mths, a bassinet, the bumbo pillows, a changing table, a crib/toddler bed (if you do buy one, get a crib that converts to toddler bed). That’s all I can think of for now. Lol

Needs: clothes, diapers, wipes, butt cream, swaddles, baby kit(nose sucker, thermometer, tooth finger brush, brush ect.) Bottles, binkys if you use them and a couple of toys. Pack n play with a bassinet top. Bouncer.
For waste I dont really know because we used all that we bought above except for the binkys lol

swaddles with Velcro

cloth diapers to use for burp rags, spit up cloths, peepee covers (for boys)

Washcloths (use damp instead of wipes to prevent diaper rash)

Bassinet with wheels to use in bedroom and living room for convenience

Baby kit from the nose frida people (includes nose frida, gas passers, clippers/file, cradle cap exfoliator)

Diaper genie

Baby mittens (just clip/file nails)

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The bottle warmer was a life saver for us. Plus the Hello Bello wipes and diapers and laundry detergent and diaper rash cream you can get those at Walmart.

My opinion…skip the Diaper Genie, changing table, and wipes warmer. A lot of babies like the bouncy seats, mine didn’t care for them.

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Essentials: recieving blankets, cloth diapers, tula carrier, Ringling, and wrap. Carseat, stroller, and playpen, swing. Breast pump.

Useless to me were the changing table, baby bag, bouncy chair, bumbo chairs, million outfits, baby towels, baby cloths, play Matt. Diaper genie was a waste too.

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I never used the diaper genie, wipes warmer or the changing table.

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This!! Saved me!! :tired_face::100:

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I’m going to tell you what I truly was against a Diaper Genie for my first born and someone got it for my second and I’m going to tell you the truth I actually freaking love it! no more having to save bags to put stinky diapers in.