Nicu do you do it?

NICU moms how did you do it! My third child was just born yesterday, emergency c-section at 34 weeks and this is the hardest thing I have gone through.


22 weeker mama, we spent 178 days in the NICU. It gets easier!!!

Let the nurses/staff advise & help you. They have seen it all. Take advantage of friends/family offers of help. Pray

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It’s definitely tough, I had my 3rd child at 30wks and spent 2months in the nicu and the hospital was little over an hour away, drive back and forth every day to every other day, so that way I could also be at home with my other 2boys. If you’ve got help to watch the other kids,it does help, but if I hadn’t had help, idk how I would have done it,because it was definitely a hard battle to do and handle for 2months.

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My daughter was in nicu for 14 days full term. It’s hard very, not being able to touch or hold baby. Take moment by moment.

My third was born at 32 weeks. It was the hardest thing I have ever done! You will get through it, take it one day at a time.

Preemie/NICU Moms has been an amazing group for helping navigate when my babygirl spent a month in the nicu.

I got admitted at 18 weeks , had my oldest 28 weeks via emergency c section. . 1lb6oz . She spent 78 days in the nicu and got out at 3lb10oz . I know it shows anonymous on here , but please with no hesitation feel free to contact me . It is very hard and no one understands unless they physically had to go through it .