One month old constsantly screams

Is she pooping normal…
Or days and days without pooping?

Have you tried probiotic drops little pricey but works wonders on my 12 week old

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We’ve had to switch to a soy based formula and start Zantac. We were having the same type of issues. It has helped tremendously!


My oldest was like that. Turned out to be acid reflux and a milk allergy. She was put on Zantac and Alementum (sp) formula. Dr also instructed us to keep her upright for about 15-20 mins after eating. And elevate her head when sleeping (car seat, rolled blanket under mattress in crib, etc.). Maybe inquire about either of those.


My son threw up like projectile …he had acid reflux and aspiration… also tried all kinds of formulas…what worked for him was Gerber good start gentle. He had swallow studies done. He started taking reflux meds at about 4 months old. We tried rice added to formula at 3 months per doctor orders only. Try keeping baby setting up or angled up for at least 30 min after feedings before laying down. Doctor also said my son could sleep in boppy pillow to be angled up because mine had the velcro straps so he couldn’t roll over. And at 4 weeks he was still in bassinet so i wedged it in the bassinet…and during tummy time i put him on the boppy pillow… bicycle with legs helped… and laying him on his belly across my legs doing a barly bounce while patting him on his back.

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I’m not diagnosing your baby at all but this is what my grandson had. His symptoms sound very much like what you’re going through. He was close to three months old. Maybe ask your doctor to check for this. It is treatable. Hope you get it all fixed soon so you and your baby can get rest and some peace.

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Put her across your knees and bounce her. Sounds crazy, I know. My oldest (he is 32) had a sever case of colic. I thought I would die, for real. My Mom, God love her, was watching him so I might try to get a little rest. She laid him across her knees and started to bounce him. And worked. Cant tell you how many time a slept sitting up in a chair or on the couch so he would stay asleep. Try it cant hurt.

Could it be valve at the bottom of esophagus no opening and closing correctly??? If the baby has forceful vomiting, that is a #1 sign…hope you get some help. Take the baby to a children’s hospital …

My now 9yr old had acid reflux. It was months of dr appts, formula changes, and adding rice cereal. Finally, dr prescribed prevacid. It worked so well. By 1 yr, he had outgrown it and hasn’t had any issues. So the meds were onlu needed short term.

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Went through exactly same thing non stop nobody listened finally rainbows babies in Cleveland did test and found out something wasnt closing when baby ate food came back up. A simple surgery fixed it

Breast feed her my daughter couldn’t keep down anything except breast milk until she was 18months and she would get to it herself after a while.


Call an ambulance take to childrens

My son could not drink similac at all… I tried him on enfamil gentle ease and the 3/4 hours cry screaming got better!!

Chiropractor for adjustment

My son had colic until he was bout 6 months they put him on soy formula and gas drops is what helped. Within couple days he was so much better . He would cry from 8 PM till bout 4 am everyday

Nutramigen helped us with that, but they also added medicine for bad reflux. It was a combo of cows milk allergy AND bad reflux. She would throw up in her sleep. It was bad. I know the pain mama. Have them look into the reflux problem. It does take at least a week for formula change to ease in. Hopefully it gets handled soon!

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I had twin boys… heard boys are more apt to get colic lucky me… we put them on soy and they were perfect after that

My first was like that. She ended up on the purple enfamil gentlease, with Karo syrup and cereal in it. Also in the beginning she got a prescription for Hyoscamine drops for intestinal spasms. It took a while to get the right combination of things that finally worked.

It could be gas, depending on the type of milk you are giving her. Also, the first weeks / months are a process to find put what works best for you and YOUR BABY.
Is her poop solid, soft or on the harder type. My first child had poop the consistency of rabbit pelletts. Like solid chocolate Easter eggs, the miniature type. My doctor told me to put a little bit of milk of magnesia in his formula.

WORKED LIKE A CHARM. No more crying.

When my oldest was born she was the same way. Always crying, stiffening up and pulling her legs up like her belly hurt. She would throw up all the time and it wasn’t your normal spitting up and she would clench her fists so hard her knuckles would turn white and her face would get so red. My doctor ended up switching her to soy formula at about 4 weeks and she got much better. She had a dairy intolerance which I kind of suspected because dairy made me so sick when I was pregnant. She’s 22 now and I’m not sure if still does upset her stomach but I know through her childhood and teens if she had too much dairy it would upset her stomach really bad.
You know your baby and you know if somethings wrong. So don’t leave until your satisfied with the care they’re giving your baby or switch doctors if you have to. I hope, whatever it is, they get it figured out so your poor baby can start feeling better and you can start getting some peace of mind.

