Our almost 5-year-old daughter has been wetting the bed: Advice?

Our almost five-year-old daughter has been wetting the bed since he has been potty trained. It is not every night, and she can sometimes go a few weeks without doing it. But more than not, she wets the bed. The nights she does not are the nights my husband and I take turns taking her to the bathroom throughout the night once or twice. We have tried limiting drinks at night, kept consistency, tried to wake her up, and have her go by herself. The truth is, she is a deep sleeper and always has been. An alarm won’t work either. How do we stop this without medication? Do we go back to her wearing night time pull-ups until she starts waking up dry or what?


Nighttime potty training is just developmental. And at 5, not abnormal. You definitely aren’t helping by waking her up outta sleep cycles.


Very normal for her age. A bed wetting alarm might help. It could be useful to look into.

If ur not Already Doing it. Get Her to try for a Wee Before Getting Into bed

she might have a weak bladder my daughter did i would take her to the doctor

This happened to me 3yrs ago (my son is 8 now). I posted in this group about it and ended it with smthn like “I’m losing my mind and I’m about to beat him to death” and these simple bitches tore me up like I might actually beat my kid for wetting the bed… Like wtf it’s just stressful I’d never touch my kid… Ok so anyway lol I discovered that for me, my son was scared at night. He’s always had his own room, always slept fine in there, fully potty trained since 2yo, then 1 day just started peeing in the corner, the closet, his Lego box, toy box. I was furious and running out of patience :woman_facepalming: so I investigated and my older son (he was 8/9 then) had been playing a REALLY SCARY game called 5 nights of Freddy and it scared the shit out of my 5yo so he didn’t wan2 come out of his room and pee at night… So we got him a flashlight and I made “monster spray” (just mixed a couple body sprays together with some essential oils :woman_shrugging::joy:), that we sprayed in his room every night and he grew out of it… So maybe try limiting liquids after 6pm and cut them off shortly after… She may just be in a deep sleep and not waking up.

She’s 5. It’s perfectly normal to wet the bed at that age.

Id recommend u stop waking her up completley, as that was also my problem with my son , as soon as we stopped waking him up during the night , he did have few accidents after that but reduced dramatically, also can depend what time is her night sleep my son sleeps at 7 pm and always goes toilet and prior to that monitor what he drinks, also reduce juice if possible as it mwkes them more thirsty.

Being dry during the night is hormonal. It really isn’t unusual to still wet at this age. Get her some pull ups. She’ll get it.
I have three kids and my youngest to train during the day has been the longest to wet during the night. It’ll come.

It sounds like her kidneys need to be check. I know of people who did this till early teens and got punished only to find out it wasn’t their fault.

That’s normal for her age.

Very very normal at her age. Use pull ups for the time being. My daughter needed them until she was 6 1/2 and then that was it. No more bed wetting. Her pediatrician told us that it’s perfectly normal developmentally.


Its normal both my kids did, they eventually grow out of it, my oldest was 12 and my youngest was 7 before it stopped. I used a water proof mattress pad and pull ups.

Nothing you can do! Her body isn’t finished developing! She will grown out of it sooner than later!
I would just use diapers at night until her bladder control is better!

Why not clearly the wee one isn’t ready for nights without pullups it nothing to worry about theres more than your wee daughter is not ready for nights

No drinks before bed or make her go potty before bed

It is called nocturnal enurisis. She does not wake up to go. Meds will help.

Why won’t an alarm work? The kind that attaches to the underwear worked for my niece who could sleep through a tornado.

Perfectly normal at that age to wet the bed… My eldest wasnt dry through the night untill she was 5 years + 5 months she’s now 5 years + 7 months now and she hasn’t had any accident in that 2 months. But I know some kids ain’t dry at night older then that some are like 6/7 xx

My 5 year old is a heavy sleeper. She also hates going potty so even if she wakes,up at night to go, she won’t grt out of bed to do it. I got tired of washing sheets everyday. She is in a pull up every night and it works for us.

Pull us would save the bed sheets. She most likely has a small bladder. And can’t always go all nite. Just keep taking her at nite and limit her fluids

My SD is almost 8 and still in pull-ups every night. It used to irk me so bad, because I noticed it was ALWAYS right at daylight, when she would be waking up that she would pee in bed. I really thought she was just lazy or doing it out of spite or on purpose for attention- we have 5 and they’ve been known to do stupid crap for attention- but FINALLY, almost two years later her mom took her to see a Dr over it and they said she would just have to grow out of it. My fiance got super tired of spending so much money on pull ups and tried to force her out of them… I got tired of literally washing someone else’s pee out of EVERY fabric in my home. It was insane the things I had to get pee out of or throw away. I finally went back to buying the pull ups and told him to mind his business. She’ll grow out of it eventually. My niece finally did and she just turned 9.


No liquids and take her until she goes!!!

My 2nd child did this and I tried everything but what finally did it was watching him thru the night and I found when he moved around a little right before wetting. I’m a light sleeper/insomniac and he was in the toddler bed in our room so when I heard him starting to shift I would get up and walk him to the potty, now he was borderline sleep walking when I did this but I would talk to him saying come on we have to potty dont worry we can go back to bed right after you pee. After about a week or so of this he finally would get up very sleepy and pee himself. He is also a very heavy sleeper and very stubborn but we did it! I dont know if it will work for any other child but it worked for him.


Earlier bed time. Cut out all soda move to water. Know that the more tired they are the deeper they sleep. This will cut down on accidents until her hormones get stronger to wake her

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My daughter turns 6 tomorrow and she still wants the bed at night. I don’t know what to tell you.

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I am so glad I didnt read anything about yelling at or admonishing the child. In my generation (I’m 60) many parents used to punish or yell at the child. This is perfectly normal. She will stop when her body is ready to control her bladder. Pull ups are your best bet.

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she is 5. just go back to nights time pull up until she can hold it. keep with the other interventions: make her per before bed, no drinks for 2 hours before bed, etc

no doctor would medicate a 5 year old for this. this is normal behavior of a 5 tear old.

No liquids at certain time maybe from 5pm until she adjust

I had a bed wetter. They will out grow it. Use pull ups at night or extra bedding/soaking pad at night. It may take a few years, it is hard on everyone, especially the child.

Pull ups will helps with minimising the smell of urine in the bed but i was a bed wetter until 11. It stopped for me cause i was put in an environment that was less stressful and warmer climate. Maybe if shes cold she wets thr bed by accident. Cold weather means smaller bladder. But maybe something is stressing her and on her more stressful days, she accidentally wets the bed

You might want to check for diabetes. MY Grandson started wetting the bed when he was 5. Took him to doctor and he was a type one diabetic.
Hope this isn’t your case but, if your child has lost weight you should definitely have it checked.

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I would also suggest making sure they’re not cold through the night. Everything everyone else has mentioned are all good tips but I find it harder to hold my pee when I’m cold and I’m an adult.

I did it until. I was 12 grew out of it now that just turned 60 round two

they sleep to hard .doctor told me this year’s ago when my kids were little. it’s not what they drink they are hard sleepers use pull ups .

Have you talked to her doctor? My son had this issue up in his teens, we tried everything. His dad and 3 of his grandparents had diabetes. A nurse practitioner made the connection. Once we found out that he was diabetic and was placed on meds, the bed wetting stopped. Good luck

I did this until I was six then grew out of it. Have her wear nighttime training pants at night and put a pad underneath her. She will grow out of it. I wouldn’t wake up and wake her up to use the restroom you are missing out on rem sleep and she and you need that

Avoid drinking loads of water before bed make sure she goes to toilet before bed. She may have to wear a diaper.