Nosey Mother-In-Law

My MIL has always been a little quirky. She’s nice and pleasant to be around when she’s visiting us but ever since she retired from her job, she has been extremely annoying and spam texting me with multiple questions a day. Becoming this NOSEY person that is very annoying. To give the back story, while she was visiting us on multiple occasions we would all attend my son’s soccer games…we would introduce my MIL to several of the other parents on my son’s team. Little to my knowledge, she befriended one of theses moms on FB, which I thought was odd, but overlooked it. For the past year now, she’s been a obsessed with this woman and her family, friending the mom on FB and texting me questions about this family… now this is where it gets weird. We had a falling out with this family, we do not associate with this family anymore, the mom is manipulative and vindictive and my husband and I want nothing to do with this woman or her family. My son is no longer on this soccer team with this woman’s son, he does not speak to this boy any longer. So my husband politely told my MIL that we do not associate or correspond with this family anymore in person or on FB. I have told her that we don’t associate with this woman or her family any longer. We told her this to her face, and over text, explaining why we cut ties with this family and we would appreciate if she would do the same. We left it up to her. It’s been a year now and she is still texting me questions about this woman and her family. For instance recently, my MIL texted me and said she saw C’s (will use C as the mom) son received an award at school, why didn’t my son (A) (her grandson) get the same award? I just couldn’t believe after a year of telling my MIL that we don’t associate with this woman or her family she still is continuing to correspond with her on social media. I went to this woman’s (C’s) FB wall and saw my MIL is still commenting on every photo hers…. I just don’t get it??? So I told my husband what she texted me again… and he said he’s done all he could, she’s not listening to him… so I took matters in my own hands and restricted his mother on FB and silenced her notifications on my phone and I told my husband that until she cuts ties with this woman (C) on FB I will no longer be sending her photos of our family or corresponding with her on FB… so I pretty much gave her an ultimatum it’s either this other family or her own family. And to make matters worse, my son did get multiple awards at school and I called her 2 weeks ago to tell her about it and she didn’t answer nor did she call me back or text me back. So l’m pretty much done… she’s forced my hand and until she wants to respect and abide to our wishes, she will no longer be apart of what my family is doing. Was I wrong to do that?