Sounds like it may be a lactose allergy honestly. I have cared for a lot of babies who have had this allergy from formula. Take the baby off of lactose formula and see if it makes a difference.

That sounds terrifying and exhausting. You’re a GREAT mom for doing what you’re doing. Good luck at your appointment - I hope they have some helpful advice for you.

Sending you support through the night.

Try putting her on soy formula. My baby was the same way then my doctor recommended putting her on soy. It’s gotten a lot better since.

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Reflux and milk protein allergy! This was my poor babe, she also had the other sure signs with mucousy bloody poops and constant gas. Try one more time and switch her to the Similac alimentum formula! It is amazing! Definitely need to try talking to the doctor about refulx meds, but for now just burp every ounce and try white noise with her resting tummy down on your arm.

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Acid reflux. My son was the EXACT same way!!

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Maybe try Elecare formula. Nothing worked at all for my son until we started him on Elecare, he cried all the time bc his stomach was hurting and he was extremely gassy, but be careful with the gas drops and gripe water bc it made my son worse. Some babies don’t react to it well. I realized that he was better without any type of gas relief than with it.

My son has acid reflux. He would like projectile spit up it wasn’t just alittle bit at a time. He’s on an acid reducer medicine.

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I had a friend who her nephew did this and they took him to a children’s hospital…
Specialist found he had an esophgueal issue, he had surgery and is doing fine now.

Chiro may be able to help too.

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She’s hungry all the time because she’s not getting the nutrition she needs. If the doc tells you the same thing again, I’d take her to a pediatric GI specialist. This is more than colic. He sounds like my eldest, especially the vomiting part, and he has had stomach issues his entire life (32yo now).
Someone mentioned a chiropractor, do this, too. Find a holistic practitioner. There are SO many things and it may not be the formula at all.

I don’t have any advice but I went through the exact same thing for MONTHS. Nothing I did would calm my baby down. Literally NOTHING! I eventually just gave up trying. We were diagnosed with Colic. 9/10pm would hit and he would start screaming his lungs off and would cry nonstop until like 4/5/6am. Those nights were horrible! I have always been so exhausted because I feel like I never got over it :weary: Lol
But believe me, there will come a day your baby will stop doing all that.

My son did the same thing we switched to soy and got Zantac and worked miracles also dr told us to make his milk thicker so if you do 2 oz use 2 scoops 4 oz 3 scoops it helps with the acid

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Similac alimentum and acid reflux meds.


READ MY COMMENT. You are describing exactly the same behavior of my oldest son as a newborn. Brian is not 45 years old. Solution…formula was simply not meeting his needs. Doctor put my son on (canned pet milk and karo syrup. I don’t remember the mix… The response was almost immediate. It was as if someone brought me a new baby. He was so content. Bri also suffers from severe diaper rash at times. Bri suffered from allergies as a child and now as an adult…his allergies were easy to deal with.

I’m glad you are going to the doctor tomorrow. I had formula issue when I was a baby and my mom gave me goats milk. I’m not a doctor though. Hang in there just one more night, and hopefully you can get some rest. You sound like a good mom. It’s hard when your baby hurts. It is a helpless feeling. It will get fixed one way or another. Keeping you both in my thoughts.

My oldest was put on canned pet milk and karo syrup, no problem, sometimes air will get into the bottle and cause stomach pain, go get a bottle with liners.

Judy Moore Wegner continued. Your doctor should be your BEST friend!. He/She should be the only source of tryuPlease don’t play around with trying different ANYTHING with your baby. No following suggestions from friends … people on here are trying to help but you must work under the guidance of your doctor. I’m taking it for granted that you are going to a pediatrician. If not DO…if your pediatrician can’t seem to help GO to another pediatrician.

I got super stressed out just reading that. I can’t imagine living this. I’m so sorry you’re going through this, but my advice is that if the baby’s hungry feed her I could be wrong but that’s what I would do.

Sounds like reflux to me. When the baby has reflux the food comes up off his stomach so he is constantly hungry. We went through this with my 6 year old and he pediatric gi test him but it was never more than reflux. Meds helped but he had issues until he ate solid food.

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Lots of suggestions but mine is rooubos tea with bit of honey - let cool down - my one loved it and it worked wonders!

Try putting a good old peppermint candy in a warm water bottle. Grandma swore by it. And it worked for me and everyone I could share this with

Stop the baby milk and try goats milk I think u can get it for babies when my little one was crying I tried that and it seemed work she was on it for months

No honey until they are at least a year old


O man I’m so sorry mama I hope u get some answers soon that sounds so awful for u and your little one !!

You are not nuts…Bri was my first … I just kept feeding him more etc etc. As a new mom…I was sure I was doing something wrong and I didn’t have any family or friend support. We had just moved out of state…We had a cleaning lady come in the house and I shared my concern and after being around Bri a short time she said(honey, this baby is hungry). She was right…he was hungry because the formula was not meeting his needs. Make an appointment and go back to doctor. DON’T try to fix this problem yourself or go by the advise of those that mean well but could do harm. Your a smart mommy…I promise all will get better and you will be able to enjoy the beauty of being a mommy. I have never gone on and on with a posting but …;No questions … I felt like I was writing your post many many years ago.

When I tell you word for word this was my daughter, it was a nightmare. But we switched her to Similac Alimentum & it worked a MIRACLE. The next day after starting her on it she was already a completely different baby & started sleeping good.

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My granddaughter was like that and she had acid reflux

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Sounds like bad acid reflux.

We took my son in because he wasn’t able to sleep on his back, was spitting up a ton and was starting to not take naps during the day and the nurse practitioner looked at us like we were stupid and told us not to feed him so much at a time and he wouldn’t spit up. (Like okay lady, YOU don’t give the ‘starving’ infant his last half of bottle and you deal with him screaming until he gets it. :ok_hand:t2::roll_eyes:)

It went on another week and we went back to our actual doctor and he’s like “Yes! It sound like reflux, let’s try Zantac” and BOOM my life got 1,000 times easier the next day. And when he out grew his dose he started doing it all over again, took him back and they upped his dose for me. And once again BOOM 1,000 times better.

We tried 3 different formulas for my daughter and soy is the only one she hasn’t had tummy problems with. She stopped “pain crying” not even 3 hours after the switch!!!

Soy was what worked for our baby boy but aside from all that he also had some liquid stools and we also added i think it was like 1 tsp baby oats for every oz it really helped him keep it down he constantly threw up his milk cuz he would eat till he was full but was to much for his stomach and he was my second so it was pretty obvious what was and wasn’t normal. Keep up the work mama your doing good you will get there

Try Carnation good start or put a little cereal in her formula if she acts hungry I had to put cereal in my youngest from the day he was born

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Please take that baby to a pediatric gastroenterologist. That saved my sanity and eased her discomfort. My baby was the same, she hardly slept, even when she did, it wasn’t more than a few minutes before she’d start whining and grunting in her sleep. And when she was awake, she was almost always crying. She was in pain. GI doctor confirmed it was severe acid reflux- nexium and changing formula is what helped. She was on Neocate (formula) for several months. The next best thing for her was Similac Alimentum ready to feed (liquid). It’s thicker than the powder (so it stays down better) and has less corn, which can be irritating to young tummies. In the meantime, feed slowly, pause every ounce or so. And keep her elevated while feeding and at least 15-20 minutes after. Also have them check for tongue/lip ties, as they often go hand in hand with the reflux. And take some time out to give yourself a break, I know it’s exhausting. I “slept” sitting up on the couch with her on my shoulder for like 2 months, it’s the only way she could get any rest until we got meds/formula figured out. Hope you find what works for her soon! Pm me if there’s anything I can help with

Try issomel a soy formula, see if that works. Both my boys took it. Plus maybe the baby need to sit up a bit to be comfortable use the baby seat to lay in. I did that with my Granddaughter an she slept for hours. Try it !!

:pray:t2: you get answers and your baby gets relief .

My sons were allergic to milk and soy. .

It started with stuffy nose, gas, spitting up, then vomiting, constipation, diarrhea. But always crying in pain day and night. Always.
ALWAYS nursing. Mostly suckling.

Nothing worked until we put them on elecare. Then finally no crying. It took months for us to get this answer. MONTHS. with my last baby I went straight to that formula along with a strict no dairy/soy diet for me.
He didn’t suffer as much as my other two babies before him. And I’m glad we did. He had a worse reaction to milk, he would break out into rashes and swell.

This may not be what is happening with your baby. But please, get your baby help and don’t give up. Don’t let them tell you it’s normal.


If she is hungry feed her my little man is 6 months old eats pablum veggies and fruit and some days he can eat an 8onz bottle every 2 hrs and trust me he will let me know he is hungry

She needs another milk switch… probably to Soy. She’s having acid reflux.

Sounds like acid reflux! Mine had it quite bad and was in pain quite a bit. Went also went to an osteopath a few times and it really helped! She was “cured” and off her meds sooner then expected.

Nothing but formula. Tell them to check to see if the tubes are right when she pees. My grand baby was like this and a pediatrition said she was getting mad. Another one found it right away. She was in pain. I knew. Simple operation from urologist . Fine now. Take her to a children’s hospital through er if she’s throwing up chunks. They will find what’s wrong!!!

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. My daughter suffered colic and she scream like hell with it give her warm water that worked for me my daughter had colic for 3 months

Well first off, it’s takes about two weeks for a formula to start working. It’s being changed to much to often that it could be hurting her belly! “/

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My daughter was the same, in the end it was a mixture of a milk/lactose intolerance and acid reflux caused by the formula… she was prescribed infant gaviscon and it all changed, no more puking, crying or sleepless nights!

I’m not saying it is, just sounds very very similar

Don’t add rice or thickener…their tummy’s are so sensitive that it could cause even more problems, at one month old they can’t digest anything properly. Glad you are getting advice from the doctor, that’s definitely the way to go, please wait until you have spoken to them before trying anything new internally for your baby xxx :heart: it is exhausting when they cry a lot and scary when they vomit too, the doctor will check weight and growth and go from there. As you are bottle feeding, check that the teats you have are slow enough…it can cause vomiting if they are feeding too quickly and check your position when feeding, eg not holding baby too flat and low, try raising baby’s head up when you feed. Good luck, the first 8-12 weeks can be hardest, you got this xxx :heart::heart::heart:

Try Enfamil with a teaspoon of rice cereal in each bottle!

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You Can Not spoil a baby…baby is letting you know something isn’t right.
Please get the baby to the ER if you can’t be seen at an Urgent Care/Walk-in Clinic.

My youngest was given Pregestimil formula, expensive but what a life saver!!!

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My son has been on Zantac and gas drops daily since a month old. Similac alimentum is working great for him so maybe try that

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Ask GP to refer to a Paediatrician as this sounds horrible for her poor we button. Reflux is very common and painful as well have they tested for that?

reflex meds See g.i doc and alimentum formula

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Some pediatricians suggest fruits and veggies ask when you see her doctor. It could possibly be collic too

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Sounds like reflux. My son was the same way. The Dr gave us Zantac and we switched to the Similac pro sensitive (with the gold lid). It will also take some time to adjust. I’d say within 2-3 days the vomiting stopped. Within a week he was a different child. He’s now a toddler and still can’t tolerate regular milk.

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Could be severe colic. My 2 had it. Tried everything and anything and all no good. Had a tough year with both of them. They eventually grew out of it, but one had very severe tummy problems all her life.

Colic most likely my 1 daughter was same way

We had to do soy. Every baby in our family has been lactose intolerant. My neice had bad feflux as well. I hope you get help. It’s so horrible to see them in pain.

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There is an app that you can get for your phone called Relaxio. My son had the worst colic and the only thing that could or would calm him down was getting this app, turning the volume kinda high and playing it for him. Give it a shot for her. I read somewhere that colic is actually an overstimulation of the nervous system and then of course all that crying and being upset can upset their tummies. Gas drops 100% do not work. That’s some whollistic, steal your money, snake oil. Lolol. No offense!! (These are things our pediatrician told us) and yeah. So white noise. Give it a shot. I dont think you will regret it. Any of you dealing with it for that matter. :heart:

Look up silent reflux. That was my daughter.

