Newly engaged and needing advice

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Newly engaged and needed advice

If you don’t have kids yet, talk about how you want to raise your children…how you plan on disciplining them. Agree on a plan!

Just enjoy your lives together. You don’t need tios and advise girl. Respect and love each other. Thats it. Congratulations on your engagement!

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Just go with it. You will learn your on way. Congrats

For one remember that it’s not all peaches and cream. Don’t expect perfection and There’s nothing wrong with doing things for each other (cooking, cleaning etc.) but make sure it’s equal & your helping each other out. Seriously it’ll save you from so many arguments.

Lots of communication is key :heart:

Read the 5 Love Languages.
Even if you are not currently having issues, I believe everyone in a serious relationship should read this. Reading that will help you a ton so I won’t name everything I could list. But the biggest things are be open and honest. Refer to the book for the rest, I promise you won’t regret it​:wink::heart:

PS- I’m not a big reader, but this book saved my marriage.

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Make sure you discuss DETAIL your expectations for parenthood (or lack there of) and your finances. Finances are one of the main causes of divorce so you want to make sure you are both explicitly on the same page and have your future financial goals in mind BEFORE you say “I do”

Communicate. If something bothers you say something. Encourage your SO to do the same.

Some are going to gawk. SEPARATE BEDROOMS :joy:

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Communication with honesty is a great start. Always be your self. Remember don’t start doing something you don’t intend on doing forever :100:

It’s impossible to split house hold chores 50/50 100% of the time. One of you at some point will always be doing more than the other. HOWEVER, you both need to work as a team and not compete with one another on “who does more”. Def divide some chores for each of you but if and when one person needs that helping hand, the other needs to be ready, regardless of what the chore/project is.

Once you BOTH accept this, you will be happier. It doesn’t happen over night though. Keep talking things out when you’re bothered

Always have a secret stash of cash!


Realize they may not change as much as you’d like or do thing’s your way. That’s not a bad thing for some but a deal breaker for others.

Don’t do it its a trap

Its give and take in most thing, just talk about it and share things. But don’t forget u should still have time to yourself with your own friend, just because ur in a relationship does mean u can’t do ur own thing.

Remember its still important to have your own time too!! Xxx