Newborn with Rhinovirus

Has anyone had a newborn / baby with Rhinovirus? My 4 week old had swabs done at the hospital and she has it and apparently bronchitis as well, they say there’s nothing I can do but wanted to see if any mums have dealt with it and did things that actually eased the coughing etc.


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With certain virus there isn’t a whole lot you can do especially at that age. The only thing you can do is keep the baby the comfortable and just way to make sure the cough doesn’t get worse and watch their breathing. I ran a humidifier when mine were but you can also ask about getting a nebulizer machine and getting albuterol for it. I got one when my youngest got RSV and it helped a lot. I think you can get the nebulizer compressor online and possibly the tubing but you will need a prescription from the dr for the medicine to put in. I hope you your little one gets feeling better soon.

I kept Tylenol like clock work for fever til I couldn’t anymore n then I did steam baths humidifier age appropriate chest rub on back n feet n pushed feeds I breast feed n then I would suction occasional n use saline but not too much as their little noses are so sensitive n just love em up snuggle n let the rest all while monitoring them

It says under 2 months is not recommended but my pediatrician said to go by weight instead of age.
This was very helpful for our babe!
Tylenol as well.
Also steam from the shower, a humidifier and Zarbees chest rub on the bottom of the feet and cover with socks.
A little saline and a nose Frida too. The Frida is better than a bulb!
Keeping babe inclined while sleeping so mucus flows down and doesn’t pool up in the back of the throat.
Warm baths help the snot drain.