Try holding her upright during feeding and for half an hour after.

Gas relief drops, sleeping at an incline upward, and sensitive formula.

Always go with your gut. If u feel something is wrong get a second opinion. If you have a bouncy chair that vibrates try to see if she sleeps better in that. It sounds like acid reflux maybe. Sitting up is best

Where are you located? Someone could help you, so you can get a break in and a nap. Keep your head up momma

Try a different doctor. Does sound like acid reflux. My grandson’s doctor prescribed ranitidine and it made a lot of difference. Also try a vaporizer at night with I’m not sure exactly what it is…I think its by Vicks but stuff to put in the vaporizer and it has a soothing calming effect. I think it has lavender in it. You would have to go to store and read the packages to see which says that it does that. Good luck.

That’s not colic , reflux or milk allergy

My daughter was like that. We switched her to Enfamil Gentlease and we’ve had no problems.
Still see your doctor before doing anything but that honestly might be it. Good luck mama

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This happened with onenof my babies and the nutrami(whatever) made It worse(it also attracted roaches YUCK) I tried soy formula and it worked like charm. Maybe she could have some cow milk protein allergy or lactose intolerant

And ditto with Brit Kendall if she’s still hungry feed her all babies are different all my babies drank a lot more than the “average”

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Burp her more. Sit her upright for at least 20 minutes after feedings even if that means asleep on your shoulder. Try another formula.

My 1 month old nursed… i know its different b.c i have no clue how much she was getting at a time. But it was 45 min sessions every 2 hrs. And when we did a weighted feed she got 3 oz in 10 mins. Ya… i would feed her… does she seem happier when you feed her until shes done? Verses stopping it and giving her the binky?

Almost sounds like a milk allergy

Sounds like reflux with a milk allergy. Almost all of my kids have had this problem. Discuss with doctor switching to a milk protein free formula such as Similac Alimentum. We used that for 3/4 and it worked wonders.

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May need goat’s milk…

This happened with my twins, and literally nothing worked. It sucked so freaking much. They grew out of it at like 6 months. However, something you could try if you haven’t is bringing her to a chiropractor. It didn’t work for us, but I know a couple people that it has been a night and day difference for, so…worth a shot.

If shes hungry let her eat! My son ate more than dr said he should and he is a healthy normal weight 2 year old!

Try switching to a dairy free formula. Also, she could have horrible reflux. Mention it to your Dr. Its extremely painful for babies.

It sounds like reflux try a thickend formula good luck

Colic is no joke. Just survive. It ends

This sounds so much like my youngest when she was that age, she was diagnosed with acid reflux and gastroparesis. I would ask about a referral to a pediatric gastroenterologist. Good luck momma.

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Awe poor baby. My baby acted like everytime her eyes were open she needed to eat as well. She is almost 5 months old now. We switched her formula about 3 times and then finally came to the conclusion she had a cows milk allergy so now she is on similac almentium. She eats about 6 oz every 3 hours still and its over what she is supposed to eat but my dr doesn’t seem too concerned about it at the moment. She may also need a slower/faster nipple and possibly different bottles.


I have watched a lot of videos on chiropractors helping ease the stress of the birthing process on their little bodies. The babies were extremely colic then after the adjustment parents noticed an immediate improvement.

My 5th had colic. I didn’t have her diagnosed, but she had her witching hour in which nothing could console her. She was breastfed but hated being close to me. She would push me away. I did everything. I have a mama roo I had to set her up to safely be on her tummy to rock. Sometimes being swaddled tightly would help. It made 4 hours of crying be about an hour or 2. 8 weeks of that. Then it was as if it never happened. She’s 2 years now and will finally cuddle me. It’s not the same. I like the baby cuddles. But I love her toddler cuddles.

Colic is the worst! My daughter had it and I thought I was gonna go crazy. I tried everything as well but enfamil gentlease worked the best for us. She still puked until about 7 mos. The crying slowed around 5 mos. Just hang in there, i know it’s hard to, but your baby will outgrow it.

Definitely sounds like milk allergy or reflux or both. If you don’t get anywhere with your pediatrician I would try a different one. Hope you and your baby get relief soon


Sounds like reflux…my daughter had it bad and we had to put her on medication for it. Get a second opinion