Non toxic cleaning supplies?

What cleaning supplies do you use all the time? i want something non toxic but also makes the house smell good


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Non toxic cleaning supplies?

Branch Basics, itโ€™s online. USA small family owned.
Seventh generation when I am in a pinch
I also use vinegar for everything right now.
Even for ones sold in stores, you need to read the labels. Because a lot of them still contain toxic ingredients.
Look at labels that have only a handful of ingredients, that you can read! Even label fragrances us toxic, a good product will list the oil not fragrance or parafum. Mindy Heckman

I switched to grove collaboration when I was pregnant with my daughter. They have all kinds of non-toxic products! And you can get the subscription or you can just order when you need stuff. When we are done to our last bottle of something, I place an order and stock up! :slightly_smiling_face: