No one offered to throw my a baby shower

Just do a registry on Amazon. Proper etiquette is you get one shower unless it’s a different sex and even then it’s on a small scale. Register on Amazon for the things you need and let your friends and family know.

My daughter had to cancel 2 baby shower 1 because of covid and 1 because of problems so do your own shower and invite friends they probably don’t realise u even want 1

Throw your own baby shower and invite only those people that you know will truely be for you and the baby

I’m sorry. I have nothing else to add other than maybe a family member?

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Throw your own. I did my own.

It’s possible they just didn’t want to add one more thing to your plate bc you have a lot happening right now. Bring it up with some family or friends that you’d like to have a party and just celebrate the positive in your life right now like this baby.


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I threw both baby showers myself and invited those who I wanted and left those who I didn’t want off the list


I hosted and planned my last baby shower because no one wanted to help me out with one. Honestly I loved being able to set everything up & buy invites & send them out.

Throw your own. I know its not the same :pensive: I didn’t get a baby shower for either of my kids, and covid wasn’t a thing in 2014 and 2015 when I was pregnant with them. The only sprinkle/stuff I got was from one of my dads ex wives. (She was an ex then too but we kept contact because she is such an amazing woman) I was so grateful I didnt even remember that no one offered to throw me one themselves within my family or my husbands.

If you throw your own you can pick everything out and havw it the way uou like. Best of luck

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Same. Pregnant with my 3rd. :woman_shrugging:t3:

I did my own twice. I didn’t know it was someone else’s job to plan it. So I just do it myself how I like it.

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Throw your own. It’s ok to celebrate yourself and baby! Also recruit your friends and family to help! Have it pot luck style where everyone brings a dish. I helped throw my first and second one.

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I threw my own. For all 3 of my children.

Get new friends and family because thats just fucked up

It’s possible people think that you don’t need anything since you just had a baby not too long ago and you still have baby items from your first baby. That does stink that you didn’t get a baby shower for either baby but don’t take it to heart. Everyone might be thinking that someone else is throwing you a shower

I’ve only ever known people to throw their own, not know anyone to throw one for another person tbh. I don’t think it is the norm.

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Everyone has a lot going on these days. If you want one start to plan it and see if a good friend would be willing to help

I threw my own sprinkle! It was very cute and sweet and was like a small family get together and had a “diaper raffle”. No one knew I was the one that threw it and it was so nice!

I didn’t really get a shower with either of my kids.
I was on bedrest with my oldest…We did a small party after he was born.
No one offered with my second and I didn’t plan one either.

Ita important to remember that it doesn’t mean that people don’t care about you or the baby.
Both of my kids are well loved by family. It’s just circumstances made it difficult.

I feel your pain. My baby wasn’t planned and I’m 26. My family didn’t do ANYTHING for me and the whole time I was told I wasn’t going to get any help at all once she was born

I have 6 living and 2 angels and have never had a baby shower. I’m all for anyone who can celebrate though. But if you’re not up to it that’s OK too. You take care of you and yours Hon and you got this!

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I did my own for my 3rd kid, lots of people came.

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I had a small one for my first - had just moved to the town 10 months before this. I hadn’t even planned on having one, but new friends from my church gave me one. I had many of the basics - some purchased at thrift stores (my husband had just graduated from college) so not much money for extras. We did just fine. I would NEVER have had a shower - thrown by myself.

God Bless you! Many prayers. Know that you and your baby are celebrated :heart:

I’m sorry about your problems :heart: No one offered to do mine until I up and started planning it myself! And if that’s what u gotta do, do it! It’s about you celebrating your baby. And call it whatever you want! I had 3 baby showers. My mom’s set was a little ‘party’ just to celebrate the baby coming. Good food and supportive company and if they bring gifts, well awesome :heart: