Not sure what to do or how to feel

My boyfriend watches alot of porn. He watches it on websites and on Twitter.

My main problem is that he watches it everyday sometimes several times a day. Even when him and I do the deed almost everyday. I told him I don’t like him watching porn but he hasn’t stopped or even cut down on the amount he watches. It really bothers me that he watches it but it seems that no matter how many times I express my feelings he doesn’t listen at all. I feel really ignored and like my feelings don’t matter.

Watching porn is a normal human thing. I know some woman don’t like it, at all… but I really wouldn’t stress it too much. The only things you can really do since you’ve brought it up before is either having to deal with it or leave. He’s showed you how he’s going to be about it, so now you can be how you wanna be about it