Nipple Shields?

Has anybody had to use nipple shields to be able to continue breastfeeding? Did it work in regards to saving your breastfeeding journey?

My daughter was born early, and due to it, we’ve had breastfeeding issues. In particular, she has a shallow latch. This caused my nipples to crack and bleed, and I’m still recovering from scabs on them, because she is only able to nurse the nipple with very little areola. I’ve already had a case of Mastitis from improper breastfeeding. I’m still pumping and have been bottle feeding, but I hate the idea of having to end my actual breastfeeding journey. I enjoy the little bonding time we have.

Has anyone else’s child been born with a shallow latch? How did you continue breastfeeding?

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You can most definitely try a nipple shield to help continue your breastfeeding journey. It has worked for many. I do have a few suggestions to do while using a nipple shield. I also have a few videos on nipple shields on my YouTube channel. I will list them below.

  1. Pump after each feed to be sure your breast is emptied because sometimes with a nipple shield babies will not completely empty the breast and it can effect your milk supply.
  2. Always try to latch baby without the shield as well just to help transition baby back to breast when they are a little older and can latch better.

My YouTube Channel: Tips On Using A Nipple Shield

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