No appetite after giving birth: Help?

I’m 10 days post partum and have no appetite. anyone else have that problem after birth?


Try eating ice or Popsicle

Its common… I didnt either… But if it last longer than 3 weeks, i would talk to your doctor…

Yes I definitely did. Try slurping some soup or some protein shakes!!! Dont worry it will all come back!


Yes, I lost my appetite after giving birth to both of my children. Make sure you are taking your vitamins. All I could stomach were instant breakfast shakes until my appetite came back.

I rarely eat to begin with. For me it’s common but you should talk to your doctor.

I had absolutely no appetite after having my daughter and because of that I lost all of the baby weight super quick. My daughter is 2 now and I still feel like my diet never went back to normal

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I had no appetite at all! I was at my smallest weight directly after having my baby, my appetite started coming back around 5 months pp

Normal, do try to put something in your system though. My appetite came back fully after three weeks. I did more snacking than eating.

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Are u taking any pain medicine?

I’m almost 3 weeks pp and dropped 41lbs so far. I’m hungry usually at the end of the day and that is it

Same I lost 3 stone after giving birth due to loss of appetite, try little and often

I still don’t have an appetite almost 3 mos pp. I force myself to eat small meals and i still take prenatal vitamins

I had to set times to remember to eat from week like 28 (pregnant) until she was like 9 months old. I think its fairly normal

I still have that problem and i’m 8 months PP. I pretty much only eat dinner

Same. You just kind of need to force yourself to eat for the babys sake. But if you’re concerned enough maybe mention it to your doc.

I HOPE I don’t lol. Help me lose This baby weight fast:)

Lucky. Im always starving to death. 3 months pp and still always starving lol

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I did but I had an infection causing me to not have an appetite

Yesss just force your self to eat.

Yep that’s normal. I didnt have an appetite at all for the first month after I had both girls. It will come back to you eventually

Yes!!! I hardly Eat anymore

I was the same. Had to always remind myself to eat and drink lots of water. If anything make sure you have water close by.

I couldn’t eat for months. I’d go days without eating, everything sounded disgusting. I’m 6 months postpartum and I just started getting my appetite back around 4 months.

I’m 14 years pp and I’m still not hungry… lol

I was probably 10 months before i was eating like myself again. I’m finally 1 year pp and gaining weight again.

Ive had that happen was so tired most of the time. Just have to eat small things. Even if dont want to.

Nope. I was lucky enough to continue eating like I was 11 months pregnant, which is why I still have 10 lbs left to lose 7 months later… yay me. :roll_eyes:

it’s very normal…i never minded it as long as my breasts were full and my baby was fed.You will b oky…it will cone back aftr smtym

You need to eat. Atleast a hard boiled egg. Its hard, but you have a life depending on you.

Nope I was perpetually starving post partum but I had HG so I barely at my entire pregnancy.

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I had no appetite for awhile but that was after I was done breast feeding you will get it back once your body gets back to normal

I was famished immediately following but after that it took some time. Sensory overload!

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I was like that i ended up developing an anxiety disorder after having my son which made me not want to eat anything. I lost a lot of weight. Like 30 pounds in a matter of 3 months.

I struggled with the same issue with my second child. Trail mix was my go to. By around 6 weeks I was back to normal. But I remember my husband begging me to eat anything and nothing sounded good and the more he harped the worse it seemed. It was definitely linked to stress for me. Good luck!

Nope no appetite for this mama either 1 week post

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I was too exhausted to feel hungry. I really had to make an effort to eat and drink what I needed to make sure my babies were getting what they needed.

I was the same with my first. I had to choke down peanut butter crackers just to have enough energy to move. :weary: It seemed like it took forever to get my appetite back. I was trying to breastfeed on top of that and it made it even worse. I stopped breastfeeding at almost two weeks and eventually everything went back to normal.
I successfully breastfed my second until a year old so idk if they had anything to do with one another, I just know I couldn’t keep giving nutrients and not receiving any.

It will come back like a Lion.

Thanks ladies! It’s just nice to know im not alone!

Im 10 days postpartum too and have a very small appetite also.

Same issue.
If you’re BF then I guarantee it’ll come back.